Wednesday, December 14, 2016

LIVE BLOGGING FROM DA (kind of edited)

President's Report

President Michael Mulgrew began by having a moment of silence for three members who had passed away. Two were from Cardozo (one retired) and one from Bowne.

Must take opportunity to calm people first. Tough situation at federal level. Trump's cabinet basically hates what they have been put in charge of. For example labor head hates worker rights.

Education secretary nominee spent entire life trying to privatize schools. Do members get what is about to come down on us?

De Vos gave Eva Moskowitz $300,000. Campbell Brown got money from her. $4.8 million to conservative super pacs.

Republican infighting. Would have to dismantle ESSA to give incentives to privatize at state level.

We think we have 18-24 months before Friedrichs 2 gets to Supreme Court.

No permits around inauguration day around the mall in DC. Permits will be issued somewhere. We don't know where. Protests in NYC.

Governor supporting us at this moment. Cuomo criticized Trump. Polling shows people love their public schools in NY and nationally.  NYC schools moving ahead.

State revenues slightly down.

Expect DC to dump on us. Can't afford a constitutional convention in NY. Outside money will come pouring in to NY and California as the two pro worker states. Must educate members on dangers of opening up constitiution in NYS.

Expect attack on pensions. NY pensions by Constitution must be funded by government. Pension funds doing well.

Millionaires and billionaires plus right wingers want constitutional convention

Must have vote every 20 years. Yes vote would open up all aspects of state constitution.

If a yes vote, 3 reps from every senate district and 15 at large.  They can go on for years. Proposals if approved must then go to referendum.

We cannot fight federal issues and fight what is going on in a convention too. Fact-less reporting is now the norm. Hard to fight all of this. 1967 last convention.

Evaluation System
Close to an agreement on new system. Accountability should not be based on test scores. It should be based on whole child.

Mulgrew spoke to State Ed Commissioner about accountability.

DOE,CSA. city and UFT negotiating. We want real teacher voice.

Told DOE and Mayor's office that assessment has to come from inside classrooms.  Authentic assessments (student learning measures). Project based learning based on what students are learning is fine. We have no qualms with people evaluating us. Collect real evidence but must figure out how to do it. Matrix is in state law. We will be thankful for that.

Must get deal done by next week or UFT will leave and we will lose state funding. Principals know if they give less than 24 points, it is automatic ineffective under current system. Can't do that with Matrix. MOSL process will be different. Ready to do training if we get a deal.

NYC Mayor
Committee being put together on mayoral endorsement. Sanitation and some other unions endorsed de Blasio.

Staff Director's Report
Jan 15 is last date to spend Teacher's Choice. Accountability due a week later. Leroy Barr gave other dates.

Question Period
Q When will DOE be approved to do PD?
A We don't run DOE. UFT and Teacher Center approved.

Q Contract says PD should be on school time?
A UFT will train people to do PDS for CTLE credit.

Q Can Cuomo reign in IDC?
A IDC largest supporter of community learning schools. Understand frustration but we are looking for common ground. We are not happy with what some Democrats are doing.

Q Will opt out put funds in danger?
A Opt out is now dangerous. If 95% in a district don't participate in tests, ESSA law says funding can be withheld.

Q Concern about new evaluation. Why can't teachers choose if they want tests to count in scores?
A Other side has to agree to it. We want more voice. Using test scores can benefit certain teachers. Want Regents to be an option. Certain schools like test scores.

New Motion Period
NYC Sanctuary for immigrants and all students. Many resolved clauses on immigrant calling for mobilization ultimately calling for shutdown of schools if any kids are subject to deportation.

Marjorie Stamberg motivated it. Reps in schools. Must go further. No business as usual. We are the biggest and most powerful union and we must fight for immigrants.

Howie Schoor spoke against. Says we have DOE and city working with us on this issue. Must not put members in peril.

Resolution voted down. Mulgrew tells us there will be arrests if kids are dragged out of schools

Richard Mantel MSVP opposes Betsy De Vos being approved as Secretary of Education. It was placed on agenda.

Special Orders of Business
Resolution on induction of new teachers. Mentoring in law. Superintendents need to give real support. UFT supports a second year of mentoring. It passed.

A resolution against sexual violence passed.

One opposing the constitutional convention passed.

The resolution the Exec Bd passed on respect for all came up. Peter Lamphere tried to reinsert Donald Trump's name but the Unity majority voted that amendment down.


Anonymous said...

How about teachers getting cursed and threatened everyday? Or the discipline code being ignored? Or no violations going into OORS? Or academic fraud?

Anonymous said...

"We have no qualms with people evaluating us". What a crock of crap. I have big qualms with admins out of the Leadership Academy barging into my room with a Danielson clipboard doing drive by observations. Every single teacher I know is fed up with 4-6 observations per year. As mentioned, the new evaluation has to be hashed out by next week. NYS law says that ONLY 2 observations are now required. If the UFT gets more than 2 observations, they can kiss my $1,000 dues goodbye once we become a right to work state. Hey UFT, it you are reading this, and I know you are, trust me, there are a ton of teachers at my school foaming at the lips to stop paying dues if you sell us out one more time,

Anonymous said...

They can kiss my dues goodbye! I'm not paying one dime when I no longer have to!

Anonymous said...

Its more like $1300

Anonymous said...

As an ATR I'm stuck here at one of the horrible beach channel schools. Kids smoking weed in the halls, cursing out teachers, teachers walking around looking miserable, and little if any accountability. I'm starting to feel sorry for the teachers in all of the schools I rotate into. I see the principal with clipboards walking in an out of classes all day. I see kids roaming the halls and walking in an out of classrooms. What is going on? Well at least we have a union that protects our rights and will defend our CAR, our jobs and our pensions.

Anonymous said...

Just read at the NYC EDUCATOR blog that Mulgrew says that even if the new evaluation system gets agreed upon by Jan 1st that it is "too late in the year to change the current number of observations". I am beyond disgusted with the UFT. They have done absolutly nothing for the rank and file and continue to throw garbage excuses at us.

Anonymous said...

So what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Education secretary nominee spent entire life trying to privatize schools. Do members get what is about to come down on us?

Hi, Mike Mulgrew here-

Looks like we need the UFT more than ever. Time to raise the dues and stop all this infighting. You suckers need me more than ever.

Anonymous said...

PD this week. Kids are running wild and doing whatever they want but we cant punish because we believe in restorative justice. Good luck with that.