Saturday, December 10, 2016


Harris Lirtzman read Thursday's post on the possible UFT de Blasio endorsement. He sent me the piece below from Crain's New York Business.

It looks like Mayor de Blasio may get a challenge from his left. Maybe only symbolic right now but not insignificant.

Potential foe emerges on mayor's left

Robert Gangi, director of the Police Reform Organizing Project, says he is mulling a run for mayor. Advocates for police reform are beyond frustrated with what they see as Mayor Bill de Blasio's refusal to implement police accountability and transparency measures, and contend that minorities continue to be treated worse than whites by the city's criminal-justice system.

A challenge from the left, however symbolic, would be a blow to the man elected to "end a stop-and-frisk era that unfairly targets people of color," as his son Dante put it. —Rosa Goldensohn


Bronx ATR said...

I don't think it would hurt him at all, it is only wishful thinking from conservatives that want him out - probably why it's in Crain's. There is virtually no way he won't be reelected. I have to agree with Mulgrew on an early and strong endorsement for DeBlasio - he will be one of the few stop gaps for what's coming shortly. (That's not to say there shouldn't be a consensus and negotiation for that early endorsement.)

reality-based educator said...

Here's one way things could get interesting:

Anonymous said...

I personally don't think DeBlasio is a bad guy. I just think he is kinda clueless as to how dysfunctional the DOE really is. The fact that he kept on all of Bloomies goons at the DOE just proves this fact. One thing for sure it that there is teacher shortage right around the corner. He could mitigate this by throwing us a bone with a decent evaluation and a real contract come 2018 if he gets reelected.

Anonymous said...

As the stock market skyrockets we wait until 2020 to get our "retro". All this time teachers could raised their TDA contributions, shared in the gains, etc. but instead inflation rises, house prices rise, and the money we get 10 years late has lost 1/3 of its value.

Screw this city and screw our union!

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio's oddball and leftist pronouncements coupled with his doofus persona tend to obscure the fact he is wildly incompetent.

There's got to be a Democratic challenger who can run on the platform of "I am a NYC liberal but I am competent".

Anonymous said...

To comment 5:25-

Diblahsio didn't keep the status quo at the DOE because he agrees with their approach, he kept them simply because he's LAZY. This guy shows up for work at around 11am Monday to Thursday ( doesn't work Friday) and just sits around chit chatting with people for a few hours. HE IS A DO NOTHING MAYOR, sort of like our do nothing UFT president.

Anonymous said...

The stock market is rising, inflation is ticking up, the city saved over $1 billion dollars this year alone in medical savings, and NYC has a surplus of $12 billion dollars...why are we still waiting for 4% raises from nearly 10 years ago? Why are we still waiting for over 87.5% of what we are owed in "retro pay"?
The answer is that our union sucks! They sold us this horrible contract and to this day call it a "massive win," even while NYPD, NYSD, NYFD, etc. have all the raises we're owed already and have had them for years. Those unions even received a 1% raise higher than us!
But we were also promised better working conditions with de Blasio, right? Under Carmen Farina the school systems has only gotten worse. The kids are running the schools doing what ever the hell they want without consequences and the administrators are running hit squads in nearly every building. If you have over 15 years you better watch out, your salary is too high and you're going to be harassed until you quit or they can raise 3020a charges against you! Classes and schools are wildly over crowded, paperwork is out of control, and every special ed. teacher knows that IEPs now take hours to do and every week they add more requirements to them, without adding any time.
I hear from friends who are administrators everyday that substitutes are harder to find than a needle in a haystack! Hundreds of positions are unfilled and there are no certified teachers to be found. Teachers are also dropping life flies. 610 teachers have quit across the city since September alone!
Now the UFT is again raising our dues and about to endorse de Blasio for 4 more years! They'll want you to man phone lines, donate to COPE and passout leaflets. LOL! The one good thing about Trump is at least Mulgrew will have someone to blame for destroying our union other than Leroy Barr, Richard Mantell, Amy Arundell, and himself!