Friday, December 09, 2016


In our first real hopeful sign since the election, the unions are getting together in attacking Donald Trump's attack tweet directed at Local 1999 Steel Workers President Chuck Jones. Jones is the union leader at the Carrier plant in Indiana where Trump took credit for a deal that will allow many folks to keep their jobs but apparently not all of the jobs Trump claimed to have saved are staying in Indiana.

Below is AFT President Randi Weingarten's email to us in response to Trump's tweet where he said that Jones is doing "a terrible job representing workers." Weingarten is joined by Lee Saunders of AFSCME.

Below that is the email from the AFL-CIO supporting the Steelworkers union.

Finally, we have copied International Longshore and Warehouse President Jerry Daggatt's letter to Jones.

Could labor actually be showing real solidarity?

It's going to take much more than these baby first steps but maybe there is cause for optimism.


Donald Trump ran for president promising to respect the working people of America. Now, at his very first opportunity to show respect to America's working families, the president-elect has failed the test.
Just last week, Trump was touting his effort to keep jobs at a Carrier plant in Indiana from moving overseas. Thanks to corporate tax breaks offered by Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Carrier is keeping hundreds of jobs in the state. These Carrier workers are no doubt relieved to be spending the holidays knowing their jobs are more secure, and we are grateful for it.

But Trump wasn’t honest with the workers at Carrier or the American people. And Chuck Jones—the president of United Steelworkers Local 1999 who represents the workers at that plant and has fought hard to bring the plight of his workers to the public’s attention—knew he had to hold Trump accountable. He explained Trump was taking credit for saving 350 jobs that were already slated to stay, but that 550 workers would still lose their jobs.

"Trump and Pence, they pulled a dog and pony show on the numbers," he said.

And because Jones told the truth, Trump—the president-elect of the United States—responded by personally attacking Jones and our union sisters and brothers across this country.

Trump took to Twitter and said Jones "has done a terrible job representing workers" because Jones wouldn't let Trump get away with lying. He suggested the steelworkers should be working harder.
Trump attacked a union activist for standing up for his members. We need to stand up to him and hold him accountable.

We've put together a page where you can send a message directly to Trump letting him know how you feel about his disrespect to Chuck Jones, the Steelworkers, and working women and men across America.

Click here to tell Donald Trump to show respect to America's working families.

Thank you for standing up and helping us hold Trump accountable for the promises he made to the working people of this nation.

In solidarity,

Randi Weingarten

President, AFT

Lee Saunders,
President, AFSCME


Trump is personally attacking union members now.

Sign the Card to Show Solidarity with Carrier Workers President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to personally attack union members at Carrier for setting the record straight on the number of jobs that are actually being saved at the company. Now, Chuck Jones, the president of the United Steelworkers local that represents Carrier workers, is getting threatening calls for speaking out and telling the truth.
Sign the solidarity card now to tell Carrier workers that you’ve got their backs.
Sign the Card ›
On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to personally attack Chuck Jones, a union member and president of United Steelworkers (USW) local 1999 that represents workers at Carrier.

Trump went on this tirade after Jones and other Carrier workers corrected the record about Trump’s claims that he’d saved 1,100 jobs at Carrier from moving to Mexico. The actual number is 800 jobs saved. 550 jobs are still being moved to Mexico, despite the $7 million Carrier is getting in tax breaks.
Because of Trump’s tweets, Jones is now getting threatening calls.
Let’s show Chuck and Carrier workers that we’ve got their backs. Sign the solidarity card now to stand with them.
Chuck Jones and working people at Carrier have been fighting to save their jobs since long before Trump even became the Republican nominee. Carrier refused to even consider offers from workers and demanded they would only save jobs if they accepted deep wage and benefit cuts.

For more than 35 years, Chuck and millions of USW members have stood up against unfair trade deals that allow companies like Carrier to make products overseas and ship them back to the United States. Since 2000, they’ve been a part of more than 50 trade cases to help keep family-sustaining jobs in this country.
Trump’s attack on Chuck is not only personal, it shows again that he only has disdain for people coming together in unions to improve their workplaces. Whether it’s his refusal to negotiate with workers at his Las Vegas hotel, his history of not paying contractors and small businesses that do work for him, or his support for outsourcing jobs by using Chinese steel on some of his buildings, Trump has proven yet again he’s no friend to working people.

Pledge to stand in solidarity with Chuck Jones and Carrier workers to let them know you won’t stand for Trump’s attacks on them.

In Solidarity,
Elizabeth Bunn
Director of Organizing, AFL-CIO

P.S. If you’re on Twitter, you can show your solidarity too by tweeting this sample tweet out.

Dear President Jones:

On behalf of the 65,000 members of the International Longshoremen’s Association, AFL-CIO we stand in solidarity with you and your members and against President-elect Donald Trump and condemn him for his criticizing you for doing a very good job at one of your most important responsibilities: protecting the jobs and welfare of your entire membership.

We strongly believe that all Organized Labor should rally to your defense, with the understanding that President-elect Trump’s attack on you and your Local is an attack on us all.  It is a grave foreshadowing of what we can expect when Mr. Trump takes office.  Our Sisters and Brothers of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) have a slogan:  “An Injury To One Is and Injury to All.”

You and your USW members do not walk alone.  We stand with you and will remain beside you as you continue to protect your membership and advance the principles of Free Trade Unionism.


Harold J. Daggett

Mr. Richard Tumka, President, AFL-CIO
Mr. Leo Gerard, President, USW
ILA Executive Officer


Anonymous said...

Great we're showing anti-Trump solidarity with our labor brethren.

How about when it is not so easy and the ultra-lefty urges regarding our uniformed (aka NYPD, etc) labor brethren overcome solidarity?

Slamming Trump is not the route to regaining credibility in the rank and file after the Sharpton/Garner debacle. Where is/was the UFT apology and resignation (s)?

Anonymous said...

Wow, im so relieved. No I can go to work happily on Monday and forget about the million other problems...

ed notes online said...

Rahm Emanuel was saying "Fuck the UAW" from his perch at the White House (as Barack Obama's Chief of Staff) long before Donald Trump was Tweeting attacks on the Steelworkers Union head - George Schmidt -- Where was the union solidarity when democrats did it -- see Cuomo etc -see George full comment on ed notes.
UFT always shows solidarity with the CSA though.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I am kinda sick about NYC teachers/UFT griping about Trump. As mentioned above we have a lot more things to worry about on a day to day basis in the trenches of NYC than Trump. Is Trump coming into my class with a Danielson clipboard?

Anonymous said...

Wow a letter, an entire letter- years ago we would have shut down the country for an offense to one of our own from the leader of the US, now a strongly worded letter from Randi, sign the petition, and a complement for all that from the leader of the opposition caucus- Trump must be shivering in his shoes. this will show him to never mess with the union again!

James Eterno said...

It's a tiny first step. Much more obviously needs to be done.