Sunday, January 01, 2017


Now that 2017 is upon us, I can't believe we did 256 postings on this blog in 2016. That is clearly a record for the ICEUFT blog.

Just a few short years ago in 2013, the ICEUFT blog posted less than 100 times. Not being Chapter Leader at Jamaica High School - trying to save the school - while also being College Advisor has given me some more time to write here for sure, even though I feel I am working as hard as ever at Middle College High School. Or, maybe I was a little less insane back then.

I don't know how people like NYC Educator and EdNotes have the time to post so much. This is a slow year for Norm and he is about 200 postings ahead of us over at EdNotes. NYC Educator writes lengthy original articles almost every day.

Here's to the prolific education/teacher union bloggers who post all the time. Hopefully, it is the quality and not the quantity that keeps readers coming back to the blogs.

We should have plenty to say in 2017. Just don't condemn me if I can't keep up with some of my fellow bloggers.

This is how I've enjoyed the holidays.

Kara and Matthew by the Christmas tree.



Anonymous said...

Shame on you's a Christmas tree not an Xmas tree. Don't get sucked into revisionist cultural racism against Christians.

James Eterno said...

Not attempting to insult anyone, particularly Christians. Since you are offended, I changed the caption. Maybe I'll ask for forgiveness at church service. The x was just easier to fit in the small caption.

Here is something I read after waking up and seeing the comment.

Every holiday season, newspapers, malls and television commercials urge you to take advantage of "Xmas sales and specials." The word "Xmas" is easier to use in advertisements, and as a result, it's become associated with the commercialization of Christmas. But some Christians take offense to the word "Xmas" and have called for the abolishment of this truncated version of the word "Christmas." So why is it so controversial, and where did it originate?

For some, Xmas is a dreaded four-letter word that reemerges every holiday season. The phrase is literally and symbolically distasteful, according to its critics. Not only does it "X" out Christ, the religious figure at the heart of the holiday, it also represents a secularization of Christmas, what some see as focusing more on the presents under the Christmas tree and less on religious observance and the birth of baby Jesus. Other Christians, who feel that Xmas takes the "Christ" out of "Christmas," believe that the letter X is used because of its resemblance to a cross, or to avoid the proclamation of Jesus' name. This modern trend, they say, must be bucked, so that people can be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas

The Greek symbol chi-rho is represented in the X for "chi" and the rho for "r" to combine the word, "Christ."
The Greek symbol chi-rho is represented in the X for "chi" and the rho for "r" to combine the word, "Christ."

But it turns out that "Xmas"­ isn't a modern convention at all. It was used commonly in 16th-century Europe, when many people began using the term "Christos," the Greek translation for Christ, to refer to Jesus. The letter chi in the Greek alphabet is symbolized by an X and translates to "ch." So along with the Greek letter rho for "r", the term Xmas was used to refer to the birth of Jesus as an informed abbreviation, not an offensive one. Xmas was a way for Christian scholars to refer to Jesus respectfully in an ancient language -- not to disrespect his name with a harsh symbol. In fact, variations of "Xmas" date back to 1021 [source:].

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Typical DOE, we get ATR assignments to report to work during last week, during the break, then we get our next assignment on New Years Eve, on a Saturday.

Anonymous said...

And wait till the Constitutional Convention when they change tda fixed from 7 to 2.

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's only getting worse. It's just show up, survive, get your money, medical, pension if you can last long enough.

Anonymous said...

Babysitting 101. Too bad its so torturous.

Anonymous said...

Maybe over the break they told principals to enforce the discipline code.