Friday, January 06, 2017


This piece from was sent to us from our friend Reality Based Educator. There is a new policy reducing the length of teacher observations in New Jersey.

When news is spread that the New Jersey Education Department is going to cut the required number of teacher observations down for both new and veteran teachers, my guess is most teachers will be pleased by this development.

It seems, however, our union is as clueless in the Garden State as they are in NYC where the UFT just agreed to more observations than the state requires for NYC teachers.

RBE notes: "New Jersey Education Association argued for longer and more observations, but NJ cut the time spent on observations."

From the article:
"How can you really tell what a teacher is doing in two or three 20-minute snap shots," NJEA spokesman Matt Stagliano said in May, after the new rules were proposed.

RBE adds: "Why are the unions fighting for more and longer observations? Good God, everyone is stressed out, drowning from paperwork and living in fear of the drive-bys and the entities that purport to support us are fighting for MORE and LONGER observations."

Can someone help us out with this mystery?


Michael Fiorillo said...

Wow, talk about the Stockholm Syndrome: the unions appear to continue being in the grip of so-called reform ideology, and imposing this nonsense on its hapless and demoralized members.

Anonymous said...

Sickening. Every teacher at my school is livid over the 4 observations. Is there any, any, chance that NYC might go with 2 observations as per NYS law before this is implemented in September?

James Eterno said...

There's a chance. I wouldn't bet the ranch on it however.

Anonymous said...

I am begging the UFT to do us right by getting us the 2 observations that every other NYS district got. Unity reps are going to be hearing from a lot of angry teachers the next time they make the rounds at their schools.

Anonymous said...

You think the uft cares if it's members are angry. They don't give a crap. We are mad that the tda was lowered we were mad we can't grieve letters to file we were mad with the retro and raises in the last contract we were mad when the doe started closing schools and the atr bulkshit. I think u get the idea lol

Anonymous said...

The UFT is a corrupt joke.

Anonymous said...

The members are just as much of a joke for voting the leadership back in. Those who sit on the sit out the elections are at fault too.

Paulina Cameron said...

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