Thursday, August 16, 2018


From the NYPost:

Hedge fund investor John Petry — who sits on the board of the city’s largest charter school network, Success Academy — contributed $45,100 to Cuomo’s re-election campaign last month, records show.

That’s the largest contribution the campaign received during the 32-day pre-primary period — and represents more than 10 percent of the $394,000 the governor collected.

Why won't the UFT oppose Andrew Cuomo?

 Cuomo is not our friend.

Cynthia Nixon has said some really dumb things and she is way too close to Bill de Blasio but when it comes to public schools and labor issues, she is a thousand times better than Cuomo.

Nixon favors repealing the horrific teacher evaluation system; she opposes the inferior Tier VI pension for NYS public employees and she favors giving public employees in NYS the right to legally strike that is protected by international law.

Cuomo is no fool. He signed legislation making it easier for unions to have access to potential members to convince them to pay dues and he signed a bill into law giving NYSUT officers double pensions.

He may have no use for working people beyond election day and his attack on public education should not be forgiven or forgotten but he knows how to buy off union leaders and pivot to the left when necessary.

I am not totally sold but I will vote for Cynthia Nixon in the primary next month.

Cuomo taking $45,100 from someone on the Success Academy Board is just more evidence that Cuomo has not changed.


Bronx ATR said...

I whole heartedly agree. If the UFT has any backbone at all it will endorse Cynthia Nixon.

James Eterno said...

The problem is the UFT has no spine as you well know Bronx ATR.

Anonymous said...

Andys legislation post Janus was not designed to help the working teacher. It was put in place to keep a cash flow for NYSUT. Most locals can do just fine without the Latham bunch. They have been scared into believing they can't. You can do it local leaders better and cheaper

Anonymous said...

The problem is union leaders have been BOUGHT OFF. They will NEVER work in teachers' interests. You all really need to stop fooling yourselves.