Wednesday, August 29, 2018


I actually heard some honesty from Governor Cuomo during the debate with Cynthia Nixon.

Go to about the 41 minute mark to hear them talk about Paid Family Leave and then 43 minutes for something on unions.

Right to strike for public employees is at 44 minutes.

Cynthia Nixon says it is important for public sector workers to be allowed to strike. She says Triborough amendment keeping old contracts in place after they expire means there is no real way for public sector workers to get a better contract other than cozying up to someone like Cuomo. Unions need to be independent. Nixon then talks about the teachers' strikes from around the country and says they were striking for better pay and health benefits and for better conditions for the kids. Public sector workers need to have every tool in their tool kit. Marcia Kramer, the moderator, interrupts saying even if the strike would paralyze the city? Nixon responds stating that workers only strike as a last resort. Workers need to win strikes in the court of public opinion.

Cuomo's rebuttal surprised even me. He said that if we allow public sector workers to strike, kids wouldn't be educated, sanitation not being picked up which would create a health hazard and subways striking would  cripple the city. That's not the shocking part. His next statement was.

Cuomo declared public unions don't want the right to strike. 

Back to script then saying Trump is the problem with Janus, etc... We can't create mayhem.

Nixon's position is correct but Cuomo's uncharacteristic honesty by saying the public sector unions don't want the right to strike was the line of the evening. I believe him. Union leaders don't want to lead strikes and would rather cozy up to politicians they are in bed with. These are pretty much company unions.

Okay all you folks who say we shouldn't be paying any union dues for the company union. We need to fix the UFT or find or form a new union, not abandon the idea of union.


Anonymous said...

We need to stop paying dues. That is the only reality based choice. STOP THE WISHFUL THINKING. You are not obedient children. GROW UP. AND WITHOLD YOUR DUES!

Anonymous said...

And do what then?

Anonymous said...

Do what? bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. These people will do absolutely nothing. no guts no glory.

Anonymous said...

Yes, his statement shocked me as well. It was like being hit in the gut. It took me awhile to translate the emotion into words, at least in my head. It says ‘our’ union, the UFT is corrupt to its core and a minion to the devil Andy Cuomo.