Tuesday, August 07, 2018


The official wait to find out about Teacher's Choice for the 2018-19 school year is finally over. This was on the UFT Twitter this afternoon. Leadership may have finally moved because High School Executive Board member Mike Schirtzer sent an email to the UFT officers yesterday asking for clarification on Teacher's Choice. Mike monitored our postings.


Why couldn't we get this information for almost a week?

Why didn't the UFT just provide a simple posting that said the actual Teacher's Choice allocation hasn't been finalized yet but spending for Teacher's Choice started August 1 and it should be close to last year's level?

The answers to these questions is that honesty and openness are just not UFT strengths.

I'm glad this is done and happy spending everyone.

Here is the UFT Teacher's Choice page.

Also, I guess I should kind of thank the UFT for not saying really anything official for almost a week on Teacher's Choice. Since this blog was giving out updated information, our spike in traffic was noticeable. Hope some of you keep coming back to us.


Anonymous said...

Usually the UFT would have had its firework victory celebration. There must be something serious in the works and it’s not good news. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

Worst union ever.

Anonymous said...

Because we are trash and they dont give a fuck. And we should pay dues because? Oh yeah, it will get worse, so keep being a sucker.

eric said...

If we opt out, can we still file a grievance?

James Eterno said...

You want to file a union grievance if you are not in the union. Does that even make sense to you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, because grievances dont go anywhere anyway.

James Eterno said...

It is up to the union whether to take cases beyond Step 1 (The principal). I favor grievant, not the UFT, deciding what moves ahead.

Anonymous said...

Worst union ever....and I think Al Shankar might be my real father.