Saturday, December 12, 2020


Please read this piece in the German publication Der Spiegel and show it to anyone who says children don't spread coronavirus.

The intro:

If you've ever heard teenagers chattering away and laughing during the breaks, or seen them crowd into a supermarket; if you've ever experienced the chaotic running and roughhousing of schoolchildren at recess – you might be surprised that things have gone so comparatively well at schools during the coronavirus pandemic.

As recently as the end of October, the science journal Nature published a data survey that came to an apparently reassuring conclusion: "Data gathered worldwide are increasingly suggesting that schools are not hot spots for coronavirus infections," and further, that schools could "reopen safely when community transmission is low."

That, though, has since changed.

Such "community transmission" has become quite high in many parts of Germany and the effect of the current "lockdown light" has been disappointingly minimal. Case numbers have stagnated at a high level, while in some regions they have continued climbing at an alarming rate. What are the reasons? Where are people contracting the infections? Is transmission only occurring in shops, which have remained open this fall in contrast to the spring lockdown? Or is transmission actually transpiring in schools, after all?

Because of the persistently high number of cases, the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has this week called for a strict lockdown before Christmas – including the closure of schools as quickly as possible. Chancellor Angela Merkel likewise pleaded with the state governors to send children into the Christmas break early and extend the holidays.

From the perspective of epidemiologists, that would, indeed, be a sensible move. Evidence is provided by a still unpublished analysis of a widespread testing campaign at schools in Austria, which found that SARS-CoV-2 affects just as many students as teachers.

Schools are not islands of serenity," says study leader Michael Wagner, a professor of microbiology at the University of Vienna. Leaving them open is "a significant risk."

I say it's about time science is catching up to reality. We all saw what happened in the spring where NYC lost over 75 school employees from COVID-19 in part because schools stayed open too long.  We only haven't seen a repeat thus far in the fall in New York in my non-scientific opinion because the overwhelming majority of parents have wisely ignored officials and some scientists and kept their kids out of school buildings.

The Spiegel piece provides a great amount of evidence from throughout Europe and North America to support their view that  young kids do indeed spread COVID-19 at school.

Their conclusion:

"Of course, it’s the case that the virus is carried into schools," says RKI head Lothar Wieler. "And that it is then carried back out again."

In England, the incidence rate fell after the fall break. And Scottish researchers analyzed all anti-corona measures in 131 countries in a large modelling study. The R number, one way to measure the spread of infections, began falling once large events were banned and contacts were limited.

But they only plunged significantly once schools were closed.

To which I say, Duh!


Anonymous said...

1. Go to work in infected buildings
2. Pay dues
3. Keep getting treated like trash

Anonymous said...

Our idols infected the world with covis, Chinese government are engaged in ethnic genocide, they torture political dissidents & forcibly sterilise women...pretty damn evil by any sensible measure.

Anonymous said...

This news does not matter. NYC schools are not going to close again. It ain't happening. Mayor and Cuomo both said it.

Anonymous said...

That's cool 909, I'm not going in. You all can make your own bed. Grow some balls.



Anonymous said...

It does make sense. It really does make sense.

Teachers can't wrap their minds around the ideology
of the DOE. Teachers are needlessly in a constant state of cognitive dissonance.

But, it all makes sense. All of the malevolence and harm by the DOE administration is intentional. The DOE, the mayors and their patrons want the privatization of the public schools. All in due time. It is all part of their long term strategy to privatize.
So, their is no accountability to help improve the public schools because the goal is to harm them. So, class size does not matter, the health and safety of employees does not matter; the students and their families are pawns in their long term strategy.

They do not want public schools to survive. Wrap your minds around that!

TeachNY said...

Long Island is open with full size classes. And indoor dining.

Anonymous said...

Trust him?

Gov. Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Aide

Anonymous said...

TeachNY- The latest data shows Long Island almost two percentage points above NYC for covid positive test results.

TJL said...

5:33 - Who cares?

Anonymous said...

No mention of everyone calling Trump a liar about vaccine by end of 2020?

Anonymous said...

We all should care because the whole point is that this shit virus spreads in schools.

Reno said...

To those that still don't believe this real, and I met an individual yesterday who didn't think it was real or serious because she doesn't know anyone that had COVID:

- I had COVID, healthy 22 year old who couldn't breathe properly for 2 weeks
- My father who had open heart surgery twice had COVID and had a fever that didn't break for weeks. We were so scared to take him to the ER because at that time the hospitals were full of sick people and we thought that if he died, best be it at home with the people he cares about. Him being in the ER alone would have killed him for sure. He is a man of God though and I thank God everyday for saving him. It was nothing short of a miracle.
- My dad's friend's brother died of COVID. His fried ended up in the ER for about 1.5 weeks and was on a ventilator the whole time. He is okay now and has since LEFT THE COUNTRY!
- A family friend died leaving behind her two young children.
- Another family friend's father died because of COVID.
- Another family friend's son who was in his early 30's was in the ER for two weeks on a ventilator. He is fine, but again, nothing short of a miracle. Was healthy, young, and fit - almost leaving behind three children and a wife.

Please, please, stop acting like you know stuff because of the numbers. You don't know how this virus will affect you if you get it. You may think you'll be fine because of the data, but there are young folk who have been impacted by this virus severely. And there are old folk over 100 that beat it and are living happily now. You don't know how it will affect you. You only know the chances of how it will affect you.

And whether you want to take that chance is up to you. Just know that the outcome is not certain and may not be what you thought it would be.

You have a right to believe what you want. You don't have a right to come near me at a laundromat without a mask on and then get offended when I ask you respectfully to keep distance from me because there is a big sign on the door that says "PLEASE WEAR A MASK." You don't have the right to risk my life because of your OPINION.

You don't. You absolutely don't. And I will call you out on that because I almost lost my life. She said she doesn't know anyone that had it. I told her now you do - I had it. And all of the people above had it. And you can chose not to wear your mask, but I told her to keep distance and give me a few minutes to clear the dryer so I can leave and then she can do what she wants. Just not next to me without a mask.

Don't want to wear a mask, don't stand super close to people - how about that? Is that easy to comprehend?

All these people going on about how their rights are being infringed because of the masks. They aren't. If they were, there wouldn't be so many people STILL NOT WEARING MASKS! So your rights have not been infringed by the masks. Instead, the livelihood and health of others have been because of your decision to not wear one.

Anonymous said...

Liberal hypocrites?' "I remember Kamala Harris saying ‘I’m not taking this vaccine’ and I remember Cuomo saying he’s going to do everything in his power to prevent Donald Trump’s vaccine from getting deployed in his area,"
tells Newsmax TV.

Anonymous said...

Keep going to work.
Keep paying dues.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city should prepare for a possible full shutdown amid the rise in Coronavirus cases.

Anonymous said...

James has no problem with this?

Stacey Abrams Brags She Has 1.2 Million Absentee Ballots for Ga. Runoff

Anonymous said...

So Reno, why are teachers going into buildings? People like Joe are trashed for calling this a joke that it is. People get trashed for opting out. People get trashed for not taking this job seriously anymore.

Reno said...

I didn't call anyone trash and I did not talk about us going into the buildings. I am just giving stating that if you don't think it is real, since there are a few people on the forum who are underestimating the impact this could potentially have on someone, just to be respectful about the distance you are keeping if you chose not to wear a mask.

Not talking about the job. Not talking about being conservative or liberal. Not talking about Stacy Abrams, about the fact that 3k - 5 and D75 are in person.

Didn't call anyone trash in my post. Didn't specifically talk about anyone like Joe. Didn't talk about people who take the job seriously or not or about trashed for one's approach.

Just a statement about health and being considerate about other people's experience and keeping distance if you are not wearing a mask.

See how my non-political post still managed to be followed by politically influenced responses. See how my non-targeting post caused 2:34 PM to have a reaction that has nothing to do with what I was saying - I'm not talking about Joe or us going to the buildings.

I'm saying take your own precaution because you don't how this can impact you until you get COVID. That's what I'm saying. And that if you don't want to wear a mask, I respect that, but keep distance from others because you don't have the right to make someone sick because you are choosing your right to not wear a mask.

Jeez, you people sure know how to twist and turn comments to support your political arguments, comments that were not political or targeting in nature.

Anonymous said...

Reno. Your request regarding mask wearing while in close proximity is reasonable. The problem for me is when the government, the media and all the Karen’s demand it. I wear a mask for myself and if I should catch COVID, others may benefit from my mask wearing. But once the demanding you-do-as-I-say bullshit starts, my response becomes fuck you, make me. The democrats and their media need to stfu about mask wearing. They’re actually having the opposite effect on those who hate them. Hope you stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Huseman
Go ahead and flag this tweet for when we do not have that vaccine by the end of the year

Anonymous said...

Reno, shouldn't you be telling this to mulgrew and de blasio?

Anonymous said...

I think 234 was saying that those who want to fight the system, opt out, laugh at the fraud system are ridiculed. Why hasn't everyone opted out? Why are people going into these dangerous buildings?

Anonymous said...

It seems being a con-artist runs in the family.

Jim Biden is now under investigation too - just like Hunter.

Pretty slimy that he pocketed money that was supposed to go to hospitals in rural America!

The Bidens are corrupt to the core.

Anonymous said...

Shelley likes to mention Chaz. He never opted out. Start your own blog called Shelley's opt out page. Koch incorporated will sponsor you.