Tuesday, December 22, 2020


The latest from UFT President Mulgrew to chapter leaders and delegates on ventilation.

With winter upon us, there are a lot of questions about how to stay both safe and warm in our school buildings during this pandemic.

How many windows need to be open? What should the temperature be in a building? Do the vents in the classrooms even do anything? UFT industrial hygienists have answers to these commonly asked questions and more in this short video on winter ventilation safety.

Watch the video» Ventilation in schools

These tips from our experts can help keep the rooms in your school both safe and at a comfortable temperature during these colder months.

See our FAQ on safety for more detailed information and guidance on ventilation.


Michael Mulgrew

UFT President

It's all good in the schools according to the UFT President.

Chapter leader and one of UFT Solidarity's leaders Quinn Zannoni did some research. He comments:

Endless UFT BS about ventilation.

Quote from video at 4:58 - "If you are working in a room with no windows or mechanical ventilation, you must use an air purifier."

From EPA Website: Air cleaners and HVAC filters in Offices, Schools, and Commercial Buildings - "Air cleaning may be useful when used along with source control and ventilation, but it is not a substitute for either method. Source control involves removing or decreasing pollutants such as smoke, formaldehye or particles with viruses. The use of air cleaners alone cannot ensure adequate air quality, particularly where significant pollutant sources are present and ventilation is insufficient."

Since September they said absolutely no classrooms without windows or mechanical ventilation were permissible. Now they are violating their own standards, and EPA guidelines.

Also, here's the latest from the NYC Situation Room:

Please no comments on opting out. We need a better union that looks out for its members with everything it has. Opt outers please start your own blog. Koch industries might even sponsor you. 


Anonymous said...

Nice job, James. Another uft failure. Uft says it is good as they stay home. Money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Video link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused as to what you expect to happen. If we never mention opt out again and the uft has 100% membership, what will happen for the better?

Anonymous said...

People need to vote him out or form a better union that is what has to happen next - Hawk

James Eterno said...

Try now on the link. I just updated it and it's right to the UFT safety page. If the link didn't work and I already got two comments on opting out, I'm thinking more and more that some of the opt-out folks don't even read all of the posts or look at the necessary video for this posting.

I seriously do not have the time to respond to the same comments over and over but if the opposition to Unity gets its act together and people organize in schools for the 2022 election, it can change. Every opt outer is one less opposition voter.

Anonymous said...

From Mark Treyger:
An elementary school in my district had testing done on Dec 10 and many teachers and students still don’t have their lab results and the school was recently ordered to close. Families are in the dark and there are serious capacity concerns with labs NYC is using for school tests.

Anonymous said...

Read Treyger. Is that mulgrew's most robust test and trace program in the country? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that goes into work under these conditions needs to be committed by their endangered family members. That will be a safer environment for everyone. All teachers, even the ones working remotely, should be protesting in front of City Hall and 52 Broadway. This is a forced humiliation that needs to be answered. How can you look yourself in the mirror if you continue to obey orders? DeBlasio and Mulgrew think all teachers are sheep, cowards and stupid. Prove them wrong.

Anonymous said...

If you are one of those people saying “everyone will get it, who cares” which is the opinion of the contractor who brought it into my office-you will enjoy a special place in hell, if it exists.

Don’t give me your political BS. This is a virus. Not a republican. Not a democrat. A virus. A virus that can, and will, kill your loved ones.

I implore the US of fucking A to remove your head from your asses, and comprehend that the time for politics is over. If you love your parents and grandparents, then PROTECT THEM. Stay away from your loved ones who are vulnerable.

Lydia H. said...

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