Thursday, July 08, 2021


Here’s the latest on health care negotiations, James.

In ten years, we have seen the City’s cost for health care rise from some $5 billion to $11 billion. Despite our successes in sheltering our members and their families from these rising costs, increases of this magnitude are not sustainable if we want to continue to have access to quality, premium-free health care.

Over the past few months, the UFT has worked tirelessly with fellow unionists on the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) to deal with the rising cost of health care, while ensuring no loss of benefits or diminishment in the quality of care.

The MLC has developed a custom Medicare Advantage Group Plan — a plan unlike any other Medicare Advantage program in existence. This new plan not only mirrors and improves on the GHI Senior Care Plan, it also includes aggressive oversight to protect member benefits.

Most importantly, under this plan, retirees will still have premium-free access to the same providers and hospitals they now use.

Next Steps in the Process
Negotiations have been conducted with several health care providers.
An independent mediator has made his recommendation for the health care provider with the strongest benefits for retired municipal employees.
MLC votes on the agreement.
The MLC will schedule information sessions for retired municipal employees.
An Open Enrollment period will be available for retired municipal employees.
The UFT is here to help you during this time and will continue to send you updates as they develop.


Anonymous said...

On a side note: The doe removed Maspeth High School's principal on grade fraud charges. It only took 2 years. Hope this puts a scare into other principals.

Anonymous said...

This plan is also not sustainable.

Your benefits will be "eroded" over time and your choices will be limited. You will not be able to keep your doctors. This will happen eventually if it does not take place at the outset of this change


David Suker said...

Great! Sounds like Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they want to fire him? They should. But why do they leave principals who bully staff in place or give them a raise and a cush job at tweed?!

Anonymous said...

Keep your own doctors. Mulgrew is as full of shit as Obama was. This new plan will suck and Mulgrew will break that promise just like that pos Obama did.

Anonymous said...

Mulgrew has already lost his mind, his morals and his credibility.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, they worked tirelessly...Just as hard as when they worked for the 2014 contract after years of negotiating. Some of you aren't too bright.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the city and Mulgrew/ UFT only care about the almighty $. We are collateral damage. This PPO plan is a rip-off and our costs will exponentially increase. Is there someway to stop this or have the option of another healthcare plan?

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a replay of the Michael Mulgrew imaginary health plan. How many times is he going to repeat himself? I questioned colleagues from the much more transparent PSC, and they have nothing new to add.

Do you think Mulgrew, Murphy, and Weingarten invited the demonstrators for tea last Wednesday? They are getting heat from members, family of members, and members of other unions, and probably some questions from journalists who will be writing about this down the road. Just another try to tamp down discussion and put these issues back in the dark. M wants retiree dues, not their input.

Anonymous said...

The Key Word: "Access to Doctors" That means access to your regular doctor or specialists "out of network" for out of network extra costs. Move away from New York to retire, you can forget about "in network" participating providers.
This is the reality with managed care plans.
Confusion for Senior's and disappointment for provider's who initially sign on expecting a fair rate of pay and then will participate as an "out of network" provider to maximize their own bottom line.

Anonymous said...

@6:26 waah Obama. Where is your new and better plan? Imagine not having any healthcare at all which is what the POS Trump wanted just out of spite.

waitingforsupport said...

Why? Maybe it's because the DOE doesn't want those bullying principals to blow up the worse kept secret about education in NYC: Get a high grad rate by any means necessary. Learning is not important. The DOE doesn't want joe public to know this is sanctioned by them. Have you heard the expression keep your enemies closer? The DOE wants to keep those principals pacified. Just my opinion.