Thursday, May 26, 2016


Camille Eterno and Norm Scott are reporting from the American Arbitration Association where votes are being counted in the UFT Election. Here are the latest numbers from Norm:

53,000 voted, that is up 10,000 from 2013.

Only about 2000 of that increase came from retirees who in 2016 make up 46% of the voters. In 2013, retirees made up 52% of the voters.

We have a breakdown of where the votes came from.

10,026 came from elementary schools compared to 7331 in 2013 and 10,292 in 2010.

2856 came from middle schools compared to 1879 in 2013 and 2881 in 2010.

4747 came from high schools compared to 3808 in 2013 and 5203 in 2010.

10,933 came from functionals (non teachers) compared to 7704 in 2013 and 10,629 in 2010.

24,464 came from retirees compared to 22,462 in 2013.

It looks like it is going to be a very long night as new rules mean slate voters could still vote for individuals under some circumstances.

As for the possibility of MORE-NEW ACTION winning the high schools, we would need 2374 high school votes to get our candidates majorities. That would mean an increase of 492 from the combined MORE-NEW ACTION's slate totals from 2013 of 1882. It is a bit of a lift.

Unity would need an increase of a combination of their votes and the new Solidarity votes of 782 compared to 2013 Unity totals of 1592 slate votes to win high schools outright.

It might be very close in the high schools. We ask as we did before: where did those new voters go?

The total number of ballots that were printed and mailed is 189,469 (53,026 voted; Return Rate=28%)

o   Elementary: 35,606 (10,026 voted; Return Rate=28.2%)
o   JHS: 11,197  (2856 voted; Return Rate= 25.5.%)
o   HS (Academic/CTE): 19,539   (4747 voted; Return Rate=24.2%)
o   Functional Chapters: 46, 731   (10,933 voted; Return Rate=23.4%)
o   Retiree: 62,991   (24,464 voted; Return Rate=38.8%)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a change.

Anonymous said...

As an elementary teacher, I am very proud that there was a 28% return rate. That pretty much matched the retiree vote. Why anyone would vote Unity is beyond me though.

Anonymous said...

I am an elementary teacher as well. I am proud to say my voice was counted. I really hope some change occurs.

Anonymous said...

Correction: I am proud that the elementary return vote was higher than the middle school or high school return rate.

Anonymous said...

I'm extremely frustrated and disappointed to report that I know of two teachers who never received a ballot. I am one of them. I called AAA 3 times and was told it was in the mail. That's 2 less votes for Jia Lee and MORE. :(

Anonymous said...

I will attest to the slow response of AAA. I did not recieve a ballot. I called noon May 10th. I recieved a ballot in the mail May 21st. I called to ask where it was coming from and they said LIC. The membership dept of the UFT called me the evening of May 14 to get my address. Now, that sounded weird because they never contacted me before about my address. I voted but I could see that many people did not get a ballot or the process of getting a ballot was not handled in a timely fashion.