Monday, May 08, 2017


I made my first appearance at the UFT Executive Board in quite a while. Secretary Howie Schoor chaired.

 Open mic period was used by three schools.

It was enlightening hearing my friends from the High School for Applied Communications address the Executive Board. They had multiple complaints about their Interim Acting Principal Michael Weinstein and asked for UFT support and for the Union to publicly expose their out of control principal. One teacher had the principal in his room 40 times this year.

A group from CPE 1 came to support their embattled principal and criticize people attacking principal.

Finally, the chapter leader and the student newspaper advisor from Townsend Harris told the story of how their school worked with the Queens UFT to have IA principal Jahoda removed. They thanked Queens office.

No Mulgrew as he is in DC at AFT Executive Board.

Mike Schirtzer asked about helping High School for Applied Communications as principal is his former APO. Schoor said UFT will be at the school.

Question about UFT being proactive against abusive administrators

Howie Schoor said 13 schools are a problem. Superintendents not supervising principals. We are focusing on Superintendents.

Leroy Barr then said we are proactive.

Question was asked about grievances. Ellen Procida said there are many ridiculous rulings at chancellor's level and we are getting resolutions at arbitration but we are not where we want to be yet.

Question on class sizes from Francis Lewis not being lowered even after ordered by arbitrator. Ellen said we will be strong in compliance conference and principal could be warned to stay in compliance with class size limits in the fall as well as lowering class sizes now.

A question was asked about CPE1. Lawsuit has been filed. UFT working on making sure members are protected.

Question asked about connections on DOE attacking progressive schools. UFT focusing on superintendents. They are the principal's bosses. More paperwork problems in Queens High Schools than in other districts.

Secretary Schoor noted that UFT District Rep James Vasquez was complimented a record 3 times for his work.

Other reports were given. Some candidates were endorsed and the the accountant gave a report saying the UFT was in good shape financially.

Refinanced 50 Broadway at a lower rate recently. Capital improvements including a new roof need for 52 Broadway. Renting fourth floor of 50  to Molloy College.

UFT pension plan 108% funded.


Anonymous said...

As usual, so what? Almost every school i go to teachers complain about abusive, incompetent admin, nothing ever happens, except ineffective ratings and high turnover.

Anonymous said...

Hey wait, did they announce atrs are being force placed or is it still a secret?

Anonymous said...

What about Dwarka who has chasen almost every good experienced teacher out, just to produce the worse results ever in the regents.

Anonymous said...

And, as usual, no mention of trying to change our number of observations for next year. Could somebody from MORE please, ask to pass a resolution to reduce our observations to 2? (I got many teachers at my school to vote for MORE and the #1 concern we have is not abusive principals, but rather the stress from observations)

ed notes online said...

the #1 concern we have is not abusive principals, but rather the stress from observations

Why do you have stress from observations if you don't have an abusive principal? Imagine the stress if you did.

RBE said...

The stress from the four observations is unrelenting. That the UFT WANTED four observations and has fought to maintain the current system convinces me they care not at all about r/f.

As soon as Friedrichs II rolls through, EVERY NYC school should put together a movement to withhold dues until something is done about the evaluation system.

UFT wants the goody money?

Then protect teachers from the stress of the unrelenting evaluation system.

No protection from the unrelenting evaluation system?

No dues money.

Post-Friedrichs II, members can take the fight against observations into their own hands by putting together a very public and very concerted effort to say the four observations, with the insane directives on the lesson planning and the lesson, has got to end.

The UFT leadership doesn't EVER mention this, so clearly it is not a concern to them.

Post-Friedrichs II, let us MAKE it a concern that they cannot ignore.

Anonymous said...

few desperate teachers left from old Gateway had attorney write a complaint to Mulgrew about abusive Principal Judy Henry. Obviously there was no response. In 2014 school community pushed strongly against abusiveprincipal Henry and corrupted superintendent Mendez. They were left without any support. Henry destroyed such a good school. Now it is perfect place for shady characters, paycheck employees, and spin doctors. Kids do whatever they want. I wish we had such a support then.
By the way Vasquez and Rona from UFT are the people who helped Henry go after teachers and they are protecting her still.
I guess we were unlucky rather not attractive enough for propaganda to get support.

waitingforsupport said...

@5:27 am...I'm amazed that the #1 concern (diploma mills, grade inflation,student behavior, aggressive admin, lacidacial union, etc) is observations. Stunning

Jeff said...

Great news. We all get parking passes...

Anonymous said...

Parking permits are back May 18th. Boom! Now parking permit and two observations guy will just be parking permit guy.

waitingforsupport said...

Great news....I hope there are no strings attached for ATRs i.e. now you can be placed in any borough

Anonymous said...

And how do atrs get these passes?

Anonymous said...

I meant he'll just be two observations guy.

Anonymous said...

These UFT reps are a disgrace for our Union. We should be able to evaluate these reps. They would get an F.

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