Monday, May 15, 2017


Before the May 10 Delegate Assembly, I thought I would do a snap poll to find out how the Middle College High School Chapter was feeling about the possibility of leaving the union and not having to pay union dues. The UFT Executive Board had passed a resolution on educating and mobilizing our members on staying in the UFT even if dues are voluntary that was being raised at the DA.

I asked this very simple question to chapter members who I polled individually:

If union dues became voluntary because of an adverse Supreme Court decision and you could receive the same services without being in the union, would you still pay union dues? 

All but one teacher said they would stay in the union. I was somewhat pleasently surprised by the results but I should not have been. This was a pretty good sampling size of activist and non-activist teachers. Over and over I heard that we need a union to have decent wages and benefits and we have to pay for that union.

A question that came back was this: We need a union but why does it have to be this one?

It was very difficult to respond to that one. We discussed the moral bankruptcy of our union as it is currently structured, but some were impressed by the services the UFT does provide.

This blog has a wide range of readers who are from the left, center, right and apolitical. Can people ask in a very neutral way the poll question I asked at MCHS at your schools. I would really like to see the results.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's worth anywhere near the amount of money they are receiving from us. Then they want more money via COPE. Most newbies I know and any teacher or ATR that's disgusted will opt out. I will donate a crisp five dollar bill monthly as I have invested over $20,000 and feel that five dollars represents the value I currently receive from them. If they radically change and help the rank and file I will give the entire amount.

Anonymous said...

I am asking this question without sarcasm or malice.

This morning while driving in I asked myself 'self, can you name one thing the uft has done in the past decade to benefit any of its members?'

My commute is one hour and my answer was no. A resounding no.

What are the thoughts of others?

What does the uft actually do to help?

Chapter leaders don't know answers most of the time and when you call a borough office you are placed on hold or transferred so many times that you hang up

Anonymous said...

The answer always is, well, without the uft it would be worse...

Anonymous said...

And that answer happens to be right.

Anonymous said...

So let them continue to run this scam, as we now pay $1,400 yearly, while we take abuse, they sit in comfortable air conditioned offices, never set foot in the classroom, and spend our dies on trips and food?

Anonymous said...

But what are we paying dues for?

The uft does nothing. I've worked non union jobs and have been treated better

Anonymous said...

I was in one of Bloomberg's 20 failing schools back in 2012. The whole staff had to reapply for their jobs. Total divide and conquer strategy. It was horrible. Systematic dismantling of a great faculty and learning community. In addition to doing nothing to help our school from Bloomberg's attack, the UFT rep on the hiring committee was a disgrace; she was patronizing and insulting. The UFT lies and spins and lies and steals. I would pay double in dues for a union that actually protected its members and refused to take the abuse working teachers have had to endure over the last 15 years.
And by the way, I don't want a raise next contract, keep your crap raises, - I want DANIELSON gone.
Bring Back the S & The U

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:16

You are a unicorn. A doe teacher with a brain

The doe can keep their crappy raises.

What's next? Staying after school until 345 every day?

Anonymous said...

The S and U?? 6:16 you have to be kidding me! A principal could rate you unsatisfactory for being late or absent. NO WAY TO GOING BACK!!

Anonymous said...

Its all coming to an end and this is all pointless discussion. The UFT knows it and is prepared. They shouldn't get a dime of our money, they have to represent us regardless, and how could you tell the difference anyway?

Anonymous said...

I was the person who wrote a few months ago that I would take a ten grand pay cut to get rid of Danielson and go back to "S" and "U" with only observation a year for tenured teachers. (Formal, announced observation) I stand by my statement. I am making good money now as a veteran teacher but I have never been more stressed in my career and is is 99% due to this insane observation system that they UFT agreed to.

Anonymous said...


The s and u system was better

Anonymous said...

The end is coming and the UFT and NYSUT have no one to blame .. They have been in charge and allowed, permitted and perhaps encouraged this to happen. On Long Island we are getting ready and have started LIFE, Long Island Federation of Educators so we can either disaffiliate or when the collapse comes be ready to pick up the pieces. Our members are tired of paying and getting nothing from the mother ship.

Anonymous said...

Do you accept NYC members?