Friday, June 30, 2017


The ICEUFT blog crystal ball saw the futue accurately as mayoral control lives on for two years despite not having much support from the public.

This is from ABC 7:

New York lawmakers have approved a two-year extension of mayoral control of public schools in New York City.

The state Senate passed the bill 48-2, which amends various laws including mayoral control and county sales taxes.

The state Assembly approved the bill in a 115-to-15 vote just after 1 a.m.

The bill extends local sales taxes, includes $55 million for upstate New York communities affected by recent floods and reduces the state's take from a struggling upstate racetrack casino. It also renames the new Tappan Zee Bridge after the late Gov. Mario Cuomo.

Once the county sales taxes were linked to control of the NYC schools, it did not take much vision to see this was going to get done.

The big losers in the continuation of a nayoral dictatorship over NYC schools are the teachers, parents and students in NYC schools. So what else is new?

As for charter schools, this is what Poltico NY said:

It is not entirely clear what charters received in the deal on Thursday. Flanagan called the deal “responsible, and hinted at wins for the charter school sector in his statement. De Blasio acknowledged some concessions, but would not elaborate, and charter school advocates did not immediately comment on an alleged deal between the Department of Education and the charter sector on new benefits for charter students. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said only that the extension will “give our educational system stability and allow our school children to thrive.”

What were the "concessions"?


Anonymous said...

Apparently loosening up on charter schools, "do more to help charter schools open or expand" was the key point in the legislators deciding to grant the Dope From Park Slope a whopping additional 2 years of mayoral control. It seems ironic that they wrested this promise from him, as charter schools are perceived as an attempt to get away from the corrupt and ruined system he helped to bring about---"We'll give you 2 more years of being captain of this sinking ship that you bored holes in below the waterline if you allow us to add more lifeboats on the deck." This clearly shows that the children of NYC are perceived as pawns, and pawns only, in the dirty deal horse trading which occupies our legislators. This was the time to get their pet projects and pork slipped in, even the egotistic naming of a bridge after the governor's late father. The kids' welfare was the LAST thing on their minds. How else could anyone be aware of the vast slip in academic achievement, the demise of classroom discipline, the pointed harassment of teachers, the all-over fraud of the Common Core agenda and fake grades and go ahead and grant 2 more years at the helm of this disgrace to its creator? This should serve as a shrill clarion call to those of you who believe your elected legislators have your welfare and that of your children at heart. Actually, you are nothing but an ATM for their pet projects, which usually do nothing to benefit you, and your children are like the offspring of tribal leaders, to be handed off in loveless marriages to further political aims. Such is the trade which just occurred.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with the first comment.

waitingforsupport said...

Facts @ 12:22