Monday, June 19, 2017


Fordham University Professor Mark Naison is someone who makes people think.

Here is an excerpt from something he wrote recently in History News Network:
It's time to change course. The Great Recession should have shattered once and for all the idea that the measurement and motivation systems of American business are superior to those in the public sector. (E.g. do we want the same quality of teacher ratings as Moody's and Standard and Poor's applied to mortgage-based derivatives?) American business needs to clean up its own act, not applied its flawed methods to other fields. If we continue on the path we are on, we may well see the American Education system become as corrupt, and unstable as the Global Financial System.

As someone who works in the field of public education, I kind of think education already is quite corrupt, particularly in New York City.

Naison makes a prediction on his Facebook page that the Democrats will lose the special House of Representatives election in Georgia tomorrow and they will not take back the House of Representatives or the Senate in 2018.

The polls in the special Georgia House race show the it is a tossup.Sadly, however, Naison's prediction makes a great deal of sense. I do hope he is wrong but....

Read his reasoning on public education.
I predict the Democratic Party will lose the special election in Georgia tomorrow and will NOT retake the House or Senate in 2018. Why? Because their only message is "we hate Donald Trump" and "we are diverse and that makes us cool." It is a very sad situation but I don't see any change from the last election where Democratic candidates running for state office and for Congress did even worse than Hilary Clinton.

And here is the irony! In many of the battles I have been fighting during the last 8 years, especially the defense of public education, Democrats have been as big an obstacle as Republicans, and that includes liberal "heroes" like Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren, along with the Big 3 of teacher haters, Rahm Emmanuel, Andrew Cuomo and Dannel Malloy!

My major disagreement is Naison needs to add Corey Booker and make it a big 4 of teacher haters.

It was no surprise that Republican Karen Handel won in Georgia. We'll see about 2018.


RBE said...

Ossoff used "fiscal discipline" as his closing message instead of hammering home that Republicans plan on taking away people's health care, cutting Medicaid and Medicare, and giving tax cuts to the top 2& - all in secret.

He had a lead a few weeks ago, it has narrowed each week, the race is now a toss-up.

Like you, James, I hope he doesn't lose, but he's a putz and appears to have squandered whatever momentum he had.

BTW, his opponent, Karen Handel, smugly explained why she doesn't think gay people can make good parents: "I just don't."

There you have it - probably the next rep from the Georgia '06.

Anonymous said...

Naison's original post in the History News Network is really quite moving. Raised in a chaotic home myself, I remember what a sanctuary school was. It's probably one of the reasons that I became a teacher.