Thursday, November 16, 2017


 The city being the city and the DOE being the DOE means contracts are made to be broken as long as they are the ones benefiting by violating the agreements.

Case in point: the lump sum payments that most of us will have to wait until 2020 to be paid back in full for work we did from 2009-2011 that most other city workers received back from 2008-2010 and has been in their pay checks ever since.

If someone was on an unpaid leave in 2015 or this year, that person is a year behind in getting the payments and won't be made whole until 2021. If someone is sick or has a family emergency, tough luck. You cannot get a dime in advance. That is how the DOE negotiated this with the UFT. No exceptions, right? Well, um, no.

The DOE will give you the money in advance to pay them back if you owe the DOE money. To put it another way, you can have the money now as long as you give it right back.

From a friend:

 Remember we that were not on payroll in 2015 are one year behind in the cycle of retro payments. We are to be made whole in 2021. Therefore I was supposed to get 2015 in December actually. Well as it turns out if you owe the DOE money like I do for overpayment, the DOE gets you your retro on the fast track, hence my retro, in October - both years 2015 and 2017. They sent me an updated statement where they took out a large amount of money.

I wonder if this sets precedent. The UFT won't care.


Anonymous said...

"Fuck you, pay me". -Goodfellas

James Eterno said...

Is that comment coming from DOE or us?

Anonymous said...

It's basically just erasing the debt. What's the point of even doing it?

Anonymous said...

Does it matter? Awful job. Awful contract. Begging them to pay us our own money, money from 11 years ago, like they are doing us a favor, fully endorsed by our own leadership, who never deal with the problems we face everyday, disrespect, abuse, threats...