Friday, November 17, 2017


We have been reporting for months on the IBEW strike against Charter Spectrum, the cable giant that used to be Time Warner Cable. The strike started in March and continues.

The city has generally supported the workers and is now starting the process to increase competition in the broadband sector.

The workers are spending $500,000 for a new ad campaign. They are fighting to retain their seniority rights. We totally support the IBEW strike.

Meanwhile, on Long Island the school bus drivers strike ended after  almost two weeks. Negotiations between TWU and the Baumann Bus Company along with a federal mediator ended in a tentative settlement. It looks like the workers and management here could not hold out any longer.


Anonymous said...

The school districts started dropping the bus company for breach of contract. It's possible the company realized it was about to implode and made a deal.

Anonymous said...

All I know is my internet bill keeps going up for the same $hit service. Power to the workers.

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on IBEW.