Monday, January 15, 2018


The mainstream media, with a few exceptions, is generally very biased against teachers. This goes for the left, the right and the center. Anyone looking to see a firsthand anti-teacher, anti-public school editorial, just read yesterday's NY Times piece suggesting a rogues' gallery of blame the teachers, pro charter school candidates for Chancellor to replace retiring Carmen Farina. It reads as though the Times editorial board just asked the worst Chancellor ever, Joel Klein, who he would choose for Chancellor.

The Times suggests anti-teacher administrators from former Deputy Chancellor Shael Polakow-Suransky to the infamous John White, to the awful John King and not much better in between to take over the NYC schools. This is supposed to be the"liberal" N.Y. Times.

I would like to ask some real progressives who they would pick. I keep hearing about a national search for Chancellor but since the teacher bashers have had their way for so long, is there a pro-teacher person out there who would take the job?

We certainly could do worse than a Rudy Crew 2.0 but he might prefer CUNY Chancellor.

Or, perhaps, someone like Joe Rella from Port Jefferson Station would be an excellent pro-teacher Chancellor.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

How about Steve Bannon? He needs a job and would make some of the people who comment here happy.

Anonymous said...

How about Maxine Waters to bring us together? You will have to get her a safe, gated compound in NYC to match the one she has in Cali.

Anonymous said...

After reading the editorial by the NY Times it is no wonder that our President Trump hates the fake news NY Times. The NY Times continues to publish fake news and in this case the article for chancellor is just another fake news piece from the losing, fake news NY Times.
I mean these journalists keep writing fake stories in that they simply never do any research but continue to rather just "print" whatever is on their minds.
I would love to see Trump set a new law regarding the press and having some limitations rather than just printing anything they feel is in their best interest. POS stands for piece of sht NY Times just keeps writing fake news stories and they keep on losing millions of dollars every year until the day comes when they close the doors on their fake printing presses and journalist.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the editorial either and don't think that the NYT is liberal, but your criticism seems extreme, 1:43.

Anonymous said...

The veteran anti-teacher policies are killing and draining our schools. FariƱa should be held responsible.