Thursday, January 11, 2018


The Mayor is playing tough on paid parental leave but don't worry, the UFT is starting an email campaign. I'm sure Mayor de Blasio is scared. On the other hand, I guess we have to start somewhere and some action for something is better than nothing.

Michael Mulgrew's email to members:

Dear James,

Mayor Bill de Blasio made headlines in 2015 when he promised paid parental leave for city employees. Two years later, his administration and the Department of Education have failed to extend that benefit to public school educators — the very people who have devoted their lives to caring for the city's children.

That’s not progressive — that’s just wrong.

Please send an email NOW to Mayor Bill de Blasio telling him to support paid parental leave for UFT members. And ask your local Council member to support the UFT push for paid parental leave.

It’s time for the de Blasio administration to deal fairly with public school educators. We need the help of our Council reps to get that message across to him.

Thank you for taking action.


Michael Mulgrew

UFT President


Anonymous said...

Its gonna be no raise for at least a year in exchange. Screwed again. I quit in june. Not worth it, not even for 100k and medical.

Anonymous said...

The UFT is a toothless tiger. The mayors real master is the big money donors. DiBlasio is a fake,phony and a fraud.

Pogue said...

Make sure to wear your "Surrender White" UFT knit cap when typing and sending the email.

Anonymous said...

A shithole country…defined:
- lacking a government that serves its people in a way that promotes individual freedom, prosperity, and security
- lawlessness is the norm and accepted
- food & water are not always present or safe
- mindset of scavenging exists

POTUS is correct

Anonymous said...

Paid maternity leave should NOT be the focus with so many other issues that must be resolved first!!

steve said...

What shithole country did this guy come from? Black on black crime. The hunt is on for a violent robber who police said targeted an 81-year-old woman as well as a mother and her two children on the Upper West Side.

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Jeff said...

Listen to you guys, you are already saying that you dont want a decent financial package because you just ant Danielson removed, less observations, etc. Wow, you are already settinng us up to fail;. No de Blasio can offer us 0 plus 0 in exchange for virtually nothing and Mulgrew can say that he listened and gave us what we want. What a negotiating stance we have, what a power we are. You guys are pathetic. No wonder we get stepped all over, no wonder we are waiting till 2020 for 11 year old raises with no interest, getting 10% backloaded over 7 years, and get abused everyday by admin and students alike. How sickening. So in summary, you want no raises, to pay for parental leave which most of us wont even use, on top of the worst contract in history from 2014, and maybe 1 or 2 less observations...

Anonymous said...

If we are going to settle on crappy monetary raises, then at least get rid of the Monday and Tuesday nonsense

Anonymous said...

Racist is back.

Anonymous said...

I’d give my savings of $1400 a year in union dues to be rid of Monday and Tuesday BS. It’s a two for one to be rid of the UFT at the same time.

Anonymous said...

NY state now has paid family leave. Why are we even bargaining about this. I had 4 kids during my teacher career. Never got paid a dime for leave. Sacrificed economically instead. Spoiled millennial brats want everything. You’ll survive without a paid family leave that penalizes the majority of the union for a few. New parents should petition for more days off instead. As your child grows they get sick (where you will need to take off) and then you’ll catch the illness and need to take off. Plus multiple school events and graduations (which you will need to take off for). Give me a break with this shit! The UFT is clueless. Can’t wait to retire.