Sunday, January 14, 2018


Today (Sunday, January 14) is the last day to spend Teacher's Choice money. The accountability forms are due to your school by Friday (January 19). I have copied the UFT part of the Chapter Leaders Update on Teacher's Choice below. I also have a question for our readers:

What do you spend most of your Teacher's Choice money on?

I know of teachers who spend plenty of money buying many boxes of tissues for their students. I spend on ink cartridges which dry up very quickly these days. But what I've noticed in looking at receipts is that I spend too much of my Teacher's Choice on dry erase markers.

The ones the school provides tend to dry out almost instantly and the ones I buy seldom last more than a couple of days before they start to dry and the kids start to complain that they can't see what I write. (Yes, I usually remember to keep the caps on when not writing.) I don't think I write too much. I certainly write less at Middle College with its better technology than I did at Jamaica High School.

I haven't used chalk for years but I'm sure it used to last longer than the markers. Then again, there is no mess with the markers.

Happy Teacher's Choice last minute spending. Don't forget to do the accountability forms. Enjoy the long weekend.

This is from the UFT January 12, 2018 Chapter Leader Update:

Submit Teacher’s Choice receipts by Jan. 19 — or forfeit your allotment

All members who received Teacher’s Choice funds must submit their purchase receipts and the Teacher’s Choice Accountability Form detailing these purchases to their payroll secretary by next Friday, Jan. 19. Members who received Teacher’s Choice funds and do not file an accountability form with the required receipts by the deadline will be obligated to pay back the money to the Department of Education. Educators in the Absent Teacher Reserve pool should submit their receipts to the administration of the school to which they are assigned on Jan. 19. The deadline for spending Teacher’s Choice funds is Sunday, Jan. 14. For more detailed information about the Teacher’s Choice program, go to the Teacher’s Choice section of the UFT website.


Anonymous said...

Don't expect too many answers. I would gather that many of the self centered a88holes who comment here work around the system and don't spend a dime of their Teacher's Choice on their classes.

Anonymous said...

The markers are a great con game perpetrated on all educators. They are wicked expensive. They dry up so quickly. Their tips fall apart so quickly they don't write well.

How many times have you picked up a marker only to find out that it doesnt write. Then you pick up another with the same result. At least if you see a piece of chalk you know it works by virtue of the fact that it is there.

And chalk is all natural. Does not effect your health. Does not fill up landfills.
Markers contain harmful solvents that we breathe in all our careers. And then we put them in the landfills for a system...

oh well...if you can't beat them join them...Going to spend my teachers choice on markers now...

Anonymous said...

9:44 is a bitch

Anonymous said...

This year I spent the bulk of my Teacher's Choice money on supplies for my Adult ESL Summer program. The people at OACE didn't give me any books and very few supplies so I had to pay for a lot of photocopies, paper, markers, etc. Paid for a lot out of my pocket prior to August 1st.

The remainder of the money I spent on markers (dry erase and Mr. Sketch) post-it notes, notebooks, folders, paper, as well as some printer ink.

I'm careful with my Mr. Sketch markers around my younger students. One year I had a student try to eat the blue one because it smelled so good. Of course, he denied it but his blue lips and tongue told a different story. The label says non-toxic but I sent him to the nurse to get checked out. He was fine

Mary Ahern

Anonymous said...

I spend a ton of money on lab supplies that should be provided to me- well over the $250.

Anonymous said...

I spent mine on self defense lessons and diapers. Going on 3 months no toilet key. UFT can you hear me? Fuck you all.

Anonymous said...

As usual, why bother? It aint gettin better.

Anonymous said...

But is she right?

Anonymous said...

Spent mine on basic supplies that my employer should have provided, and in years past,(many) actually did. Working for the DOE has gotten incrementally worse over my 30 years, and I have no one to thank but the UFT.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Stop purchasing supplies, etc. Schools should be budgeting for supplies. Educators are not valued so stop the madness of purchasing supplies.