Friday, October 29, 2021


The Queens UFT is taking a stand. I am not sure if Election Day posting of work is the issue to draw a line in the sand on while teachers continue to take abuse on things such as: safe schools, abuse of the sixth period provision, developing and ineffective observations, pressure to pass students, fights, guns, and more but who am I to question the UFT when they are up for a battle? 

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Anonymous said...

Gripe 1) Word on the street is the Google classroom money is delayed with no word on when it will be paid.

Gripe 2) I am entitled to 8 hours of per session for election day and was "given" 3. How does one go about grieving this?

Anonymous said...

Damm we can’t get paid for Google Classroom, we can’t get paid our period 6th pay properly, we can’t get paid spring break pay! But this weak ass union bragging about some damm win for Election Day… what teacher in their right mind has time to do per session for Election Day when teachers are too busy covering classes cause of the damm teacher shortage vacancy… nice job in winning one for the teachers!! Dumbass people can’t wait to Vote against MULGREW

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen this much winning since Charlie sheen!

Anonymous said...

No google classroom pay now? let me see, I guess we are put on the backburner to ensure that the FDNY, DSNY, NYPD get their $500 for being vaccinated by today. We should be getting google classroom pay and the $500 for the forced vaccination as well.

We always get the short end of the stick because of weak leadership. Let's see if the google classroom money goes into our accounts on Sunday/Monday.

Anonymous said...

I’m not trying to be a UFT shill, but how difficult is it to post some bs assignment that you will never grade?

How difficult is it to ‘fake it’ each day and act like you care? Trust me, it’s less stressful than caring.

Once you realize the doe is a ‘racket’ and not that important, everything else in life becomes better.

This blog is a great source of information, but way too many people in my opinion act like teaching in the doe is a real job.

How many of you have friends and spouses working in private industry? They are working ridiculously long hours for 2-3 weeks of vacation a year and can lose their jobs at any time if someone doesn’t like them.

Look at us. 180 days a year, so you pass kids who can’t read? So what? Weds through Friday I’m home by 330 getting a workout in or playing some golf.

Trust me, I am not advancing in my ‘career,’ but guess what? This is not a career.

I have made some good friends and now am in a spot where my principal leaves you alone as long as you mostly pass everyone.

There are worse ways to make a living. I have worked other jobs, so I speak from experience.

Six figures in this racket. Beats working a real job

Anonymous said...

Why is this issue so difficult? I posted an assignment. No one will do it and we move on. Give me my salary, benefits and time off and I’m cool

Anonymous said...

I seem to be missing something. It took me 5 minutes to post a lesson for election day. I am being paid for 1 hour. If I wasn't getting paid I wouldn't complain about this. Of all the battles we have this is just another waste of time and breath to argue over. Enjoy your non-travel PD from home.

Anonymous said...

No one was hired for the per session hours as of today. This school in Queens still has Monday but I don't see that happening. Telling teachers they are to provide work for their students. This teacher here will not be posting or providing any work.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, after years of commuting to some PD in lower manhattan after driving to Brooklyn and taking a subway an extra 45 mins each way and being exhausted, I’m thrilled to post some nonsense busy work tht I won’t grade and not commute.

There were a few times I used a sick day on Election Day bc I didn’t want to commute.

Please help me see what I am missing.

We complain about everything. Some things I get. Not this.

To those who feel Election Day this year is an issue, please elaborate.

Heck, if you need bs work to post, let me know lol

waitingforsupport said...

Smh...spectrum ch 15 cnbc is hawking a "Medicare Advantage" plan right now (10:04 am) 10/30. It sure sounds like the plan Mildew etal are shoveling down the throat of our seniors. What a sham.

Anonymous said...

Because if you're willing to do extra work outside your contract for no compensation for one day.. Are you OK with doing that for 180 days with no compensation? You're ok with adding more work load with no compensation?

You don't just say ok.. It's one day. It's setting a precedent for the future.

Please tell me people that we understand this!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with those who think it's not worth fighting over, even though 10:08 also makes an even better point. It's a contract and it's in writing. They nitpick us on Danielson when they want to and will quote it word for work, and yet they can offer compensation and pull it back when they want to? I don't think it's a good precedent.

Anonymous said...

Commuting to a PD is a work day just like any other. So getting to stay home and post an assignment is actually less work. It’s not like it’s a scheduled day off and they are telling us we have to work.

Anon2323 said...

Always complaining about something, we are home at least. Who cares about student work on day away.

You got the Biden world without Trump like you 90% wanted, good luck with your salaries unless you in your 18th year and above. Gas prices, oil for home, food, literally everything else skyrocketing. Next contract must have major increases or else you will be treading water staying alive in new york now.

Anonymous said...


I understand your points, however, I did not do extra work. I don’t do extra work.

Please explain to me how this is extra work. I spent maybe 5 minutes putting together some bs assignment I had saved from last year during a prep period.

I’m not commuting to some useless PD and I get to sleep in until 7 am as opposed to waking up at 4:30 am.

I don’t do extra work. Heck, I barely do real work when I’m on the clock.

The doe is a game. Make your admins think you care so they can tell their supervisors that they tried to do something.

We are all looking to deflect game about why the kids produce such awful work and don’t learn in the doe.

No one wants to have real conversations.

But, Election Day PD putting together an assignment is not more work. Maybe I spent 5 mins putting something on google classroom.

Nobody will do it. I really don’t care, but I did my part.

Anonymous said...

Even on regular school days, I don’t care about quality of student work. City hall doesn’t care either. Lol

James Eterno said...

Anon 2323, You're back. I thought you gave up on us.

Anonymous said...

12:38 - and he's such a ray of sunshine too. NOT.

Anonymous said...

I'll post an assignment from common lit and let the site grade it. At least the kids won't be getting lessons on activism, George Floyd and black lives matter that our curriculum team created this year. What I care about is this crap union not fighting for the vaccine mandate.

Anonymous said...

There are so many bigger fish to fry that the UFT could be working on right now. They claim victory for something that was plainly stated via DOE info. Fuck Mulgrew and his cronies.

Anon2323 said...

We needed a break, I almost feel like you slightly missed me.

If roles reversed, Trump gave 85 billion to the Taliban leaving Americans behind, border crisis is in shambles, nobody covering. Inflation and prices skyrocketing. Barely can complete coherent sentences, never takes questions would you have any articles about that?

"Figure you would appreciate the lancet, most respected.

Nonetheless, fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts."

James Eterno said...

Out of respect I posted the comment that has zero to do with the topic. Please now stay on topic.

Pogue said...

As an aide...

Anonymous said...

When you said "barely can complete coherent sentences" I thought you were referring to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Out of respect? You mean you respect this illiterate conspiracy monger?

waitingforsupport said...

@6:50...that's not all that they can barely complete. The DOE sure knows how to pick em.

Anonymous said...

Anon23 I am so glad you are back!we are like minded! I tired of being censored and of hearing the haters of those who are pro choice re mandate. I decided to not waste anymore of my precious energy on close-minded people.i am working on improving my own health and well-being during these challenging times.Kudos for your perseverance!

Anonymous said...

Where's our Google classroom money?

Anonymous said...

I don’t get how this topic turns into politics.

Anyone who did work for Election Day work does not know how to manage their time during the work day.

I do zero work at home. I don’t even bring any books in my house. My bag sits in my trunk when I’m not in the building.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at my desk at 645 putting together the work aka nonsense for the day.

I just don’t get how difficult it is to post something ridiculous for Election Day.

I’ll do you one better. Since I know the kids won’t do it on Election Day, I’m having them do the work in class tomorrow so they can hand it in on Election Day.

Easy. And on goes this thing of ours. Making 6 figures to really not do any work.

Did I mention no long ass commute Tuesday? Oh yeah. And PTC remote now.

Anonymous said...

Missed ya, Anon2323. You’re not illiterate or incoherent. It’s just that morons with zero comprehension skills may think so or why fools brainwashed by cnn no longer understand the English language. Type slower next time. Maybe then they can keep up. Insult for insult, lefties. You started the name calling….as usual.

James Eterno said...

Anon2323 is a teacher I do believe. No, I don't miss spending time looking up some of the conspiracy theories he puts in comments but this is how some UFTers think so it can help to know what they are thinking and not just pretend they don't exist. We do have limits, however, on what we will print so respect our boundaries which he usually does.

Anonymous said...

The 10 or so UFT members that follow your blog are mostly a disgrace.
Bragging about doing nothing and getting paid and advising others to do it show their lack of decency.
What do you think the public would think about teachers if they saw what is published in this blog.
Shame on them.
You don't want to be a teacher, change careers.
You are so miserable with your life as an educator, try something else.
I would not be surprised if you wouldn't be miserable and unhappy in whatever you choose.
James, please do not allow these few incompetent whiners poison the public against the thousands of teachers who work to educate NY's children.

Anon2323 said...

In my 20th year so I have more experience than 90% fools here. Have accomplished a ton and have hundreds of former students who still talk to who want to reminisce or just want to know how life going etc.

Many of my "conspiracy theories" are the truth, you went all in on mandates, your woke ccpblog went to crap.

Think bigger issue is Mulgrew and the politics of this weak union. Chicago, Michigan and cali have no teacher mandates, yet we do?

James Eterno said...

They have Vax or test in Chicago and a mandate in LA which has a deadline of Nov 15 to be fully vaccinated.

LA Times:

The Los Angeles school district — confronted with widespread campus disruption and the firing of potentially thousands of unvaccinated teachers and other staff — has extended the looming deadline for all workers to be fully immunized for COVID-19.

The prior deadline of Oct. 15 — this Friday — has been moved to Nov. 15, when employees must have received the second of two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, according to a brief district statement. The district did not clearly state a timetable for the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Anonymous said...

12:10. There are a lot more readers than 10. I agree that the shirkers are a disgrace, but one or two could be trolls. I myself am Unity. I read this blog to learn what the opposition says. I usually disagree, but not always. I think you are right that this blog is not representative of membership. I still predict the election at 79% Unity, 14% Solidarity, the rest MORE and some flotsam.

Anonymous said...


A lot of commenters you are referring to like myself are saying how they have done less work as a means to survive.

I like the job, but I can’t deal w the politics and can’t fight the good fight anymore.

I saw a therapist a while back and received some good tips and I’m much happier now.

Do I fake grades and pass most kids? Yep. But who doesn’t?

At 41, I’m much happier in this job in life than I was at age 25.

I enjoy the job, but to me, it’s just that: a job. This isn’t a calling. Not in NYC. Sorry to break it to you.

The doe is a game. Play it or be played

Anonymous said...

12:10: Don't forget the doe has tolerated no work for more money for 15 years with the ATR pool. I was in the ATR pool for 3 years with 21 years in the doe and it was the easiest 3 years of my life. I was never given a full schedule and was mostly used for coverages, so I had little planning and little grading. I wanted to have a full schedule, but the schools couldn't provide me one. I remember some days I would go in and there was nobody out so I stayed in the teachers' lounge all day surfing the net and napping. The doe knew that ATRs weren't working nearly as hard as neophytes, but they tolerated it for years until Porter ended it realizing what a waste of money it was. Another issue is that with all the grade fraud going on teachers are just thinking it's a waste to work hard planning lessons and grading for hours a night when all the students are just going to pass anyway. Although I don't tolerate Sloth-like behavior, I can see why teachers don't put in the effort they should.

waitingforsupport said...

@1210... anyone who needs talking points as to how the DOE system is a failure to families just needs to read some of these comments. This system uses weak and/or detached human beings to do its bidding. Some of these commenters are upset at being called babysitters (yet they readily admit to not teaching); some deny that there is a system in place that is destroying families and weakening the US but then they brag about playing this same system "for the sake of their mental health". So yes, this system of oppression is real. Just read the comments from those who toss around words such as "wokeism" "liberals" "social justice warriors"etc. I like when they comment. It's just confirmation of what folks have always known.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for support,

What do you get out of not being a ‘professional babysitter?’

I don’t ask out of judgment. I ask out of curiosity.

I’m definitely not dead weight, but I’m not going to beg kids to do work. To me, I don’t fight battles I can’t win anymore. That’s how you get brought up on charges.

waitingforsupport said...

@815... i will answer because you asked so politely. What did i get?
I got peace of mind. My upbringing wouldn't allow me to just pass anyone who didn't deserve to pass. It made me feel like a fraud. I just couldn't hurt those students by siding with the DOE. Was i targeted? Hell yes. Was i brought up on charges? Sure was. Did i lose my job? No. I worked 6 more years after the bogus charges. To be honest, I was so scared to be brought up on charges. When it happened I actually felt relief. I knew that I would never have to work with those wicked people any longer. My life would have been easier if all of my colleagues stood with me but they didn't. However karma is that b^tch. A couple of years later, one of the admin's face was plastered over many news outlets and the other was forced to resign. Lmao. I retired with full benefits pension and the opportunity to continue to work a few hours a week remotely. My choice to maintain my integrity let me sleep well every night. I'm not one to bow down to pressure. When someone tries to make me do something that is against my fabric, I don't budge. I fight back--harder. I witnessed integrity and a strong work ethic from my loving and kind family. That's all i got for ya!

Anonymous said...

Even in a class overfilled with misbehaving students, it is easy to forget that there are always at least a few students who really do want to learn. It is 100% wrong to totally disregard the students who are there to learn, even if one wants to rationalize giving up because it is futile. Grow a pair. I remember when a group of students were so disruptive that I had to make a deal - sit in the back and don't disrupt the rest of us as we cram for the Regents. The AP comes in and asks why they're not doing anything and of course they claim I didn't give them the work. He turns to me but I did not let them or him get away with it. Oh, Hell No. I let him know that they refused to do any work all year, and it's now crunch time, and I have no more time to waste on them as the rest of us prep. He told me to fail them all and that was that.

I remember as a first year teacher thinking it was strange to teach to a couple of students and a veteran (now an AP) mentioned that at times you have to bring in the ones who have to learn a little closer (so that they can hear you), when the room is disruptive. With more years under my belt, I hardly ever have to do that. I've been threatened that they'll go to the Principal, they'll tell their mother, whatever. I write it up, call home, reach out to counselors, and coaches, and the man in the moon if I have to, and they eventually settle down. It really is a lot of exhausting work in the beginning, and that's the real reason people give up but if you put in the work upfront you can get it under control. Those who don't want to learn or be quiet, they'll just eventually stay away from the class because it's more trouble for them, then it's worth.

Anonymous said...


That’s a fair answer and I respect it.

Honestly, after close to two decades in this system, I respect anyone who survives also. Whether you fight the good fight or do what you have to do to survive, to me, you can sleep well at night.

No disrespect, but I just don’t feel this job is that important of a job.

I’ll go the extra mile for kids who care, but for the kids who don’t care, I’ll be polite etc but won’t beg them to do work. Honestly, I don’t care about why they aren’t doing the work(beyond my pay grade) and will fail those kids.

But, for the most part, make an effort and I’ll pass you. This system is a joke. I haven’t given up, but won’t go the extra mile anymore. To me, this job is not a ‘calling.’ I got in it for the right reasons, but I am staying in it now bc I have figured out the ‘game.’

I feel that as long as people are surviving this system, then do what you have to do and don’t let the job get to you.

I wish I felt differently some times, but I just don’t. Haha

Anonymous said...

Great response, 12:36!

I like that approach. When I started, I flat out put kids who did not want to learn in the back and ignored them and my principal tore me a new one. Now, two decades later, I do it in a more subtle way.

Sadly, this system is all about the principal. They set the tone.

Now, I have a fair principal. It helps a lot.

waitingforsupport said...

@1236 am...we must come from the same tribe. I agree 100% with you.

waitingforsupport said...

@4:28am. Thanks. Now if i may , ask you a question--what was your right reason for becoming an educator?

Anonymous said...

Hey waiting,

I entered this profession bc I had a great education from a learning and social standpoint and wanted to give back.

Honesty, I do feel that I do a good job for the kids that try. However, as I get older, I don’t have as much patience to beg those to work who don’t want to work. Not being mean or negative. It’s just how I feel. I will be kind and polite to everyone, but I don’t coddle anymore. Haha

Georgia Lignou said...

Yes,we are formidable. One will think we have solved all our issues when posting an assignment on the google classroom or a delay for the 250 dollars seems enough to get us to the streets.

Georgia Lignou said...

Yes,we are formidable. One will think we have solved all our issues when posting an assignment on the google classroom or a delay for the 250 dollars seems enough to get us to the streets.