Wednesday, October 27, 2021


I saw the UFT webpage on taking time off to vote on Election Day. The Union makes it seem so easy, too easy:


This looks like a simple process but the UFT omits a very important part of the election law. If an employee has four hours between the start or end of the workday and the time the polls close (9:00 pm) or open, there is no leave time permitted. This is from the law:

§ 3-110. Time allowed employees to vote. 1. If a registered voter does not have sufficient time outside of his or her scheduled working hours, within which to vote on any day at which he or she may vote, at any election, he or she may, without loss of pay for up to two hours, take off so much working time as will, when added to his or her voting time outside his or her working hours, enable him or her to vote.

 2. If an employee has four consecutive hours either between the opening of the polls and the beginning of his or her working shift, or between the end of his or her working shift and the closing of the polls, he or she shall be deemed to have sufficient time outside his or her working hours within which to vote.

One would have to start work before 10:00 a.m. and finish after 5:00 p.m. to be eligible for leave time. I don't know of too many UFTers on a 9:30-5:30 shift. Most UFTers end their day before 5:00 pm so they will have four hours to get to the polls. I very much doubt too many will be eligible for the leave time. Maybe, if you work a second job, such as per session on a primary day, you could use this provision.

It would be nice if the UFT website showed the four hour rule. I see this as more UFT incompetence and don't see any evil motive here.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking about seeing a therapist. I have been very down lately and very stressed about the job, I know majority of us have been! I have a toxic work environment which makes things worse. Does anyone see a therapist under the emblem health gold HMO plan? My worry is having to pay a lot just to see a therapist, so I am hoping that our insurance covers a decent amount of it. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a therapist under this insurance? I know not every therapist is perfect for someone but just trying to get ideas here. Thank you guys

Anonymous said...


Around 7-8 years ago, I saw a therapist. I believe I had to pay a 20 dollar co-pay. The cost is probably higher now, but in my opinion, if you can swing the co-pay, then go talk to one. It helps!

I went to see a therapist two times and I highly recommend it. I was in a situation like you and it helped talking to someone.

It taught me that I can’t control everything and not to fight every battle and you can’t fix everything.

Honestly, I became a smarter worker. I worked very hard and took it all personally.

I can say I don’t love the job, but I don’t hate going in anymore. I hope never to have that feeling of dread going into work again.