Tuesday, November 23, 2021


This is in this week's Chief Leader civil service newspaper.

UFT Dissident Caucuses Unite In Bid To Defeat Mulgrew

The dissident slates of the United Federation of Teachers announced Nov. 17 that they have joined forces as one caucus, United For Change, in order to defeat the union’s longtime President Michael Mulgrew in the spring election.

In a press release, the group charged that throughout the pandemic, the UFT “failed to keep unsafe schools closed, failed to listen to its members, and failed to secure fair pay, benefits, and protections...United for Change is composed of school workers who want to see a fundamental shift at the top of their union after entrenched, increasingly undemocratic and unaccountable, single-party control.”

A 6-Decade Dynasty

The Unity Caucus has held leadership of the UFT since the early 1960s.

 Further on:

Six of the opposition slates—the Movement of Rank-and-File Educators (MORE), UFT Solidarity, New Action-UFT, the Independent Community of Educators (ICE-UFT), Educators of NYC (EONYC) and Retiree Advocate-UFT—formed United For Change to pose a greater challenge to the current leadership, which has maintained the union's standing as arguably the city's most-powerful labor group. 

The new faction unites the goals of moderate and progressive caucuses: reducing class sizes, improving pay for Paraprofessionals and therapists, and fostering a more-democratic union. 

There's more and Unity is clearly shaken by our alliance of opposition groups. Check out the District Rep for District 25 making up a story online and on Facebook wrongfully charging longtime dissident leader Norm Scott with being a scab. 

  1. Read the report. Seemed a little childish. Just tell the story. Keep the snide comments to yourself. You don’t hear anyone coming up with nicknames for Norm Scott after he crossed the picket line in 1968.‬

    ‪Oh, y’all didn’t know?? Norm Scott crossed the picket line in 1968.‬

  2. Poor ruff ruff. Feelings hurt? By the way. I was on strike on picket lines in 67, 68 and 75. You were in diapers.

    1. You were on the picket line in ‘68…until you crossed it.

      No need to explain. We already know.

    2. what a load of horseshit -- I was totally unconscious at the time and went to play basketball every day.
      My school was closed down by the principal and we didn't even need a picket line.

If a Unity District Rep who is an employee of the UFT is making up nonsense about opposition leaders right after United for Change just announced a joint slate, you know they will do and say anything to keep their power, their jobs that pay close to and over $200,000 per year, and their double pensions. It's not about supporting members; it's about their perks. The lies will probably get worse as election season gets closer. 


Disgusted in Queens said...

Please share a printable flyer which includes an outline of what changes we are asking for. I would like to print it out and share with the staff at my school. They need to be educated from this point on so that we can get enough member support to take out the trash and start again focusing on what the dues paying members actually want and need.
#return Mulgrew and Co to the classroom. #The time for change and putting members first is now.

Anonymous said...

Lamar Hughes works for the UFT. He’s always on their Facebook page shilling for Unity. If Mulgrew repeatedly stabbed a member, Hughes would say the member fell on the knife 40 times. Norm playing basketball in a school yard is crossing a picket line to the lying disingenuous Unity trolls like Hughes. He should get a job with mainstream media with all his fake news.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I had to laugh at the "lies will only get worse". For their sake, and our entertainment, I sure hope so. That's the best they've got? That's a lie not even worth repeating. Crossed the picket line in 1968? Are they fucking kidding? 1968? Are we supposed to care about that? Hahahaha. The retort about the guy being in diapers in 1968 was a much better line and he should have left it at that. They should make a cartoon about it - past and present still in diapers.

ed notes online said...

What next? Saying I beat my wife? I hope Lamar is not stalking me tomorrow when I have to spend 4 hours in the car with her with her telling me how to drive.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my French but FUCK THAT UNITY GOON! This kind of stuff makes my stomach churn. As a 20+ year UFT member, I have seen all of the disgusting stuff that Unity has done and it is just getting worse. I am totally going to put the word out to my mostly newbie staff to vote for United for Change. As most NYC teachers are quite apathetic in regard to union matters, we need to inform them that a change of the UFT leadership is needed now to protect these members for the duration of their careers. (However long or short that may be)

Anonymous said...

Norm has always dished it out, naming names, making up stuff, telling half truths. What goes around comes around. Anyway, he handled it in his usual punchy way. You're not even on speaking terms. He hardly needs your protection

Anonymous said...

Maybe unity should just have some self-confidence and play fair instead of sending that idiot down to yell at people during the DA. He was caught red-handed and he screamed red-faced but we all knew the truth his loyalty cost a couple hundred k. When people are mad at the union that's what they're mad at that kind of cronyism that kind of a barbarian in a suit yelling at people trying to get in their faces. If ruff ruff thinks that's going to work he should check the initials UFC...

Anonymous said...

Isn’t the important part the lie, 9:00am? I don’t know Norm but if a Unity sycophant is going to twist playing basketball into Norm crossing a picket line then why should I believe anything else they have to say about him or anyone else? Norm could be a good guy or a bad guy. I don’t know him but I’ve had enough twisting the truth to fit a false narrative to last me a lifetime. The truth of the matter should matter. Those spreading disinformation should be put in a corner and never listened to again. Enough bullshit. We all should know who we’re voting for and what their platform is. Fake news from 1968 has no place in this UFT election cycle.

ed notes online said...

I always dished it out at Unity hacks and slugs -- and don't mind retaliation when true or even half true -- but to just make shit up - and irrelevant shit.
I'd love to see examples of my half truths but go ahead and make your own shit up. You can peruse 15 years of Ed Notes' 8000 posts to find something -- probably will but not much.
The real story is this is the sign of the Unity slander attacks on oppo people -- scabs and reds etc and any dirty trick. Lamar us upset over Ruff Ruff who is proving to be a goon - James Vasquez also came out to yell at us but James has always been a decent sort of guy and I wouldn't mock him. Some Unity people are decent and some are slugs, hacks, goons, and my ultimate category - POS.
I'm sure I've done a lot of crap that could be raised since 1968 - and I have to admit my bigger transgression then was still living with mommy and daddy and not needing that $98 a week take home to make it worth crossing a picket line and getting my colleagues so pissed at me. I loved being social with the crew in school so even if I wanted to it would be crazy. I heard stories of people not talking to some who crossed the line in 1967 - and I think a lot did then too when it was about anti-union and money. Oh, and when they made veryone work Xmass vacation at double pay I went to Florida with my friend instead. Ten lashes.

Anonymous said...

Lamar owes Norm an apology.

Anonymous said...

Sue him Norm.

Anonymous said...

Unity here. Lamar should leave Norm alone. Norm has union cred regardless of if we disagree. Also, we have all the power and should be gracious to the opposition. It's unseemly to pile on. We believe we're doing a good job. If we're right, we'll win. If not, we'll win by less. Or, if we're really bad, we'll lose and deserve it.

waitingforsupport said...

@635 am. Periodt!

Anonymous said...

Regarding slander. Attacking communism is totally legit. I went to a MORE meeting years ago before it was called that. The communist jargon was right out of 1935. They weren't interested in the union. It was just a vehicle for creating some world commie utopia. A communist would lead us into a strike and risk all our gains in the service of some twisted dream. No insult is too strong in denouncing communism.

Anonymous said...

9:29. Strikes may be the last move, but they should always be a part of any real negotiations with employers, because they work. That is real leverage that gives workers a fighting chance. Look at teacher unions that have led strikes across the country these last few years.
Communists, by the way, built the unions. we are very interested in strong unions that support the members, and the greater working class. Our current political leaders have weakened our unions, and our current leadership is just an extension of those political leaders. They have crippled our power and gave us all the problems we currently face. This United slate seeks to restore power to our union and give the rank and file a voice. Vote for change!!

Anonymous said...

9:01 is why I will vote Unity. No to fucking communists! I’ll take that shithead Mike over a communist or their sympathizers. Defending communists isn’t a winning strategy. But thanks for making it clear that the new caucus promotes communists. What next ‘I’m with Biden’ tshirts? Harris2024? Are you people even trying to win?

ed notes online said...

To the anti-commie slug -- I was at every MORE meeting from the beginning through the end of 2018 and heard leftie jargon but go and name one commie thing you heard? I know - criticism of racism is commie. And talk about authoritarian control - Unity is the model for Putin.