Sunday, November 28, 2021


The NY Post has an article comparing construction costs of a NYC public school with a NJ charter school. Guess which cost way more to build?

It doesn’t take a math whiz to see these numbers don’t add up.

Two new schools in New York and Jersey City are alike in almost every way — except price.

In the Bronx, a 46,000-square-foot expansion of PS 33, which will add 388 seats, costs a reported $70 million. In Jersey City, a new 53,000-square-foot school that will serve 480 students, BelovED Charter High School, reportedly costs just $12.5 million.

The Big Apple construction bill is more than $1,500 per square foot — a price that would be too high for a “crazy-fancy private hospital,” let alone a school, one industry source told The Post.

The tab in the Garden State comes to less than $250 per square foot.

They then cite some of the causes of the higher NYC building cost. Here is the one I think most NYC teachers would find most compelling. This is after they write about higher labor costs in NYC accounting for some of the difference:

Another reason NYC prices are sky-high: corruption. A federal jury in October returned a guilty verdict against SCA contractor Navillus Construction, over embezzlement of more than $1 million from union benefits funds, according to the justice department and reports.

Keep looking reporters.


Anonymous said...

The DOE is an entire metaverse of Criminal Mismanagement.

James, Welcome to the DOE Metaverse.

Anonymous said...

Construction Contract Corruption

Food and lunch program corruption

Deep rooted Academic Fraud

Technology Contracts

Mayoral control, lack of transparency, failure to meet standards for oversite and review, fraud, corruption and cronyism on a grand scale.

This has been the legacy of Bloomberg and de Blasio.
They have achieved an entire metaverse of fraud.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that building construction or just about anything: roads, bridges, ball parks, homes in New York —is in your face grossly expensive—for decades—and nothing is done as the politicians, unions are probably the ones to blame. Corruption, kickbacks, favors etc.
I didn’t read this article, but it’s interesting that the pro-charter and anti-union NY Post with this example chose to compare costs of a NYC Public vs. NJ Charter—
Are they suggesting that Charter school construction in general is cheaper than Public school construction simply because they are Charters? Or are they suggesting that unions didn’t participate in the construction of charter projects?
—Couldn’t they have compared costs of a newly built NYC Public vs a newly built NYC Charter ? Or why not compare costs of a newly built NJ Public vs. a newly built NJ Charter?

Anonymous said...

Again, it is a gravy train.they will invent more variants, pretend to study, and say you need another shot.when will you all wake up to the sad truth?look at the police state in australia.enough of the fakery.yes there are are deaths, but they include deaths from other unrelated causes in their "data."mask up, be prudent.dont take dumb risks for now and enjoy life.more are waking up.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theorists on steroids here.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to talk about it but Bloomberg took most of the teeth out of the SCA. It was an outside city agency and he used his money to get control of it so it was under mayor control. After that, forget it.

Anonymous said...

Schools should be well built. Anyone who's worked in any of the NYC public schools- even the really old ones, knows that they were built to last forever. I subbed in a bunch- Franklin K. Lane HS- almost 100 years old and about 50% bigger than the biggest HS I've ever seen. Far Rockaway HS- when I first subbed there they still had a room or two with the old wooden desks bolted to the floor. The names may be different, but those buildings were meant to last.

Anonymous said...

James, you have an incorrect link for the NY Post article. The correct URL is:

James Eterno said...

Fixed. Sorry. I appreciate the help. We make mistakes sometimes.