Wednesday, June 02, 2021


It is approaching a year and a quarter since the UFT agreed to suspend the grievance process. While the grievance process is mostly still shut, the DOE runs fully operational offices to discipline UFTers. 

One chapter leader sent me this picture this morning and then expressed the dissatisfaction of what it is like for a union rep to fight without a grievance process.

Add this to the list of why the union sucks.

 Effin useless 

My advice:

Vote against Unity Chapter leaders and Delegates now if you have not yet voted in chapter elections.

Vote out Mulgrew-Unity in the 2022 general UFT election.


Anonymous said...

What about schools like mine that are so toxic we can't get anyone to even run for chapter leader. Our current one by default for the last 3 elections is basically an admin in teacher clothes. 3 different people have stepped up only to step down shortly after with no explanation. Even our DR and BR are useless. The only reason I stay a member to to keep trying to vote out Unity but I ave to admit it gets harder by the day.

Anonymous said...


That's it.

That's the response.

Anonymous said...

Wait, where is the uft? You know, the people you pay to fix these things.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in my school wants to be the CL. If you are a full time, in the classroom teacher, who takes their job seriously, teaching 25 periods a week or in elementary school where you teach all day, where do you have time to take care of union business?

I do think the UFT has allowed this workload on purpose inorder to have no chapter leaders, weak, uninformed chapter leaders and therefore a weak, uninformed rank and file. This is how and why Mulgrew and the other UFT officers keep their jobs.

Anonymous said...

@ first comment- are you referring to I.S. 61 in district 24? the guidance counselors have been complaining for years. ENL students have been neglected for years. Look at the data.

Anonymous said...

Grievances are the bread and butter of union work. When they defend a member, successfully, the union is a hero. When they are unsuccessful, at least they tried. If the union is not even hearing grievances, that is not a good sign. Everything else this year was zoomed- why wasn't this an option?