Saturday, June 26, 2021


This is from CNBC:

Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday that the highly permeable Delta COVID variant, first discovered in India, could pose a challenge to US schools given the low vaccination rates among children.

“I think the reality is that children are more likely to become vectors of these new forms,” ​​the former Food and Drug Administration commissioner said on “Squawk Box.”

It’s only been a little over a month since the FDA approved Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for use in children ages 12 to 15. Moderna, also the two-shot diet, asked the FDA to expand its emergency use authorization to cover teens ages 12 to 17. Pfizer’s EUA initially covers ages 16 and over, while Moderna’s covers ages 18 and over.

“Old beliefs about babies and toddlers” [not] Driving community spread was based on the original strain of this virus,” he said. “With these newer, more infectious forms, I think we’re going to see that children and schools become the focal points of the spread.”

Are the Department of Education and the UFT preparing for this? What we mostly heard from UFT President Michael Mulgrew at the June Delegate Assembly is that we have reached "herd immunity." I haven't seen that this is a general scientific consensus.

I know many here and throughout the country are beyond COVID as "so 2020" but we need to know what the parameters for reopening schools in the fall will be so schools can plan. Will there be social distancing? Will there be a mask mandate? Will there be any vaccine mandates if and when the vaccines are cleared for regular authorization?

Will remote parents, the majority in NYC, trust the DOE enough to come back to live instruction? Also, if the Delta variant or another one is spreading in the fall, it will be kids mostly impacted according to Gotlieb as children under 12 still cannot be vaccinated. (I understand that Gotlieb is on the Board of Pfizer.)

One of my worries is that if another COVID wave comes, since most are done with COVID, it could get out of control before we do anything. It could quickly become March 2020 part 2. Lack of trust in government from all sides of the political spectrum has had and could again have real-world consequences.


Anonymous said...

Uft doesn't care

Anonymous said...

Covid is over.

I respect anyone who is still afraid, but we have reached the point where it’s time to move on.

We have hit vaccine numbers.

How long can people be expected to be on lockdown for?

Time to move on and start living.

Anonymous said...

I feel the reason so many families chose remote was not bc of fear of covid, but because they simply did not fill out online forms to opt in to in person learning.

How many kids have asked to have their report cards sent to them? A ton!

I respect anyone still afraid of covid and in fear of variants, but to me, living in fear is a choice.

We have reached 70 percent vaccinations in NY state. Groceries have listed mask mandates. Schools need to do so next.

I did the masks, got tested a ton and got the vaccine. Enough is enough. Now, we live our lives. At least that is how I feel.

Anonymous said...

Disagree respectfully

Anonymous said...

Politicians played politics with COVID. It’s no surprise that now that ny politicians don’t need lockdowns for their political agenda, they’ve dropped their concern and schools will be fully operational in the fall. They never cared about safety. Why would they start now? Science has nothing to do with their decisions. It’s always about their political capital. They’re buying air purifiers and that will be the last COVID related thing they will do. Victory for UFT members! You’re all lucky to have a job and not die the first time we tried to kill you in early 2020. That’s the UFTDOE new mission statement.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, James.

I do not believe that most people, whether they are corporate employees, government officials, parents, or anyone else, either takes COVID-19 seriously enough, or possesses the mental ability, emotional maturity and psychological will with which to deal intelligently with this threat to all human life forms.

We saw this throughout the United States, and certainly here in New York City. It was likely the insistence on keeping schools open, and hence millions of people traveling on public transportation, and congregating in school buildings throughout the City, which originally spread COVID-19 in early 2020.

Many (most?) parents made it deafeningly clear that teachers are babysitters to whom they are entitled. The government, wealthy corporations, and wealthy individuals abdicated their responsibility to shift money and other resources to all who needed assistance to simply stay alive, eat, have shelter.

The UFT? For many years, it was consistently demonstrated to me: the NYC DoE pays me to too often be in harm's way and be hurt in so many different ways which make it hard to function mentally and physically. I saw too many teachers hurt so badly they lost their health, sometimes their families, and even worse. It was My Union, however, who did far worse damage to me, and to thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of teachers and other people working in schools. Every union member PAID or PAYS THEIR UNION TO HARM THEM. Think about that one: we pay to be abused, endangered.

So, "UFT doesn't care?"

How shall I put this? One lovely summer day some years ago, while I was downtown, not so far from UFT headquarters, walking past the park beside City Hall, I heard a fulminating, angry man speaking to another man and woman as they walked by me.

(When I'd asked for help with trouble in my school, a certain UFT representative whom I will not here name had advised me as to how she/the UFT would assist me: "Quit." My protest, and question to her as to why my Union, to whom I pay dues, and whose sole function is to protect and fight for teachers, was refusing to help me, she said to me, "We want you to be happy. Maybe this isn't the career for you."

Back to the yelling, belligerent man walking past City Hall Park with two of his underlings, and I am sorry I did not take out my cell phone to record him: He was screaming at them - loud and with disgust and contempt in his voice - "F**k the teachers. F**ck the teachers. Don't listen to them. It doesn't matter what they feel. Don't listen to the teachers."

He was flanked by a young man and a young woman, each of them carrying a clipboard and appearing to be intently and seriously looking at him.

Again, I will not name him, but I will add that I just happened to be sitting next to him, having dinner at a UFT function in which he was "elevated" to the UFT's highest position all of these years ago.

So, with all due respect, the UFT goes way beyond simple "not caring."

We are likely in for a resumption of the pandemic. Everyone, please be safe because the current vaccinations don't always work against the variants; "fully vaccinated" people have become ill, including requiring hospitalizations, and the variants have closed entire schools of ILL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHILDREN in another country.

Anonymous said...

Well apparently it must be okay if Cuomo and DeBlasio have given the green light for complete reopening the indoor venues such as Broadway shows come September, —but patrons must be vaccinated at least for the Stephen Colbert Show -movie theaters are already opened— all the outdoor stadiums were back to 100% for almost 2 weeks.
Have the State Motor Vehicle Offices reopened at regular capacity with full services for the public, have all workers at city agencies reopened to the public with workers returning their post for 5 days a weeks—and not from home—TRS and 65 Court Street—are they fully reopened and fully staffed? Are all the CUNY and SUNY schools back at normal capacity
As for the schools—how passive will Mulgrew be with the school reopening guidelines—at least there is mandatory vaccinations at the Moskowitz Charters for all adults.
So with plans to fully open in September—the so-called Delta Variant may have plans of its own —especially with the under 21 crowd.
The UK delayed its reopening at least a month due to troubling numbers—-other countries still have high Covid numbers—India, Brazil—the Summer Olympics still has some doubts. A college baseball forced to withdraw from College World Series due to Covid infections
So again, are the NYC public schools really prepared?
So stayed tuned—come September—because the science might be saying something else.

Anonymous said...

COVID19 is not going away so long as human beings are not vaccinated against it. That includes children under 12.

Children under 12 make up elementary school, as well as the beginnings of middle school. That also pre-supposes that a majority of middle and high school students are/ will be vaccinated. That will not happen.

Also, there is a large enough group of "educators" who refuse to get vaccinated. Yes, COVID19 has dissipated, but it is not gone and certainly will not be forgotten, yet.

Anonymous said...

Everything in life is a risk.

If you are still afraid of covid, stay home forever. Your choice.

If you choose to live, go live.

Stop watching the news and make your own choice

Anonymous said...

So am I reading right that the daily Covid positivity rate for NYC is .75% now? @NYCMayor hasn’t posted because he’s too busy acting a fool and being in denial if it is going up but the @CDCgov is reporting that #, if I’m reading right?🧐 so it’s going up? #covidrate #NYC

Anonymous said...

Worry not, Billions and Trillions will approved by the Feds again. The DOE will just fatten the central bureaucracy. They may throw us a few crumbs. Keyword May. Or they may just ask for givebacks - start paying for medical besides other things. With the new Mayor, it may be business as usual. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Aren't summer school programs supposed to hire through the summer school portal? I got an email from an administrator at Bryant, not Dwarka, that they are looking for an energetic Summer School ELA teacher and to send him my resume and cover letter explaining why I am the best candidate for this position. What the hell is this now? Every time I was offered summer school, I would just get a notification with the option to accept it or not. I wouldn't give this administrator the satisfaction of writing a kiss ass cover letter.

Anonymous said...

But the scabs are so bad. Then why all the complaints?

Anonymous said...

i and ~dozen colleagues applied for summer school. none of us has heard a thing; doe doesnt even the decency of "thanks for your application, but..." sadly, some of us were still surprised even though we know better.

Anonymous said...

From my own personal experience-
My wife and I—both in our 60’s— have been to a few joyous occasions in the New York City area since mid-May —a wedding with over 150 people and a couple of rescheduled engagement/bridal parties from last year. All of the vaccinated bridesmaids and groom ushers which numbered close to two dozen —along with the happy couple were taking photos for more than an hour. There were many group family photos.. The main reception venue was indoors with no masks, dancing, hugging, sitting at round tables of ten,, plenty of handshaking a band of 7 with 2 singers, etc. —like it was pre—pandemic—like nothing ever happened. Just a happy but strange feeling after 15 months.of all celebrations- on Zoom.
However, all the serving staff still continued to wear masks and there were a few invited youngsters that came with their masks on—-but they took them off after 10 minutes. And of course, several Purell and liquid hand dispensers were available in the lobby. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone getting sick or test positive that attended these events.
Also, I have 4 weddings coming up during the summer .—All of the invitations indicate the usual black-tie optional— but 2 of them contain a brief but clear message that ‘ invitees are expected to have their vaccinations’. Apparently, there is a more secure feelings with everyone being vaccinated. But how will they actually check or will they? No one checked at the wedding and party I attended. Guess it was the honor system.

So with big expectations for schools to reopen in September, we all want everything to return to normal with schools—but there has to be major concerns for both unvaccinated students and teachers that have not been vaccinated.for one reason or another. Are all students and staff still expected to wear masks and adhere to the other Covid protocols? How will they supervise the student cafeterias? And will the yellow buses also have mask protocols-just like the MTA mask rules.? How does Mulgrew address these issues? Last year school openings were delayed by a week or so due to certain ventilation concerns and at one point DeBlasio even suggested outdoor learning. And now I read on this blog that they are thinking of having 2 mobile air ventilators for every classroom? Are there enough of them to cover every classroom with or without windows throughout the city. If they breakdown, how long before they are repaired? Think about how many dozens of AC units in classrooms are still waiting for repair. Just have the feeling the administration will be focused on giving parents the impression that their youngsters have a safe environment and then gear their attention toward conducting teacher classroom observations.

But, there is potential disaster for students under 12 along with the unprotected adults in school buildings due to the variants that are causing world wide issues. Israel, one of the vaccinated countries in the world—has seen a spike with COVID for the under 18:years of age school population. Just hoping that as many youngsters ages 12 to 16 get vaccinated—and a vaccine is ready for the under 12 crowd by the fall. And by the way, if you want a sense of closure with Covid—it won’t happen here -until all MTA mass transit, hospitals, airlines and schools —remove that ‘MASKS REQUIRED’ sign —and the Covid events around the world that directly all of us. Remember how quickly life changed in March 2020.

We should all look forward to safely seeing our children and all our loved ones at weddings, graduations— and all the other joyous events for family and friends during the upcoming months .

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Retire if you can; if you can’t do something else, elsewhere. The DOE and UFT should collapse like that Miami building, but never will - having the bones of countless teachers reinforcing their temples of despair. I wish Mulgrew would ride off into the sunset with deBlasio and I hope Cuomo is abducted by interdimensional aliens and studied as the horny reptilian interloper he is.

Michael Gatton said...

We need a serious vaccination program. Go door-to door, go to workplaces, houses of worship, selective mandates. The alternative is most likely rolling crises, wave after wave.

Anonymous said...

You are right, 9:17. Everything in life in a risk. I heard a story about a man that overcame COVID hospitalization.. He left the hospital in such a joyful mood—and walked 100 feet along the sidewalk and fell 15 feet into an open manhole and was killed.
“Life is like a box of never what you’re going to get” “Que Sera.Sera, whatever will be, will be” Its okay to not be afraid and enjoy life,, but everyone should get vaccinated and stay informed in order to make their own wise decisions—especially when it comes to COVID.

TeachNY said...

Glad people are vaccinated if they wish, but glad that this will not be mandated. Simply cannot mandate this until more studies have proven this safe. Maybe in 7-10 years this will become a mandatory vaccine. From what I’m hearing, there is no chance the city will require it. Adams is against requiring it.

Anonymous said...

Some states have moved on from covid.

"As it turns out the initial jobless claims and continuing jobless claims are declining faster in the 10 states where the Federal unemployment benefits are expiring in the the rest of the US"

Anonymous said...

2 air filters in each classroom? What about the hallways and nonventalated stairwells?
This is like putting a 2 inch bandaid for a 10 inch cut.

Anon said...

WABC announced the results of the primary.
Adams 32%
Miley 22%
Yang 12%
Stringer 5%

Anonymous said...

A two week lockdown in Sydney, Australia and parts of Moscow have seen rising Covid 19 variant infections—in addition to a one month delay for reopening in the UK—with a good rate of vaccinations. But, full speed ahead with the reopening of NYC schools.

Anon2323 said...

More fear-mongering, lol Hydroxdy, ivermectin and zinc can help this 99.5% survival. Fauci loved hydroxy in 2005. You keep mentioning sources how about yours! Act like your sources have proved anything, mine has!

What is everyone going to do when flu season comes with your brainwashed minds? How does nobody understand that the PCR tests were manipulated and no flu deaths when normally 300,000 flu deaths a year, so where did the flu deaths move to 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐.

Love this min clip May 2020 of Fauci stating people should not be walking around with masks. Masks are dangerous and there is not science that proves otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Even though the Covid Delta variant has become a troubling in the UK—the good news has been that there has been no increase reported in hospitalizations in children under 12. In the US, let’s see if that holds true with respect to the Delta variant as summer camps are back in full swing and with the full reopening of most schools in August. and September.

James Eterno said...

Anon 2323,

I am going to respond here to the Fauci stuff, the flu deaths, and your Rudy Giuliani defense which you made on another posting.

This is from Politico, as down the middle mainstream as you can get:

"And a round of conservatives, cherry-picking individual emails out of more than 3,000, argued that Fauci, who leads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, had privately supported a theory that the virus leaked from a Chinese lab and lied about masks in an effort to amass political power. Neither was true. Fauci has said he thinks it’s more likely that the virus spread from animal to human but would not rule out a lab leak, and while he initially downplayed the need for masks, it was, he said, out of fear that medical professionals would lose access to them if the public began panic purchasing."

Fauci is a political guy and he lied about masks which many right-wing types won't wear anyway. Science is as political as other subjects. We get it. Dr Facui is not, and never was, my hero but I don't think he is the evil villain some right-wing media is portraying him as either.

On flu deaths, this is from USA

"The CDC estimates that an average of 36,000 people died of the flu each year over the past decade. The worst recent flu season was 2017-2018, when 61,000 people died from the flu. Around 22,000 people died of the flu during the shorter 2019-2020 season — the second lowest death total in the past 10 years, after the 12,000 flu deaths in the 2011-2012 season.

Even accounting for the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted a year instead of eight months, it has taken an average of 36,000 more lives per month when compared to the 2017-2018 flu season."

Over 600,000 COVID deaths in the United States. It's no flu.

James Eterno said...

On your boy Rudy Giuliani, this is from Teri Kanefield, a lawyer:

"New York law, among other things, forbids a lawyer from 'knowingly making a false statement of fact or law to a third person' in the course of representing a client (Rule 4.1) and “engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.' (Rule 8.4 (c))."

Further down:

"Because Giuliani’s behavior harms the public — and is ongoing — the court took the unusual step of issuing an interim order immediately suspending his license even though the proceedings against him are also ongoing. As the court explained: 'Interim suspension is a serious remedy, available only in situations where it is immediately necessary to protect the public from the respondent’s violation of the Rules.'

The court also explained that immediate suspension is only warranted in cases where the evidence is uncontroverted and the court doesn’t believe the bad behavior will stop. This is a strongly worded condemnation and does not bode well for any appeals. While Giuliani will have an opportunity for a post-suspension hearing, the court doesn’t seem to expect Giuliani to prevail. Specifically, the court stated that 'the underlying offense is incredibly serious, and the uncontroverted misconduct in itself will likely result in substantial permanent sanctions at the conclusion of these disciplinary proceedings.'”

Read more from the decision:

"The seriousness of respondent’s uncontroverted misconduct cannot be overstated. This country is being torn apart by continued attacks on the legitimacy of the 2020 election and of our current president, Joseph R. Biden. The hallmark of our democracy is predicated on free and fair elections. False statements intended to foment a loss of confidence in our elections and resulting loss of confidence in government generally damage the proper functioning of a free society. When those false statements are made by an attorney, it also erodes the public’s confidence in the integrity of attorneys admitted to our bar and damages the profession’s role as a crucial source of reliable information."

I keep seeing the term uncontroverted. Here is the definition of uncontroverted from the dictionary:

of which the truth or validity is not disputed or denied.

Just like Sydney Powell before him, Guiliani does not deny the charges that he has been bullshitting about the election. The defense seems to be that they have a right to bullshit.

Finally, Anon 2323, you had your say and I responded. Please let it go and let's move on. I don't have the time to do this all day.

Anonymous said...

James, here is the full decision:

Anonymous said...

Enjoy life and stop watching the news

Anonymous said...

How come you keep posting about Rudy but nothing about black crime?

Anonymous said...

This country is looking more like a communist one each people really think that an accomplished man such as guiding would knowingly, deliberately put himself on the line with lies that would have this result??my first reaction when I heard this was is cancel culture and anyone who dares to question the official narrative of the crazy left is done. This of course includes doctors who questioned the safety and necessity of the covid vaccine.their accounts are removed, licensed revoked, publicly shamed, and threatened personally.had this not been about Trump, this would not have happened.Wake up everyone. Our rights are being eroded before is a joke, etc....very sad day for guiliani and for America. Reading the news is more stressful than going to work.this great country is turning to shit every day.and do you think they would cancel a Democrat's Twitter account like they did to Trump?with all the hate speech that remains.They must all be products of the urban school system.and another thing. Why should any group of people feel ashamed of their race??toxic whiteness??the ugly history is not the same as the people today who are more don't need to hate your skin to acknowledge history.and the whole gender thing?preposterous.just live and live. Don't judge. Respect all.if a group chooses to single themselves out, they are the ones drawing attention to themselves.who people love is a private matter.we need to return to the loving 60s! This pandemic has at times brought out ugliness in people.refusing to mask indoorscwhile coughing with an open mouth?maybe the message is to stop being so selfish.but it looks we didn't heed the message.maybe in the next wave....

Anonymous said...

Socialist Democrat Jamaal Bowman recently reiterated his support for defunding the police.

Earlier this year, he had the police guard his own home for TWO WEEKS.

Anon said...

Free and fair elections decided by citizen participation. Not by illegals! Don't give me your "undocumented crap!"
Not a solitary person who has been arrested for the events of January 6 have been charged with "insurrection", which is a chargeable offense.
If you don't like my reference as "the events of", I felt nauseated when Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)described 9/11 as "some people did something "!

Anonymous said...

Lets just whitewash the fact that teachers were not paid for spring break 2020.

And of course forced unpaid labor is a type of human trafficking.

But we can use a straw man fallacy to mock this reality by saying that we might as well call it slavery and ask for reparations.

Then again, James' blog is the main clearinghouse for the punditry of like minded limousine liberals.

Anonymous said...

Anon2323 and his sources have been proven right several times already. But this time he’s wrong. Yeah that makes sense. I’ll doubt the guy outside the mainstream who’s been proven right more than the mainstream just because he’s right wing. And the opposition has the nerve to talk about anti intellectualism. Call fellow teachers all the names you want but insult Kamala Harris and this blog censors you because James doesn’t want angry emails. Unfuckingbelievable! Anon2323 has been more right than anyone else commenting here so now it’s time to move on. Had he been wrong, 50 more comments on the topic would be welcome. Check your bias, James.

James Eterno said...

Insult Kamala Harris all you like but don't use racially insulting language.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand the partisanship anymore. Biden is a puppet and the puppeteers are not doing a very good job. I really don’t think you’ll be seeing him in office past this summer. Harris is absolutely ridiculous. She received less than 1% of the vote when she was running and was picked only because of race and gender. Rudy Giuliani is bat shit crazy. Trump should’ve gone to jail, just over the Trump university thing. Those people who rushed the capital should be arrested and the public officials that facilitated it by not sending in the troops immediately. Then we have de Blasio, Cuomo, Schumer and Pelosi. If I mention anyone of these horror shows to most of my friends they will start attacking me on the other ones I mentioned, as if I must be supporting them. It seems like no one can think for themselves. Therein lies the problem. It is laziness on an extreme level. Teachers are the most abject examples BTW. Mulgrew and the UFT will remain exactly the same and progressively worse because of it.

waitingforsupport said...

Anon2323 is quite comfortable using "racially insulting" language and then toss out liberal blah blah blah cancel culture when they get pushback. Well what's good for the goose is you know the rest. If Anon2323's "racially insulting" is posted, im going in on the holocaust. See how they feel about that!!!

Not will to die yet said...

People keep saying that working Spring break compares to human trafficking...
We were safe in ours homes. Do you realize how stupid you all sound?
It sucks that we worked without pay. It sucks that Mulgrew agreed to it.
It’s sucks that the ERI was not implemented.
But face this fact : Spring break without pay is not the same as human trafficking.
Please !!!!

waitingforsupport said...

Some people are NOW saying the mainstream media is fake but they are the same people who site mainstream media data when it benefits their point of view. It took Trump to open their eyes. I guess these people were sleeping for over 100 years because I know some other folks who questioned the media and government's tactics--many many moons ago. They know all about cancel culture before it was even called cancel culture. Now these folks are just sitting and sipping and watching the newly arrived "woke people" lose their shit and fight to adjust to what has always been in America. Malcolm X said it best, "the chickens always come home to roost". This confusion and division in the USA is a long time in the making. Conspiracy theories about this and that. Us vs them. Yep. The show has left off Broadway and has now hit Broadway. No justice. No peace.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you 9:39- Human trafficking applies to what occurs every AM and PM rush hour—especially on the Cross Bronx Expressway approaching the George Washington Bridge..

Anonymous said...

SO the dems plan is to give more welfare and say that is lifting people out of poverty?

Anonymous said...

I used to have friends with the SVU unit in the Bronx. Human trafficking goes on all over this city. Those hourly motels have young girls and boys, mostly from Mexico, Central America and parts of Asia held against their wills giving blow jobs around the clock. That’s not comparable to sitting in traffic or not getting paid for Easter break.

waitingforsupport said...

I don't give a damn about a dem or rep. If welfare is needed. Take it. Why not. If the government helped to create the shit, why shouldn't they pay to fix their muck up. I want welfare too. Someone on this blog wont let go of $$$ owed to them for working ONE week during spring break. ONE week. It's thier right to want to get their money. Keep fighting for it whoever you are because I'm going to keep fighting for the money my relatives are owed from the govt. Anyone has a problem with it. Ask me if i care? No justice no peace

Anonymous said...

Didn't we get the 4 sick days added to our bank for the compensation for Spring Break? Wouldn't we have to give them back to get the money? And if you think about it, we did work for free since you only get one day for every two when you leave the system. Also, for people who already had 200 days bank, the days were useless, so they got nothing too.

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally exposed yourself as an antisemite, Waiting. Btw. I’m not a Jew. Maybe I’m an antisemite too. Your thoughts on the Holocaust, please? I’d maybe love to hear it. Ya know if maybe I’m an antisemite. Because that’s what you meant, right? “Going in on the Holocaust” means saying something nasty about Jews, right? You used it as a threat so what else could it be. That one slip by you, James? No one here wants James to print racial slurs akin to the n-word about Harris or anyone else. But retaliatory Holocaust talk….well we’ve got at least one chomping at the bit to do that.

Anonymous said...

Human trafficking includes all forced unpaid labor. Not just commercials sex acts. For example, forced labor with very low wages in a garment sweat shop falls under the rubric of human trafficking.

The unpaid work during last years spring break was forced and unpaid.

It falls within the spectrum of human trafficking, unless you are too precious to accept the
facts. Not paying teachers for extra work is criminal mismanagement.

waitingforsupport said...

@4:17pm...Why are you name calling? Your ASSuming that your interpretation of what I said is correct and hence came up with the wrong description of me. You wouldn't do well in law school or reading comprehension 101.
"Going in on the holocaust" in no way means I am or am not going to say something "nasty" about Jews. You took a gigantic leap. Our thought processing is different. Let's leave it with this: I haven't read the "racist " comments made by Anon2323. If I do then I will be going in. That goes for any comments that are racist. Don't start nothing--wont be nothing. Byeee

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

Let’s keep arguing about reparations and transgender rights and confederate statues. You think the Chinese are wasting time and energy with crap like that. No, they’re too busy sending us deadly viruses and then selling us the PPE to deal with it. In short, kicking our asses in the real world while we count the angels on pinheads

Anonymous said...

Delta variant has infected a vaccinated person upstate.

Please be careful everyone.

Anon2323 said...

@JAMES see what you did? Censored my post and then expose me for a racial comment where nutty and uppity where@waitingforlifesupport was jumping at the bit to threaten and "go in" on the holocaust where in the past she has used racist undertones slinging Nazi and Trump, like she has that right.

@4:17 exactly!!!!! You clearly have issues @waiting so please elaborate like you always do. How exactly you would go in on my murdering 13 million people, 6 million jews?? You do not see me asking for reparations for what the nazis stole from my family. Harris is a disgrace 1% popularity and clearly incompetent makes sense she would be your idol.

@5:49 true human trafficking is kids being beaten and raped and sold for sex. So sorry you had forced labour for few BS days, amazing you still talk about spring break when been 12 years for us getting retro.

Anonymous said...

Was the matter of not paying teachers for extra work ever appealed to the Commissioner of Education?

Anon2323 said...

@Waiting I can agree with you on Malcolm X. James you should heed this quote as well.

"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses. The press is so powerful in its image-making role. It can make the criminal look like he's the victim and make the victim look like he's the criminal. If you aren't careful the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing."

Basically all liberal media and liberal tech. Malcolm X would have been petrified of today's society IMO.

Anonymous said...


Time to move on from covid and scare tactics.

Go out and live!

Anonymous said...

@6:44PM - Vaccinated people are not in the clear with mew variants. This will be an ongoing issue. Wear your masks, wash hands, keep distance.

James Eterno said...

Anon 2323, I asked you to restructure the comment so it would meet with our very minimal standards. I think you made an honest mistake. Please get in touch so we can redo it.

waitingforsupport said... should thank James for not posting your comment. If it were posted, you would read what i have to say. So that's that. If I'm nutty then so be it. I will be your nutty "uppity" commenter. You love posting about how right you are and your cousins in the peanut gallery cheer you on. Who the hell asked you about what you're asking for? If a government f"cks over people, they should fix their f*ck up. Jan 6 rioters stormed the govt because they THINK the govt stole the election. You THINK the election was stolen and are foaming like a rabid dog. But I can't be upset about what is a PROVEN fact: The Govt used, abused and murdered people in my family and you want to shut down my voice? You must be smoking something strong. When you want to stick to a topic and leave race out then do it. If you and your cousins need to feel better about yourselves by bringing up race then it will go down. Periodt.
Signed Mise Uppity.
PS Nobody mentioned your ARCE murdering anyone.

waitingforsupport said...

@Anon2323: "racist undertones slinging Nazi and Trump, like she has the right". Like i have the right. Hah. You throw out racist undertones quite often. You can dish it but just as i thought, you cry when it's tossed back onto you".

waitingforsupport said...

@Anon2323... you don't have the authority to decide how i deal with what has happened to my family.

Anonymous said...


Your choice is to live in fear of variants. I respect that choice. My choice is to live. Everything in life is a risk. I would just rather live my life than listen to fear mongering in variants. How long am I supposed to live in fear?

Anonymous said...

@wfs can you share details about how the "Govt used, abused and murdered people in my family"? that sounds like something people need to hear.

waitingforsupport said...

My choice of words have lead to your and 4:17pm interpreting them differently from my intent. Your conclusion may be right to YOU, but it's NOT the conclusion that I wish to leave hanging in the wind. While I'm not apologizing for what i said about going in, I will apologize for not being more clear. You say "liberals/progressives" swing the cancel culture axe around if they don't like something. Let's see if you do the same here by refusing to accept my honest response.
To @4:17 pm who called me an antisemite and took glee. I believe an antisemite doesn't believe the holocaust happened. They don't like anything Jewish. Im not shy about my feelings towards anything or anyone. 6 million jewish people were murdered by evil. I would never deny this event. It's disrespectful not only to the ancestors who are alive today but it's disrespectful to the victims. Go back and ask someone to help you understand my statement. Ask point out the antisemitic part.
Finally, my ancestors too will not be disrespected anon2323.
To Anon2323: You need to taste the words that fly out of your mouth. If you like to go low, i will go low with you. I love All humans who are kind and peaceful. I believe in human beings and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color. Malcolm x

Anonymous said...

I’m 4:17. What exactly does a threat to go in on the Holocaust mean then? It doesn’t sound like it means the Nazis were evil and murdered millions, including 6 million Jews. It reads like antisemitism/Holocaust denial to me because there really is no other way to interpret that statement in the context in which it was written. If anyone has another plausible interpretation, enlighten us. I maintain the answer to bad speech is more speech. It’s not my blog but if it was, I’d let Waiting and Anon2323 explore this using any words they want so that when it’s over, the readers can decide who is racist or anti Semitic ( if anyone), or full of shit or someone to be listened to. The more we hear from someone the better we’re able to see if their arguments have merit and what their character is. I know this topic is not the purpose of this blog. But James you tend to give Waiting the moral high ground and the Holocaust comment is on shaky moral ground. Also, Why the fuck is “uppity” racist. In high school I heard one white girl tell another white girl “I’ll smack your nose down, you uppity bitch.” Seriously. Does anyone think Anon2323 thinks black people ‘don’t know their place’ and that’s why he used uppity? Come on…. that just doesn’t fly. Had Anon interviewed people for a job and refused to hire all the black candidates and said they were “uppity” then the context changes and Anon is now a racist. But insulting a sanctimonious politician by using uppity is not racist. Hold onto your feelings all you want Waiting. But feelings aren’t facts and I’ve seen no evidence that Anon2323 is or leans racist. That’s how I see it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Unless the guy you reported to google made a threat of some kind, reporting him is fucked up. I don’t care what he said. If he didn’t threaten violence, he’s allowed to say what he wants. You can simply not publish if it’s offensive. Fuck the google mind control police! They can all suck it. And their mamas are white/black/Hispanic/Asian/Persian/Native American whores. So there! Report me if you like.

waitingforsupport said...'re entitled to your opinion as am I. You think james gives me a pass? All the racist ahem comments that are posted on this blog says differently. Let's say he is on "my side" people pick sides all the time. Aren't you in essence picking a side by agreeing with Anon2323. Try looking up the word uppity and it's usage against black folk. Many uppity blacks were hung from treess. A town full of black folks was burn to the ground. They were deemed uppity. That's the fuck why. I'm down to answer any question put forth by Anon2323 if james allows. I too will ask Anon2323 a question. In your mind just because YOU don't find the word uppity, racist makes it okay to use. Never mind anyone else's opinion.
Finally the whole go in on the holocaust was in response to an alleged racist comment Anon2323 made but you let that slide and went straight to antisemitism. Anon2323 has a fast mouth. Slick comments but cries when punched back.
PS. I won't hold onto my feelings. I will do what the fuck i want with them. See ya

Anonymous said...

Someone with at least on Masters degree and a government pension thinks they’re owed something because their great granddaddy was wronged is laughable.
When someone loses their job or a working spouse dies leaving kids behind or they’re elderly and on the verge of eating cat food, they can have some of my tax dollars. If they’ve never worked or rarely worked and just keep popping out kids they can’t afford they deserve nada.
8:22 agree with you except Trump jail. I would agree if he actually got charged with a crime and I got to see the evidence. And Rudy may be batshit but I don’t like the idea of fucking with people’s lawyers even if the client is a bad person.
No justice no peace means no peace because there’s no fucking way we’ll agree on what justice us. Fine by me. Bring on the purge for all I care. Not backing down on my definition of justice and looks like neither is the other side.

waitingforsupport said...

@1102am... laugh on baby. You and your cousins mean nothing to mean. The govt fucked it up, the govt cleans it up. Terrorists stormed the capital because they believe their vote was stolen. You and your cousins talk out your arce. Puhlese. No justice. No peace. You know it!
"On masters" ????

Anon2323 said...

My wife is black so I think that solves any of the racist undertones from my end real quick. At end of day @waiting blacks and jews have been oppressed since the beginning of time even before the jews were slaves in Egypt and still barely have a place to call their own.

I can be fair and give the benefit of the doubt, do not tell me how you phrased it makes anyone seem like this was you about to go IN on Holocaust. When coming at me with facts it's one thing, you downplay cancel culture it is a left thing!! Gina Carano from Mandalorian was cancelled, stop it! Roseann Barr, Tim Allen, where are the lefts being cancelled.

James, you defended me once when Johnathan came sideways at me, maybe you did on the side with waiting but you should have said something to waiting or been curious as to what that holocaust point meant. If you are sooooo worried about a comment I made about Harris.

Unless Waiting wants to add on lets move on, just wait for support come august when the Maricopa exposes all the fraud and you will need a therapist or two for your mental support and you too James.

Anonymous said...

I know the history. It’s 2021. Uppity is an acceptable word for anyone who thinks they are better than everyone else or thinks they are in the know among people they deem ignorant. That fits Harris. I’m not going to NOT use the word because racists also used it. Uppity is not the most accurate description of Harris in my opinion. Sanctimonious phony cunt are the words I use. I took Anon2323’s side because there is zero evidence he was racist in his comments. None of us actually know what Anon2323 said. But for arguments sake let’s say he called her the n-word. What can one possibly say about the Holocaust as a counter to that? You were going down the antisemitic road and you know it. You felt he offended a black woman and you were going to retaliate with Holocaust talk. What were ya going to say if not something that would offend Jews? You can’t weasel away from logic. If some black guy insults a white guy with a racial slur I’m not threatening to go in on Tulsa or slavery or HBCUs unless I got something offensive to go in with and having that something would make me a racist. There is no other plausible meaning for what you said. Period. I honestly don’t care who calls who what names. We are all free to hate whom we want for whatever reason we want. We’re not allowed to act on that hate by committing a crime but we can all be racist/anti-Semitic/ homophobic etc if we want to. Freedom’s not always pretty.

David Suker said...

Uppity is not racist. My opinion. Lots of uppity teachers in our ranks by the way!

Anonymous said...

If blacks and Jews were both oppressed, why does only 1 lag?

waitingforsupport said...

@Anon2323 your having a black wife ISNT a pass for you to say what i think are racist or questionable comments. It amazes me when people assume that it does. If my uncle is Jewish, will you then think differently about my phrase? Nope. With all due respect you are being presumptuous about what I was going to say during my going in. However if you want to ride the presumption train--so be it. Now
I absolutely agreee with your point about black and jews. Now if you're alleged racist comment was posted (glad it wasn't) my going in on the holocaust would have been a real deep dive which i hoped would have woke you the f^ck up. You say some stuff (subtle as you might think you are) about people of color. By the time i went in and on about the holocaust, you and everyone else would have hopefully seen how the journey of these particular people (african and jewish) isn't that different. You either would have been awoken or you would have been angrier. I don't know. So Let's move on.

Cancel culture ain't a dem thang. It's not a new thing and my statement is not downplaying it. People of color have experienced being canceled so much by the main stream media so often that we created our own outlets: BET. Bet awards. Amsterdamn news. El Mundo. Chnese stations. You're saying the mainstream media is left leaning? Ha. That's not new to me. I can go on and on. I just think you misread my statement about cancel culture. Glad we had this discussion. I just didn't want you to feel that Waiting was some psycho nonbeliever about the holocaust and jewish Brothers and sister. This is one of the few times I've ever decided to state what I'm not. I usually don't give a shit. However, for my jewish brothers and sisters and maybe uncle(wink)--i got your back. It's not for you. It's for them. Moving forward I'm going to continue to come at you when you say slick stuff.

Uppity. Your dismissiveness of my definition is offensive. Instead of learning your looking pass me. This is why ALL American history needs to be taught to all students. Im not talking about creative race theory. Im saying if an event is discussed in history books, the entire event--good and bad-- must be told. Someone heard it slung at a white person and then simply decided that my feelings mattered less than. This is an example of what black folks experience often. My demand for what is rightfully mine is seen by SOME white folks as my somehow taking from them. It ain't about you. It's about me and mine. Truth be told many white folks are in the same boat as people of color. But that's a story for another day. So here's a little FACT:
Uppity is an epithet used by white people in the jim crow era to describe black people they believed wasn't showing them enough deference. Many black men and women were lynched by white mobs for "seeming" too uppity. It was and remains an insulting way to describe a black person because it suggests that they are "demonstrating a sense of dignity or autonomy they are not supposed to possess. (Krystal Smalls. Assistant prof of Anthropology and linguistics @ Univ.of Illinois Urbana). The word was tossed at the Obamas often. (Glenn Beck. Rush Limbaugh)Look it up for yourself. You said to come at you with facts? There ya go.
Now Anon2323, is this what i need to do? Do i need to show deference to you? Do i not know my place?

Word to the simple: when you go in on a topic means you go in. I.e a deep dive into the topic. Too many of the folks on this site think the worse. That's probably why it was so appealing to believe I was an antisemite. It's a symptom.

As far as August and Maricopa and all else doom and gloom. Maybe i will need a therapist. Maybe i won't. I stay ready so i don't need to get ready. I'm just surprised at how long it took for folks to arrive to the party. Peace out.

waitingforsupport said...

@1:41pm...the mind reader who fails all the time. Where's your blog so i can really go in on you. Ha Ha Ha Ha. You give a pass to the "N word" tosser? Why that's mighty... never mind. Lol. Keep trying to figure out what i meant. You have 8 weeks to do so before you return to your career. Good luck friend.

Anonymous said...

A warning to do a deep dive into the Holocaust as a response to being offended by an alleged racial slur against a black woman means….. nothing? You’re busted and you know it, antisemite.

Anonymous said...

Anon2323 Fun fact: Comedian Bill Burr was accused in a tweet of being racist. Someone informed the tweeter Bill is married to a black woman. Another tweeter decided to write that many racists marry black woman to have sex slaves. Of course this idiot got a lot of flack but the best response was from Bill Burr’s actual wife - “ Shut the fuck up, bitch”. What else is there left to say to these lunatics other than that?

waitingforsupport said...

@607 am.
Shut the f^ck up Beatch. 8 weeks and back to getting your arce handed to you. Byeeee

Anonymous said...

The only ones getting their ass handed to them are fools and warriors who don’t know how to play the game. Babysit, pass, repeat. Collect pay. Get to pension. Pretty easy if you know how to play their game better than they do.

Anonymous said...

@1:41: what an incredibly disgusting post. Go right ahead and use the word uppity. Anyone using the C word to describe a woman already has their head far down in the sewer anyway and needs their filthy mouth washed out.

@ 11:53 Anon2323 - who on the left is cancelled?? Did you really ask that? Wasn't Colin Kaepernick cancelled? Didn't racists want to cancel the use of the BLM slogan altogether, along with the leaders of that movement? They desperately try to cancel Cardi B. Just because they didn't succeed with some doesn't mean they haven't tried. "my wife is black" does not cancel out any racist undertones. That's the argument the racist wacko cop Justin Volpe tried to use but it didn't work, although in his case it was a girlfriend.

@Waitingforsupport, yeah we know who gets treated with kid gloves around here, but nobody who supports the incompetent Trump has any standing to call Kamala Harris incompetent. That's just laughable.