Wednesday, June 16, 2021


I'm on the call on time today so will attempt to give a full report.

President Michael Mulgrew began the meeting with his President's Report:

President welcomes Delegates to June DA. Can't believe we made it to the last DA of the COVID school year. Yesterday, NYS announced we reached herd immunity. Pandemic is in a much better place than it was. Thanks the Delegates. Testament to all of the hard work. We have finally reached the 70% vaccinated number. Review of this year. Training Building Response Team folks who then went in. When we had to make a change, you were there to handle it. BRTs out front. We were anxious, but okay. Then, it became, test and trace and positivity rate. The positivity rate went up. State and city had two numbers. Schools closed and then opened up again. Thousands of operational complaints which led to so many UFT members getting compensated. Finally, we watched positivity rate come down and come down more. Our doctors told us we should look at opening schools again. Remote learning messed up and then what was done with the craziness of everything. We did everything in our power to keep our school system open. We were attacked from both sides: parents wanted it completely open and parents who wanted schools completely closed. At times, there was nothing we could do. Parents passionate. Had our first full in-person event since the pandemic, 5K run and walk. Zooms so we could teach kids or going back and forth to school each day with the PPE's. We need to celebrate what we have done. Hopefully, virus will be done by the end of the summer. Have to wait for what CDC says. We have reached herd immunity. Thanks all for what union leaders have done. 

National level

It's all about the infrastructure bill. Trying to be bipartisan but some Democrats willing to do it on their own. Infrastructure bill helps  our economy. Economists saying economy will crash if stimulus money doesn't work. For us, ventilation has to be retrofitted or we have to build new green schools. Martin Luther King campus needed work done to open. We saw that existing ventilation can be upgraded to MIRV 13 system. We can take out ultra-violet lighting to put in wellness lighting. They changed lighting fixtures and flooring. We will push really hard with the federal government to make school building upgrades part of the infrastructure bill. NYC has a model building (Katherine Grim School) that produces more energy than it uses. Working with construction unions on infrastructure.

State level

Albany was going to do the "big ugly" where Assembly, Senate and Governor put what they want into several bills. It didn't happen. Instead, individual bills passed. Automatic enrollment of paras in pension system passed both houses and goes now to the governor. City wanted to drop 7% assumption rate. City gets money back if they get over 7% return but makes it up if they get less than 7%. Chickens have come home to roost on special ed. 

APPR. School districts do not have to do APPR but can do it. City plugging in MOSLs. People were not working under conditions they were hired under. Breathe deep and relax. If the city tries to use it, we will deal with it. SED guidance is out. 

We believe Assembly is done for this session. We think the Senate will come back but bills won't deal with us.

New York City

Ticker tape parade for essential workers including us. Happy it is being done and we are part of it. No details yet. We will have float, bands and have a great time. 

City budget not even close to being done but will get moving after primary day.

We are involved in over 50 races in NYC primaries. Candidates thanking us. Nobody knows what to make of ranked-choice voting. We will learn when we get results. We'll make sure we have a structure in place with our friends who get elected to move forward. News not good for our candidate in the mayor's race. All candidates have a plan to move money from bureaucracy to the schools. We will deal with any issues with whoever is elected.

DOE projecting 6,000 new hires. The city rejected Early Retirement Incentive because they wanted to hire people and not get rid of any. Focus on class size. We have a big challenge in September. Many  schools are overcrowded. Many others are not. If children need more time one-on-one with teachers, the only way to do it is to lower class sizes. Parents are with us on this and dismantling the bureaucracy. CFE is fully funded. We are going to create the leverage to lower class sizes. Teacher's Choice should be back. Last year, mayor had a temper tantrum because we fought and won to close the schools and he didn't like it. Dial a teacher and other programs should be in city budget too.

Summer school has a large uptick in numbers of how many will be enrolled. Safety stuff is still in place. If you applied, you should get a job. Not sure about Big Apple Games. SBO season is open. We are going to try to extend it. 30-minute block at the beginning of the day is a big one. Four days of regular time and the kids leaving early one day is also popular for meeting. Teachers gravitating toward meeting. Contract runs out in November and we need to talk about this. Not a lot of 6 hour and 50-minute straight instruction SBOs. Programming follows. We want it done now. Get the initial rough programming together before you leave in June. It might change but we want less worry over the summer. 

Special Education

DOE is under a corrective action plan from the state because the federal government ordered this. The amount of time we spend over special education compliance is insane. This goes back to Joel Klein and Michael Bloomberg who gave schools a pile of money and told principals to spend it as they like. Same issue every year. We confirm violations. Principals say there's no violation. We show documentation and DOE finally admits violation and principals say they have no money to supply the services for the kids. IEPs changed. DOE says it's not our fault that the principal spent the money. We fight back that this is improper. In Albany, there are a bunch of bills to give independent powers to do certain things. US Department of Justice is involved. NYC worse under corrective action plan. UFT fears that the DOE will blame principals. Principals will say it isn't their fault. Hopefully, CSA will be with us. Bloomberg and Klein didn't care about lawsuits. Big deal coming on special ed. Your advocacy from the schools got us to the point where this will finally be addressed. Children need proper services and proper placements.

UFT business

Healthcare report: Retiree health plan being done through the MLC. Medicare Advantage Group plan proposed. Mediator involved has not made a decision on what the better plan is. Still up to the MLC to decide. We have a very large group. We have a retiree healthcare committee. All of our healthcare negotiations go through the MLC (Municipal Labor Committee). If ever the UFT was forced to say we could not go through the MLC on healthcare, we would be out on our own and that would probably cost our members a lot of money immediately. We get a better deal by going through the MLC. We use savings back in the healthcare stabilization fund. We did two rounds of bargaining with changes. Significant increase in senior-care program. Costs accelerating greatly. We need intervention from the federal government. If we didn't go through the MLC, we wouldn't get the rates we have. We abide by what the MLC votes. There would be a significant cost increase if the UFT went at it alone on healthcare.


The temporary agreement is sunsetting on June 30. There is a side agreement for the summer. Regular Contract is open July 1 with full arbitration. The first arbitration Grievance Department will file is for appropriate compensation for working last year's spring break. We filed for impact bargaining on people being forced to set up digital classrooms. Sunsetting temporary resolution on how we run Delegate Assemblies. Many people worked on this. We are trying to take what worked with this and try to improve it. We tinker, we move to try to make it better. It's just like tinkering with lessons. What the group came up with will be the first resolution we do. It will set up the first DA in October. We are at a place where we can do in-person and remote. People have been showing up in record numbers for these remote DAs. We want people to have a remote option but we need the camaraderie of people being in-person. Remote has to be secure. We have many enemies. There are people who can't come in because of far-off travel, illness or other things. There has to be a secure system. We think we have that worked out. Working on second-floor wi-fi upgrade. We will follow the traditional rules of DA for people in-person. People can listen, ask questions, and speak in debates remotely. Middle of November our Contract expires (it expires in September 2022). We need a negotiating committee. Every chapter has to have representation. We will go through training and we will discuss things and make demands for every chapter (title). We need a resolution. Staff folks will work with each chapter. Love the way the last contract worked out as we got many things done for different chapters (titles). We need a digital committee.

We wish we didn't lose so many members in the pandemic but we did. We need to take next year to celebrate our work, those who support us and our loved ones.

Staff Director's Report

Clean and green coalition. Go to to sign petition to get this done. Panel discussion on Juneteenth. Vote in primary on June 22 or before. Have a great summer.

Question Period

 Question: Google classroom for next year?

Mulgrew Answer: That is why we filed for impact bargaining. DOE says they have the right to do it. We had an agreement on remote learning. We have an agreement on an asynchronous day on election day. We are hoping to get compensation for this.

Question: Parent-teacher conferences, how many conferences if you have 6 hour-50 minute SBO?

Answer from Debbie Poulos: If you go to 6-50, it is only two conferences. Stay default, it is still four. Mulgrew adds all are remote.

Question: Untenured teachers who were excessed and now have been extended, what can be done?

Answer: We will talk to this chancellor about it. We will hopefully get to a common-sense approach on this. We could try to work with the next mayor. We can rectify some but not all. Superintendents grant tenure. 

Question: Will the ratings be used?

Answer: If ratings were done before we reached an agreement, no. If after we reached an agreement, yes. If principals tried to use observations from before we reached an agreement, we said no.

Question: When will we have SBO votes?

Answer: Chapter Leader can do this now through Election Buddy now. Debbie Poulos can assist you. D75 should be able to do certain SBOs.

Question: What will instruction look like next year?

Answer: Mayor telling DOE it's business as usual. Majority coming back for the first time in a long time. It won't be business as usual. We have to analyze where children are at and then differentiating instruction. We will push DOE to put out plans as opposed to letting schools figure it out on their own individually. This is why we are advocating for the dismantling of the DOE. It won't be business as usual and we know that.

Question: Early Retirement Incentive, what happened?

Answer: ERI had to be done by May 31. City wants to increase, not decrease, headcount. They think they will need more people for next year. No ERI.

Question: Thanks Mulgrew, grievance process open July1, but is it fully open? Will we be waiting until September?

Answer: Grievance Department will be putting out guidance on this. Summer school placements and reorganizations will be done through operational issues. David Campbell will have more and we will get it out on Chapter Leader Update. Traditional grievances probably in September.

Question: Gatekeepers for retiree  medical procedures?

Answer: Advantage care in individual and groups. You are talking about individual programs. Need gatekeepers for individual programs. Group programs not like that. All the things the questioner is talking about don't exist. Group of over 200,000 people can manage what they can do. People are using this as an internal political issue. We are using our buying power to have the second or third largest group in the country which will work with a provider but we will be part of the managing of this. I hope this clarifies more. Waiting to see what the mediator decides. There is a long way to go in this process. We are trying to keep our Senior Care program to stay free. 

Question: Thanks Mulgrew, questions on Chapter 683 Chapter 683, 

Those who choose not to work and have retention rights would not lose retention rights if they didn't work this summer. If they were not in person on the first day, would there be a problem working the rest of the program?

 Another person accepted the program, but something came up, what happens to their retention rights?

Answer: Both of those people need to contact Michael Sill tomorrow and we will deal with it.

Question: Thanks Mulgrew, when will we know if we are getting additional guidance counselors and lower class sizes in the fall?

Answer: Pay attention to city budget. We need social workers and guidance counselors. There is a proposal in front of the City Council. We have another proposal on class sizes. We might get some real satisfaction on this but this will be a real fight. Courts have ruled against us but we only got lower class sizes by taking less of a raise in the past.

Question: Please don't apologize for speaking for a long time. Thank you, how can we get ready because of all of those needs for the fall? We don't even know about social distancing.

Answer: We will try to meet with DOE throughout the summer. DOE wants to test for learning loss but need a baseline. Not a lot of faith. We will meet with first deputy mayor. We want materials tools and a program. We have to be flexible for situations nobody thought of. Get the school system responsive to the needs of the school. We don't know about the social distancing yet. Some summer schools are really overcrowded. Trying to get answers.

Question: Hybrid DA by phone or Zoom?

Answer: Telephone right now.

Question: Green roofs as well as solar panels?

Answer: Green roofs are on the agenda. My generation has screwed the environment. The kids are going to fix it.

Motion Period:

First resolution to move up another one is moot because there is nothing to move up.

Motion 2: Peter Lamphere a little upset. He appreciates Mulgrew making sure things are done in the order that they are sent in by email.  Withdrawing resolution number 2 because something on hybrid DAs is on the agenda.

Motion 3: Move resolution condemning hate crimes against Asians to the top of the agenda. This is for this month so requires a 2/3 vote.

79% Vote Yes to move it up and 21% vote No

(Daniel Alicea cut off before the next motion that he was supposed to speak on.)

Motion 4: Resolution for this month from Clara Barton CL: Retirees Medicare Advantage is for-profit companies. Over time benefits erode. For example, many doctors don't take GHI any longer. Want transparency in the process. 

Mulgrew: Last resolved might be a problem with the MLC. UFT does not have the right to stop the process with MLC. We have no right to stop it. The motion is therefore out of order. This last resolved would bind us where it is not possible. Process is basically stalled at this point. We will do side-by-side comparisons. We are working with for profit groups for in-service members. 

CL says for profit healthcare is a problem. 

Mulgrew: It might not be a traditional Medicare Advantage provider.

The last resolved clause Mulgrew objected to:

RESOLVED, that the UFT leadership requests that a moratorium be placed on the final decision regarding this proposed change to Medicare Part B until such time that the membership is informed of all the details involved with this change, a full discussion has occurred and the membership has been able to give input into the decision.

(Daniel Alicea informs us he was on the call at all times and was dropped by the screener. He is quite livid right now for not being able to present this resolution as it was stated by the screener that he was off the call.)

Special Orders of Business

Motion 1 on stopping hate crimes against Asian Americans.

93% vote Yes and 7% NO on ending debate. ?The motion is not voted on but I gather the motion to end debate will be it.)

Leroy Barr asks for motion to extend to do the resolution on how to run the DA for next school year.

85% vote YES and 15% vote NO.

Leroy Barr presents resolution on hybrid DA. We are working on glitches and we have fixed them. The process is 100 times better than when we started. Doubled Delegate participation during the pandemic. For 60 years, people had to be live to participate. Remote people will have ability to vote. Many worked on this hybrid model for next year.

D2 person supports hybrid DA. 

Another CL speaks strongly in favor of the resolution because she likes having the choice to get important information and can vote. Hard to get from Staten Island to DA. 

Speaker against says standing together in person has been lost. We have to stand together in solidarity.

 CL says hybrid is a good way to start as we move out of pandemic. People who want to speak can show up in person.

Mulgrew calls the question himself and the vote takes place:

While awaiting results, Mulgrew tells all to relax over the summer.

92% YES 8% NO

Mulgrew says to enjoy summer and thank you for helping Mulgrew get through pandemic.


Jonathan said...

"Question: Gatekeepers for retiree procedures?

Answer: Advantage care in individual and groups. You are talking about individual programs. Need gatekeepers for individual programs. Group programs not like that. All the things the questioner is talking about don't exist. Group of over 200,000 people can manage what they can do. People are using this as an internal political issue. We are using our buying power to have the second or third largest group in the country which will work with a provider but we will be part of the managing of this. I hope this clarifies more. Waiting to see what the mediator decides. There is a long way to go in this process. We are trying to keep our seniorcare program to stay free. "

What is missing from this description is how loud Mulgrew got, as if he were angry at the question.

Anonymous said...

The UFT needs to DO A COUNT OF EVERY SCHOOL IN THE CITY THAT REFUSED SBO choices of staff. Our principal shot down our SBO for teachers to start early and have kids leave at 2:20pm. I have personally heard numerous other schools are in the same boat. Why can't the UFT do a poll of all chapter leaders to see how many schools citywide had their SBO's shot down by principals? This is the one chance where the DOE is actually throwing us a bone and principals are refusing to allow early start times. (I know principals are allowed to shoot down SBO's but let's see exactly how many are actually doing it) Moral is going to be in the toilet next year and principals shooting down SBO choices is just cruel.

waitingforsupport said...

He got loud because he knows, that we know, that he's full of shiny sheep. The Medicare swap out is a done deal. Today's workers are tomorrows retirees. Vote him afuera.

Anonymous said...

Every retiree should once again be alerted to Mulgrew’s response with respect to the Medicare shift to Medicare Advantage and all the uncertainties of privatization. Since Mulgrew claims he is powerless in the MLC bargaining—so there’s something retirees can do by June 22 —send a message to the Unity Party and make them powerless by voting for a change.

Anonymous said...

CDC now calls coronavirus Delta variant a 'variant of concern'

H/t @PPEtoheros (who you should follow)

The WHO did it May 10.

Mulgrew said we've achieved herd immunity. What an ass.

Anonymous said...

The contract being up in November confused me since the contract ends September 2022. I can understand creating contract negotiation groups, but we have a year plus of no raises. Am I missing something?

Bennett Fischer said...

The last RESOLVED in the healthcare reso simply "requests" that UFT leadership asks the MLC for a moratorium. It does not call for Mulgrew to make a demand that is beyond his power to make. It is not out of order.

RESOLVED, that the UFT leadership requests that a moratorium be placed on the final decision regarding this proposed change to Medicare Part B until such time that the membership is informed of all the details involved with this change, a full discussion has occurred and the membership has been able to give input into the decision.

Anonymous said...


Covid is over. Stop watching the news and start living.

Anonymous said...

958. Msm proven wrong on so many things about COVID. They’re even revising headlines about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. (Example Yahoo News)Why do you still rely on them to be informed? Those of us called tin hat wearers have been right all along because we stopped watching msm and got our info elsewhere. CNN executive admitted they use fear to hook viewers in. Honestly. How is anyone still fooled by these propagandists?

Anonymous said...

Here’s what Covid did to my body, & I had one of the first strains in circulation. I aged thirty years in one. My body is falling apart. I lost 50 lbs, can’t eat, & I weigh less than I did in junior high. I was never hospitalized. It has been 16 months & it’s not going away.

I think I need a break. My brain isn’t working. I strongly suspect LongCovid is degenerative. I can’t do this anymore. All I want to do is warn people, but clearly no one wants to listen. I’m now being accused of spreading disinformation. I AM SO FUCKING TIRED.

David Suker said...

Don’t listen to idiots on this blog. I hope you feel better. No one deserves this. Enjoy your Summer the best you can.

Anonymous said...

Respect 600,000 dead from COVID 8n USA. More extra deaths than any other country.

Anonymous said...

The raise from last month—which was the final raise from the current contract—which expires September 2022. So wages are stagnant for 16 months which is an extra 4 month spread.
If Adams is elected—he’s on record for a longer school day—so expect pay increases on next contract to be tied into to at least a full 7 hour work day.

waitingforsupport said...

@746 am... There are many who are pulling for your health to improve. Take care of yourself. Remove yourself from negative energy. Simply walk away from it or tune it out. If it sounds too simple an act well it is. Practice it. You'll see. Those who have open minds ARE heeding your words. Thank you. Stay strong. You got this. Come on. One day at a time. Im pulling for you. One step at a time.

Anonymous said...

Have the feeling that Anon 7:37 watches Fox News, probably hasn’t been vaccinated, and believes Covid disappeared around Easter 2020.

Anonymous said...

Still dishing up the same baloney on Retiree Health Care. In-service will get dropped off medical care shortly and it won't be pretty.

By the way, what country does he live in that has reached herd immunity? Certainly not Staten Island!!!

Anonymous said...

Same old unity dominance. Hope you are all proud. They got billions but now need infrastructure money? What a joke.

Anonymous said...

So evaluations stand? Did I interpret that correctly? Mulgrew sucks!

Anonymous said...

Actually 844. I am vaccinated and msm that I despise includes Fox News. I’m sorry to hear 7:46 is still suffering. I’m not a COVID denier. I skipped Christmas with family. But I knew I was being lied to about therapeutics and other COVID topics by a media that wants us scared and sitting at home watching them tell us how close to death we would be if we stepped outside unmasked. I knew I was being lied to when they screamed xenophobia for considering the theory that the damn virus got out of the Wuhan lab. Legit doctors and scientists were censored for questioning the bullshit narratives perpetuated by msm, big tech, useless politicians. Yet those who have bought every media lie call me the idiot. If you haven’t learned by now to question authority you’re a communist’s wet dream. If you’re still insulting those of us who did question, go fuck yourself you indoctrinated loser. I wish everyone good health and I have sympathy for all who lost someone or who still suffer but I’m not sorry I questioned those in “authority” and listened to sources outside the mainstream and spoke my mind.

Anonymous said...

Why is the UFT letting the DOE evaluate us? The law says we don't have to be evaluated.

Anonymous said...

COVID over? No

TOKYO (AP) — Public sentiment in Japan has been generally opposed to holding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, partly based on fears the coronavirus will spike as almost 100,000 people — athletes and others — enter for both events.

The Japanese medical community is largely against it. The government’s main medical adviser Dr. Shigeru Omi has said it’s “abnormal” to hold the Olympics during a pandemic. So far, only 5% of Japanese are fully vaccinated.

The medical journal The Lancet has raised questions about the health risks and criticized the World Health Organization and other health bodies for not taking a clear stand. The New England Journal of Medicine has said the IOC’s decision to proceed “is not informed by the best scientific evidence.”

Anonymous said...

12:36...AMEM!ALAS, another like-minded, independent thinker...maybe the flu shots damaged people's ability to content control very deeply controlled by big money.this is the tip of a huge independent media.many are censored for speaking truth or just questioning. We must ask why?what is msm afraid of?their house of cards is your hw and wake up!

Anonymous said...

Why are we going to count observations when the governor said toss em'WTF?

Every time I see msm commenter going off, I laugh because that's also the abbreviation for something more clinical! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Gee -12:36–No need to call me names—I must have hit a nerve with you . You are entitled to read, question and believe anything you desire. Nothing wrong with critical thinking. However, you must have believed the scientists and medical community—since you are vaccinated and safe.So, nothing but the best of health to you and your loved ones,
PS: Just for the record—Fox News is NOT part of the mainstream media—according to their own on-air claims —made by their own program hosts.

Anonymous said...

Fox is right wing full of shit while MSNBC and CNN are liberal full of shit. All MSM. Mulgrew is just totally full of shit to stay on topic.

Anonymous said...


Governor Cuomo’s decision to lift restrictions on most businesses (although not public transit, schools, and health-care facilities) came on the same day that the CDC warned new cases were being fueled by the so-called Delta variant, first identified in India in March, and classified it a “variant of concern.” Barely vaccinated, India saw the world’s worst outbreak of the pandemic, with so many dead that funeral pyres choked the skies with smoke. The strain is 60 percent more transmissible than the Alpha variant first identified in the U.K., which in turn was about 50 percent more transmissible than the original strain of the virus. “We’re engaging in a very large experiment right now, a population experiment,” Abrams said regarding New York rolling back restrictions amid a surge in the supercharged strain. “I understand the urge to just roll back all of these limitations, but it still seems to me that it may be slightly premature. I’m super concerned that as people see the limitations being lifted, they’re going to think that everything is fine and we don’t really have to worry about the vaccine anymore.”

Anonymous said...

An expert

What's happening in Britain should worry us, but mostly doesn't seem to. The CDC, for example, waiting until this week to even declare Delta a variant of concern. And yet the British are more vaccinated than we are, and many people who had Astrazeneca at first got a second dose of mRNA vaccine. They are experiencing a very severe outbreak, in large part driven by schools with cases doubling every 9 days.
While you can argue the P1 outbreaks in South America or the Indian experience of Delta are different, Britain's vaccinations rates, public health measures and compliance are as good or better than ours, and so is their health care system, so whatever they are seeing is likely to appear here.

Anonymous said...


It is your choice to still be scared of covid and not live.

However, it is my choice to live my life. If covid or variants scare you, stay home. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

Honoring the mega cowards who refused to return to the classroom with a ticker-tape parade? Hahaha hahaha

Anonymous said...


What do you propose? We kill people’s ability to make a living again? I say no.

We reached 70 percent in NY state.

Sadly, some people were happier when we were locked down.

Like they said in Shawshank,’get busy living or get busy dying.’ Your choice.

Anonymous said...

600,000 deD, Delta variant on the way. Restrictions still may be needed. At least we should plan for them but no. We just accept sickness and death.

Anonymous said...

Hi, for any ATRs who has been assigned to the Central offices, did any of you get placed in a school? I just received a letter from the Reassignment office telling me to return to the same place (Central office), unless otherwise notified to report elsewhere over the summer.

Anonymous said...

Resolution about helping Asians while not comdenimng who is harming the Asians?

Summer school is remote in some schools?

No-shows passing classes?

Observations then no rating?

Doesnt seem like the all mighty uft is doing much.

waitingforsupport said...

So do we believe some of what's promoted in the media or None of what's promoted in the media. I be confused

Anonymous said...

922 is there a certain group that you're just aching to condemn?

Anonymous said...

1236 you lost me at communists wet dream. it seems hypocritical to you calling others indoctrinated. questioning authority, and our media, is literally why i am a communist. consider questioning the mainstream red scare narrative as well.

David Suker said...

Interesting. I haven’t received a letter specifying a school I’ll be placed in next year. Just a general letter that went out to most ATRs on Monday. I’m expecting something on Friday.

Anonymous said...

You’re an admitted communist, 1045. I don’t need anyone’s red scare narrative. I have you. Don’t waste time trying to convince me I don’t really understand. I know exactly where communism leads and I reject it completely. Those of us who were right about the therapeutics, the lab leak are right about the evils of communism too. Move along to some suckers who might be convinced. I’ve got your number. Fuck off, commie.

Unknown said...

How early and which model were you using

Anonymous said...

NY vaccination rate.

51.4% fully vaccinated.

#DeltaVariant spreading.

@NYGovCuomo is lying.

It’s not over.

#KeepMasking #MaskOn
#MaskHarder #NYTough

Anonymous said...

I’m vaccinated and stopped wearing a mask. About 65% people where I live are maskless. While grocery shopping, I noticed that it was the 60+ crowd that started ditching the masks first. It’s over. 65% not complying. If the youngins or anyone else in my community want to mask up, they are free to do so. Had drinks and listened to live music. No one in a mask. Had a great time. I have no idea what Cuomo’s rules have been for the last 3 months. I like many in my community don’t give a shit what proven liars, political hacks with science degrees or elected officials have to say about this virus. No one forces you to socialize. If you’re not comfortable, stay home. I’m living my life and any business that requires a mask doesn’t get my money. Plenty of alternatives to spend in.

Anonymous said...

454. They use therapeutics in, get this, communist lead countries. Portugal, Cuba, certain states in India. But you know that already, yes, because you know where it leads? Be a little less close minded my friend.

Anonymous said...

Since when did Portugal become communist?

Anon2323 said...

@9:58 😂😂😂😂 you are brainwashed citing cnn lol, you probably wear a mask alone in your car. The propaganda and fear network who is never right lol.

Looks like I was right again regarding hydroxy and ivermectin.


Anonymous said...

1118.. in 2019 Portugal elected a majority of Socialist party members to government, including SocDems, and members of their Left Bloc party which is a coalition of leftist parties, as well as members of their Communist party. A very healthy democracy over there.

James Eterno said...

Please Anon 2323, not another ivermectin debate. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

1049. My mind will never be open to communism. Fuck off, commie.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, stop being right all the time, Anon2323. It melts the snowflakes and ruins the democrat voters’ false narrative. Btw Kids still in cages AND being trafficked by the cartels.

Anonymous said...

So retirees will get The new health case.
This is negotiated a year ago in secret meeting
The next phase is give all teachers a similar plan this is negotiating now