Monday, October 01, 2018


The Independent Community of Educators (ICEUFT) will be getting together on Friday, October 5, 2018 after school at 4:00 P.M. in Manhattan. The election will be on the agenda as will the post Janus UFT landscape and a number of other issues. Some people would like to debate the comments on this blog.

For those who have never attended a meeting, and we get new readers all the time, why not come out and join us? We have limited space so please email at if you would like to attend. We would love for some different people to be there. We had a few at the last meeting and it was refreshing.

We are expecting some guests from Solidarity and New Action so it should be an interesting late afternoon.

This is the tentative agenda Norm Scott sent out:

  1. Recent ex bd and ch Ldr updates 
  2. Uft election updates - what can be won? 
  3. Is unity too big to fail?
  4. Contract 
  5. Health care savings
  6. Is a vote no campaign feasible?
  7. The more campaigns on contract and class size. Convention oct 27 
  8. If there is a vote no campaign do we plug in?
  9. Another view newsletter- should that become our official publication?
  10. Send any other items of interest. 


Johnny Change said...

How about other issues? Like HSA? Are there any Health plans which enable me to start an HSA? The transfer period is this month. Thanks for any help.

Anonymous said...

SO you will discuss the contract and then what? The last one, which was awful, got almost 80%.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:10 is right. Just don't try to do anything but bitch about how bad things are.

ed notes online said...

If our regulars show and adding people from NAC and Solidarity there is little room for many others to come -- only room for about 15 to be able to hear anyone. We can have bigger meetings but we need a space to do so.

And it is true that we as a group have little ability to have much affect other than to enlighten ourselves on what is going on. It is not the worst thing to find yourself in the company of other fairly like-minded people every so often while enjoying a nice meal. And the fact that other than caucuses which focus on their own agendas, this meeting is inclusive of other caucuses - maybe a path to getting beyond the petty stuff that goes on.

Anonymous said...

Because you have a union that fights for you, you are entitled to be compensated for the two 4 percent raises that Michael Bloomberg gave to members of some municipal unions in 2009 and 2010 but refused to give to public school educators and other city employees at the time.

When Bill de Blasio became mayor, he agreed to pay the money owed but said the city could not afford to pay it all at one time so we negotiated a contract in 2014 that ensured that UFT-represented DOE employees were made whole by 2020.

I am pleased to remind you that all eligible UFT-represented DOE employees now on payroll who worked for the Department of Education between 2009 and May 1, 2018 (plus those who retired after June 30, 2014) will receive a lump-sum payment of 25 percent of the money they are owed in their October paychecks.

This payment comes on the heels of a 5 percent rate increase that all DOE-employed UFT members received this past May and June.

The 2018 lump-sum payment, which will be added to a regularly scheduled paycheck, is the third of five lump-sum payments between 2015 and 2020 (see the graphic below).

For in-service paraprofessionals, teachers and other pedagogues, the money will be part of your Oct. 15 check. For nurses, therapists and other UFT-represented DOE employees who are paid on the H-Bank payroll, the money will be in your Oct. 19 check. The DOE has not yet determined when per-diem and per-session payments will be issued.

If you are on paid parental leave this October and you return by the last day of February in the same school year, you will receive your lump-sum payment on March 15, 2019. If you return to work after the last day of February, you will receive both your missed payment and the next lump-sum payout, if any, in October 2019, provided you are back on payroll. If you are on another form of leave this October, you will receive your money on the date of the next scheduled lump-sum payment that you are back on payroll.

Your TDA will be updated, along with all other payroll contributions and deductions.

While the calculations can be complicated, the truth is simple: You deserve this money.

For every check you have received since late 2009 until May 1, 2018, when the last of the two 4 percent increases went into effect, lump-sum money has accrued representing the difference between what you would have been paid if your paycheck had reflected those two 4 percent increases in 2009–10 and what you were actually paid.

Think of it as a bank account. If you have been continually employed, you have been depositing money in this account since Nov. 1, 2009. This October, you’ll make your third withdrawal.

See this handy chart to learn more about the salary increases and lump-sum payments you will receive as a result of the 2014 UFT-DOE contract.

Thank you for everything that you do.


Michael Mulgrew
Michael Mulgrew

Anonymous said...

The union sucks You wouldn't need to have meetings if we just all stopped paying dues. I'm gonna opt out. You suckers can keep on pying.

jeff said...

The nerve to say we are getting retro, in bits, 11 years later, with no interest, because they worked hard for us.

Anonymous said...

just gave MOSL, kids coming in an hour late, sleeping, eating, i never learned this, i aint doin this, fuck this...Wow, think about that, my career is on the line based on this...Before I even get into intelligence level.

Anonymous said...

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza vows to find a new recipe for delivering meals to the city’s 1.1 million public school students after CBS2 uncovered another stomach turning example of inedible food.

The green moldy bread that turned up at a Brownsville, Brooklyn school last week is something Carranza never wants to see on any student’s lunch tray.

MORE: Exclusive: Moldy Bread Latest Headache For NYC Schools

“It’s absolutely disgusting. There’s no reason why that should happen,” the chancellor admitted.

Anonymous said...

It;s the union's fault we have such bad food. If we all stop paying dues the food will be better. How do I opt out?

Anonymous said...

The Union is resposible for discrimination against oldee teachers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


James Eterno said...

Come to ICEUFT to talk about any of this.