Sunday, October 28, 2018


As voting concludes early this week on the proposed new UFT contract, it's time to show just a little more evidence on why a significant NO VOTE is the best hope we have to actually change the schools in NYC.

Voting no is the easiest way right now we can voice our opinion that the Department of Education-UFT alliance is bad news for everyone except the union and DOE hierarchies. If 90% vote yes, we are signing on to Mayor Bill de Blasio's school agenda as UFT President Michael Mulgrew wants to continue things as they are.

We pointed out in one of our 25 bullet points against the contract that Mulgrew is linking this contract to mayoral control of the schools. Here is what Mulgrew said at the press conference announcing the deal:

“Given the importance of the issues and the long-term initiatives that are part of this contract, the UFT is calling for the continuation of mayoral control as the governance structure for New York City public schools.” 

Mayoral control leads to mayors having to ramp up the public relations machine to show how wonderful their education policies are. 

This is from Twitter from an education reporter:

On the subject of Renewal, the de Blasio admin is hiring someone to study its education agenda. Part of that brief: "providing detailed and compelling stories about the positive transformation of NYC schools resulting from those initiatives."

Detailed and compelling stories about the positive transformation of NYC schools? That's what we taxpayers are shelling out money for.

Anybody want this job?

This is the system Michael Mulgrew wants to continue.

There are many great things happening in the schools. They often occur in spite of how the schools are run.


Anonymous said...

And nothing changes...We cant change it.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity and nonsense from an Union that is making our schools worse than ever.

Bronx ATR said...

The UFT knew the paid parental leave probably wouldn’t pass a vote from the rank and file and it shouldn’t be used now to sell this contract. If it was included in this contract it would create at least a probability of it not passing. There are way too many unknowns in this contract and it’s like buying a pig in a poke. When we open the bag it may only hold a UFT discount card to a shuttered Albany restaurant that specialized in quail. I can understand why some non-Unity delegates are pushing this contract having been involved with it and feeling invested. I also agree with their assertions that it seems many wanted only two observations, but that may be from the same folks that constantly demand it on the blogs. The perception may be incorrect. Many think it’s a big mistake, but not the most jarring with this contract. That would be the healthcare givebacks, the UFT’s acquiescence on Fair Student Funding and the insulting attempt to quiet ATRs.

There is no way any mayor should have control over the schools. I guess the UFT has forgotten the 12 hellish Bloomberg years.

Anonymous said...

Mayoral control means that billionaires with a sinister agenda are controlling the mayor who then pushes that agenda on his city's schools.

Anonymous said...

So according to your logic we can never support a contract that is negotiated by the UFT and the city because that shows "we are signing on to" the mayor's agenda. So no contract ever

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio’s agenda of false statistics and hiding the truth is a failure and Bloomberg’s agenda is still a failure in effect. There needs to be a Board of Ed with independent oversight.