Saturday, October 06, 2018


Department of Education Deputy Chancellor Elizabeth Rose, a Joel Klein holdover, has resigned.

This is from the NYPost:

Embattled top Department of Education administrator Elizabeth Rose has resigned, The Post has learned.

The veteran DOE official was reassigned last month amid a student transportation crisis that rocked the start of new chancellor Richard Carranza’s first full year at the helm.

Rose was moved from CEO of school operations to “senior contractors advisor for transportation.”

She will now leave the DOE entirely – and officials stressed Friday that she was not forced out.

“I’ve decided it is time to leave the DOE and to pursue new personal and professional opportunities,” Rose said in a statement.
The department said Rose finalized a new emergency bus contract proposal to be voted on later this month prior to her exit.

Rose had previously managed bus driver misconduct cases and came under fire for reversing firings and trimming suspensions.

The reaction on the Change the Stakes list serve says a great deal. Here are comments from parent activists Leonie Haimson and Lisa Donlan.

Ding Dong!

Cue up Queen:Another one Bites the Dust

My favorite Rose story- among many ridiculous moments of double speak and utter nonsense- was after one Capital Planning session in D1.

After listening to community members testify to the need for smaller glass sizes, gyms, adequate cafeterias, libraries and accessible buildings, Rose read back our list of demands to us.

We were pleased she had listened carefully and duly noted our needs, so we then asked how she and the SCA would begin to plan to address them.

Well, she replied, these are the Chancellor’s buildings and the Chancellor will decide what to do with them.

She was the perfect BloomKlein foot soldier, rising through the ranks of the bureaucracy to her Peter Principle under the current administration.

I like the new Chancellor more every day!

Lisa B. Donlan

From Leonie:

Her letter to DOE colleagues below omits the countless school collocations she pushed through despite huge parent and community opposition, her failure to address school overcrowding honestly with accurate reporting & enrollment projections, or her view that neither class size nor school overcrowding mattered in terms of student learning, all reflecting thesame ideological biases that she carried over from the man who first appointed her —Joel Klein..

Moreover DOE faced multiple lawsuits & EPA decisions that forced them to speed up the removal of PCB lights which she fails to mention below. Not to mention the months of delay in accurately testing school water for lead & the confusing and even dishonest messages she put out about this. - Leonie

Dear Colleagues,

When I first joined the DOE in 2009, I never imagined that I would still be here nine years later. I can honestly say it is because I have loved the work we do, and loved serving our students and this City.

The last 9 years have been the most interesting, fulfilling, and exciting stage in my professional career. I have had the opportunity to see long-term projects from inception to completion: the building of new buildings, the first graduating classes of new schools I helped open, the removal and replacement of all PCB lighting fixtures, identifying gender-neutralbathrooms in all our schools, and expanding universal free lunch to all schools.

Other initiatives will continue, including significant reductions in suspensions and persistently dangerous schools, systematic improvements to accessibility and transparency of information about accessibility, major initiatives to expand and improve physical and health education, to build new gymnasiums, and upgrades to school cafeterias that increased both the number of students eating lunch and their enjoyment of their meal. Over the past three years alone, the PEP approved 174 proposals related to our schools and buildings, and we worked with CECs to approve 18 re-zonings.

None of these would have been possible without the incredible dedication and effort of all the talented people I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with, including those on my teams, those with whom we have collaborated in our shared commitment to improving learning conditions and outcomes for all our students, the parents and advocates I have met, and especially those who have mentored me along the way.

I have served under five Chancellors, and am proud of the work my teams and I have accomplished.

I have decided it is time to leave the DOE, both to spend additional time on some personal needs, and to figure out my next adventure.

New York is a big city, but a small world; I hope we will cross paths again. It has truly been an honor to serve with you.


Two out at Tweed. It's a start. I would like to see others reigned in at least.


Anonymous said...

And? So what? Let me guess...We are off to a good start? I am a HS teacher, just went through a bunch of tests, the whole class can't spell or write in any kind of normal English. Same abuses...Still waiting for retro...

Anonymous said...

Like this is gonna bring any changes in the next week, month, or year. Next contract, 1% raises plus medical givebacks.

Anonymous said...

So the uft writes this on their own website, but does nothing to change it as we suffer.
With temperatures spiking as high as the mid-90s in early September, many New York City public school teachers and students returned for the new school year to find their classrooms no refuge from the summer heat. The absence of air conditioning in many schools made both teaching and learning conditions arduous, prompting the UFT to launch a campaign to fast-track city and state projects to air condition every New York City classroom.

“I wrote my students’ names and birthdays on the whiteboard and the magic marker actually melted,” said Cindy Migliore, a prekindergarten teacher at PS 21 in Queens. “The children were complaining all the time about the heat.”

Migliore was one of the nearly 400 UFT members who responded to the union’s request to document conditions in hot classrooms. Where problems had a straightforward solution, such as broken equipment, the UFT’s Health and Safety Department intervened to assist.

Anonymous said...

Shocker, a DOE bureaucrat gets to leave on their own terms, while countless teachers are discontinued and unable to find work teaching again due to evil incompetent administrators.

Anonymous said...

This news means absolutely nothing. In fact, I am shocked that it is even a "story". Until the Chancellor actually FIRES a bunch of holdover Bloobturd suits at Tweed, nothing is going to change. If he really wants to make a change and extend an olive branch to us, he will work out a decent contract that fixes our horrible evaluation system here in NYC.

James Eterno said...

Culture at Tweed is still anti-teacher. It does not have to stay like that forever. If a couple of the top people are leaving and it starts a trend to move the system in a new direction, it might be positive. We don't know if anything will filter on down to schools. The UFT leadershipcould help there but so could teachers by stepping up.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn;t have to steop up. This is the UFT's faultand they need to. Time to opt out. How do we do that?

Anonymous said...


James Eterno said...

You can't opt out until June. Links to anti union sites have no place here. They will be removed as soon as we catch them. Comment policy is under review by ICEUFT.

I will look into dues on lump sum payments

James Eterno said...

Oh and no hijacking posts

Anonymous said...

This extra dues shit happens every year

Anonymous said...

Sent uft exec board. Can you explain why, on the next check, the one you worked so hard to get us, we are paying triple dues? This is not a raise. I thought the calculation is based on a specific salary. No salary went up. Maybe Ms. Edelman can investigate further. How many millions of dollars extra are you extorting from naive members?

Anonymous said...

My ICT co teacher doesn't lesson plan at all. No matter hoe many times I ask them to share with me their plan for the next day, they refuse. This has gine on for two years. When I complained to my AP, they stopped getting involved when my co teacher filed harassment grievance. The UFT tells me they can't really do anything about it. How do we deal with incompetent colleagues?

Anonymous said...

If they work so hard, get the rest of the retro by the end of the school year, reinstate 8.25 TDA, that would be a start.

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

8.25% is as dead as Hillary Clinton’s political career. Let it go

Anonymous said...

But not dead for anybody else?

Blergh said...

Good question Anon 10:05! I am an ESL teacher who 'integrates' into like 10 classrooms and I have to spend my first period prep finding out what my colleagues have planned for the day because they by and large won't tell me when I email them over the weekend, even if it's just 'Lesson 5 in the first TC bend.' You can't do anything about it without essentially being a rat and going to administration, who might just blame you anyway because it's easier than making other people do their jobs.

Unknown said...

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