Sunday, September 12, 2021


Keep the late afternoon of September 24 open to support municipal workforce retirees. A multi-union group is trying to fight retired city workers being pushed into a Medicare Advantage (privatization) plan. 

Medicare is a popular, successful government program. There is no reason to mess with it for city retirees.

Active city workers should be aware that the contracts for in-service city worker health plans are up next year. We need to stick together to maintain and even improve our healthcare benefits.


Anonymous said...

This will work as well as that rally for a contract at Madison Square garden Randi made us attend.

Anonymous said...

Scratch a loving and tolerant liberal and you will find a fascist.

Anonymous said...

Of course we know the government does everything better than the private sector, just look at the post office. And we know how efficient the DOE is in spending the money it receives from the state.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the video, probably better than most of the movies coming out these days. If anyone actually hears or sees it the only effect will be that people will think worse of city workers. Do you know what they pay for their benefits and in general how much worse they are?