Tuesday, September 21, 2021


 I personally agree with likely new mayor Eric Adams on this one. He should seek input from the actual Safety Agents. Agents and their unionwant to stay with NYPD and not go back to DOE.

This is from Selim Algar in the NY Post:

Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams told an advocacy group this month that he would halt a de Blasio administration plan to transfer school safety duties from the NYPD to the Department of Education, The Post has learned.

During a Zoom meeting with InformNYC, Adams rejected City Hall’s push to end NYPD control over more than 5,000 school safety agents, according to several sources who were on the call.

While Adams said he would introduce new training methods and other changes to school security, the mayoral front-runner was firm in backing the NYPD’s purview over the agents.

“He was crystal clear about it,” said one participant in the call.

Adams argued that school security involves more than hallway fights and often veers into serious violence and other forms of misconduct.

He also vowed to tighten reporting mechanisms for staffers at city schools, sources said.

Asked about his comments on the call, a spokesperson said Adams would “reassess” de Blasio’s overall school safety vision.


Anonymous said...

Anyone can walk into any nyc school and armed with an AK create a massacre. I've worked in 5 schools in various districts and school security was always a JOKE.

Anonymous said...

We need nypd, as there are numerous potential scenarios where a school safety officer is not legally equipped nor bound to do anything.example:intruders.
In some stores, the secutity guatd is not told to do anything except to call 911 after a shoplifter walks out.ie, do not engage.i think this is a similar type of comparison.
Also, the cops can intervene in a way that would potentially earn us a corporal punishment charge.

Anonymous said...

Adams once said he wanted a permanent remote option. Does he have any follow ups?

Anonymous said...

Eric Adams a former cop,, has been Borough President of Brooklyn for 8 years—and the crime rate in Brooklyn-has grown substantially under his watch. So what will do he as Mayor of the entire city—return to the Bloomberg or Giuliani days of stop and frisk?

Anonymous said...

Adams is inheriting all the problems the city is facing. He was to try to fix or reverse DeBlasio's doing. Looking at his resume and a proud liberal, I don't see him fixing any issues. He may be a cross between Newsome, Lightfoot, and Deblasio. Competent enough to recognize the problem but stubborn enough to go by his coalition.

Anonymous said...

I hope that this guy as an ex cop will have a different vision of how discipline should be handled in schools. Being a black ex cop He might be able to have more rigorous discipline without it being racist in a way that a lot of these white politicians have failed to do.

Anonymous said...

If the Adams administration is like the current administration having cops in schools won’t change a thing. They won’t be allowed to act. I don’t like stop and frisk but quality of life improved under Giuliani. You’re between a rock and a hard place. If you want to clean up the city, some arrestees are going to get hurt if they resist. Are you willing to back the cops when this happens? If Adams doesn’t back the cops, nothing will change. Good luck. We see students taunt adults and work the system. How many bullshit investigations against colleagues because some asshole student wanted to wield the only power he had in his life? Same with cops and alleged criminals. That’s the the rock. Diminishing our constitutional rights with stop and frisk is the hard place. Curious how you pro vaccine mandates people feel about stop and frisk. I’m against both. Are you for both? If not, what’s the distinction?