Saturday, September 18, 2021


I saw this piece from the UFT that they are publicizing on Twitter today:

Bridging the post-pandemic learning gap

Helping students rebound from the pandemic, both academically and emotionally, is a union priority as all students return in September for in-person learning. The UFT pressed the city Department of Education to do diagnostic screening of all students...

Post pandemic, who are they trying to fool? 

This is from the CDC's Weekly Review from September 17:

After experiencing a brief decline in COVID-19 cases, the United States is once again seeing an increase in cases in most of the country. This recent increase follows a previous summer surge that was fueled by the highly contagious Delta (B.1.617.2) variant and low vaccination coverage in many communities. COVID-19 vaccines offer strong protection against serious illness and death. High vaccination coverage is proven to reduce the spread of the virus. The less a virus spreads, the less opportunity there is for new variants to emerge.

Is a Delta surge going to bypass NY? I hope so and I pray that strong vaccine mandates combined with immunity from prior infection will keep our numbers low. That said, does anyone think that opening the schools at full capacity without a remote option and therefore crowding the kids in just might backfire?

Below is a picture of another packed high school hallway. This one is John Bowne HS in Queens.

Sue Edelman and Melissa Klein are all over the crowding too with an article in the NY Post. 

The coronavirus pandemic might as well have been something out of a history book to look at the students jammed in halls and stairways at Forest Hills High School this week.

Photos provided to The Post showed students trying to negotiate the packed halls between classes, and sitting on top of one another in a cafeteria.

The UFT-DOE strategy looks like it is to pretend the pandemic is basically behind us. Their "next steps" are to give iReady and other useless tests to students that will do nothing to improve education.

I truly hope the UFT is right that we are rebounding from the pandemic but in my mind I still can't figure out the answer to this question: 
How can students currently rebound from a pandemic we are still in the midst of?


Anonymous said...

Gotta risk it. Can't hide out another year. Most vulnerable are vaxxed. We may see some sickness, but not deaths.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, how much longer are people supposed to stay home for?

Look at the roads. Never seen so much traffic.

Covid is done! I don’t want to hear about variants.

Time to move on w life.

Wear a mask at schools or on planes and enjoy life again.

Anonymous said...

The UFT is delusional. The same magical thinking that got some of us killed last March.
We won’t escape the delta variant. Thirty percent of hospitalized COVID patients in Israel are double vaccinated. The arrogance and hubris of our “leaders “ will kill even more people. The union only cares about harvesting dues and it’s actions prove that it doesn’t give a shit about those it fleeces.

Teacher Mom said...

Week 1, my son and many of his 6th grade classmates are beginning their first 10 day quarantine.

Anonymous said...

UK was a little better in late July because schools went on summer break 2021. COVID-19 will come back to UK as students return to school.

Activities of Students are the major driving force of COVID-19.

And Pfizer is not as good as Moderna. But students only get Pfizer.

Marcus said...

If I don't post my vaccine card, what happens on September 27?

Anonymous said...


Hello Union brother. Unlike James, Arthur Goldstein, Michael Mulgrew and others, I don’t want you unemployed so I’ll help you out. The DOE says you will be removed from payroll and not allowed in school buildings. Even though, you’ve been teaching there already and probably the last school year. Apparently, you will expire and become a super dangerous COVID spreader by Sept.27. Just follow the science.

You can file for medical or religious exemptions, take an unpaid leave, or a severance package. Details on the UFT website. There are thousands of teachers and several teacher groups on social media that can offer suggestions as well. I’ll get censored if I link them here.

This week is crucial. The mandates will be challenged in a number of lawsuits. DC37 is actually fighting against medical tyranny and segregation, unlike our Union. So pay attention to the results of these lawsuits, hold the line, and do not comply with the gov. forcing a product into your body. If you have no other choice to feed your family, do what you gotta do. Nothing but love, man. Good luck to all out there trying to keep their jobs amidst this madness.

Anonymous said...

You are automatically placed on a leave without pay until 11/30.

Anonymous said...

The hallways in my school are much wider so it's not as crowded as those pics. That's really something and not safe at all.

I can't imagine why someone who is unvaccinated would even want to be in that environment, but if they win their appeal on medical or religious exemptions I don't think they'll be in the building. They've already said the medical exemptions will be in a DOE building so it appears it will be something similar with the religious exemptions. They might think they'll be sitting at home with their feet up, but I doubt it. If the DOE didn't care about the medically fragile being taken off payroll until shamed into rethinking it, what makes them think the DOE is going to give a fuck about them? If they approve religious exemptions by these hypocritical clowns, any and everyone will be able to claim it anytime they please.

Even the Pope thinks they're stupid. Are they more religious than the Pope now?

"Pope Francis insists COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and an "act of love" in a video released by the Vatican Wednesday."

Anonymous said...

@2:34 - the vulnerable are vaxxed, but the treatments they're under counteract the vaccine and they don't have antibodies. That's what the whole brouhaha with the medical exemptions is about. It applies to the general population too.

Anonymous said...

Marcus, Who knows. Sue them.

And in vaccine news,
Why didn’t doctors listen to women about the link between Covid vaccines and periods?
A new study reveals that thousands of women experienced irregularities after their jab – yet the medical establishment seems disinterested

Anonymous said...

Confirmed Positive COVID Cases: September 17, 2021 as of 6 PM
Total 255 Students 179 Staff 76

Confirmed Cumulative Positive COVID Cases: September 13, 2021 - September 17, 2021 at 6 PM
Total 812 Students 487 Staff 325

Anonymous said...

East Harlem public school closed after COVID-19 outbreak

Anonymous said...

Where is the severance application? Still can't find it. I want to resign.

Anonymous said...

East Harlem public school closed after COVID-19 outbreak

So glad the uft is on top of things and we are off to a smooth start.

Erica said...

If this is Mr. Mulgrew's idea of a smooth start, I guess I know what "Not a smooth start" would look like...Death and Despair.

It is clear that the people getting this email won't be happy until there are body bags and caskets and ventilators.

After 4 whole school days, an entire school is closed.

There have been many hundreds of positive tests and people undoubtedly passed it to others who weren't tested.

If one, just one student is contagious and infects his math class, then sits with a completely different group of students in social studies...Get it? I think that's called a super spreader, or mass infection, or an outbreak. And then of course it is brought home to each and every family. Nice work guys.

So glad we have the strongest union in the country on our side. Oh, right, I forgot, we are lucky to have jobs and a bad union is better than no union.

Way to set those standards high. It's almost like the NYCDOE grading policy where students can no-show and pass and be unable to write a sentence at 18 years old and get an 85 in English.

My school has had zero tests so far. At the schools where testing was done, how many people were actually tested? Almost zero?

Ok, great.

You are all amongst the slimy, disgusting and hypocritical people. What an embarrassment. What a shame.

Get your photos, spend 3 minutes in a school and say it's safe. Blood is on your hands.

Anonymous said...

In what way is your advice different than James'? How are you helping him keep his job? Is it your expression of love? So touching.

Marcus said...

Can you link the severance application? I see the info on but nothing to actually fill out.

Anonymous said...

Lol. This is where James gets mad but tells us to pay dues as we all get sick.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

7:07 and 6:45. You're all still complaining about the union? I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the UFT does not dictate policy - they only negotiate on behalf of their members and bring attention to the issues. The DOE did back down from not allowing medical exemptions. That was disgraceful but Mulgrew fought for that. Just because he may not be winning all of the battles, doesn't mean he's not fighting for it. You think you would do better on your own? Do it already.

You said your school had zero tests? Did you report it? We've had tests.

Unknown said...

Testing is every other week, do u should have it next week.

Anonymous said...

Creative programming might have alleviated some partial day in person, partial remote or, math and science in person, ela remote, etc.that would also reduce crowds on trains and busses.the doe was just too hard headed to explore options.hepa throughout buildings is pricey.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: hundreds of airline workers quit due to vaccine mandate.

Many Gold Coast nurses are threatening to quit over vaccine mandates. The nurses union NPAQ saw a record growth in new members this Sunday, seeking support. There’s already been a mass exodus of aged care staff on the GC due to vaccine mandates. Good to see unions standing up.

Maternity nurses quit over vaccine mandates in a New York hospital.

Jeff said...


Your idea of working on our behalf is allowing massive spread and illness to get schools completely shut down after 4 days while having members and students die?

waitingforsupport said...

Please. Some of these people want the doe and uft to do right by them but they won't do right by the students or even their own colleagues. They also say they agree with the doe's pass all students policy and don't give a f^ck about students but are complaining about Mulgrew because he doesn't do enough for them. They won't vote in elections but complain that parents don't complain about false grading. These are "professionals". Lol. Professionals with little to no integrity. How do you spell hypocrisy? TEACher. (Not the real educators just the watered down ones--the spineless ones who as one commenter said, "don't give a f^ck".

Anonymous said...

Cuomo was on video saying that if u are vaxxed, no worries!is his name Pinocchio?

Anonymous said...

Mulgrew calls this smooth?

My friend just got a call from her principal that there is a Covid+ case in her classroom but that the Situation Room is closed on weekends, so it can't be reported or contact traced until Monday????? WTF!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break it to you THE PANDEMIC IS OVER

Anonymous said...

First year teacher here. I know we just ended our first week, but I’m realizing every morning that this isn't for me. I have too much anxiety and I feel nauseous every morning and sometimes throw up, even on my days off. I don’t want to constantly feel this way. I feel like I’m not giving my students what they deserve.
Maybe this setting/school is not for me. I do not feel supported and I feel isolated. What happens if I quit?
Will I get my license revoked? Never be able to teach again in NYC DOE?

James Eterno said...

Email us 9:34 at Many of us felt the same way when we started and those were ideal times compared to trying to start teaching in the middle of a pandemic.

Anonymous said...

This is the Doe...The most pathetic job in the world... Amazing when we supposedly have a strong union.

Anonymous said...

9:34: Since you are on provisional, if you leave you would have to get fully licensed again. You can reapply to the doe in the future since you left on your own.

Anonymous said...

I just came from San Genaro and people were packed like sardines there just like it was in the years before the Pandemic and less than 5 percent of the people there were wearing masks. Subways were also packed. This crap about people being afraid to die is a bunch of bull. If people can be packed on trains and subways they can be packed and classrooms.

Anonymous said...

Sue Edelman did another expose on the grade fraud at Maspeth. Maspeth is just like every other school, only difference is they got caught.

waitingforsupport said...

Please know that you're not alone. The feelings you have are pretty common. Do you have anyone at school that you can have lunch with? It can be anyone--a fellow educator, school aide, secretary. Since you've entered a profession at a time when we are experiencing so many "firsts", your feelings are to be expected. I hope you can find a way to put things into perspective. This is a career that you chose for a reason. You won't be able to do everything correct all of the time. You can just do your best. You learned the theory of teaching but as you know this is the real life practicum. Take your lunch break everyday. Leave work on time everyday. If the students give you hell, don't take it personal--they are kids. The first year will be filled with lots of mistakes. The second year will be better. Year three will be even better. Try not to be too hard on yourself. If your admin are horrible you should keep your cellphone recorder on. If you're asked to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, document who is asking you and the time it was asked and where you were when asked. If you can send a clarification email to whomever is asking you to do something--do so. I think many folks on this blog can relate to you. Maybe visit this blog daily to get support. There are some nice admin and staff in this system. Yes email James. He is a wonderful support. Good luck. We're with you in spirit. If you decide to stay, just do your best. If you decide to leave then do so. I'm wishing you peace, courage and clarity. Good luck and remember take your lunch period every day and leave on time.

Anonymous said...

Everyone scheduled a test whether you are vaccinated or not...Dont wait for DOE testing... Just go to CVS and get a rapid test. it is free and if the variant is as dangerous as is said to be, whether the vaccine works or does not ... the safest way to know is to get tested at least once per week. it is free and if this is as bad as it looks then the system will collapse itself with all the quarantines.

Anonymous said...

@7:50 first, what staffers and students died after 4 days? As of right now, only staffers were affected and if they were vaccinated they should be fine. Isn't that what you all say? What's the big to-do, since vaccinated staff will be protected?

Second, what do you mean "allowed". How much power do you think Mulgrew has? You think he has the power to shut down schools, order remote learning, order more testing, more spacing? He can only negotiate for those things or go for mediation or arbitration or whatever else he has the authority to do under the contract. If all else fails he can call for a strike but we talked about this last year and the members were against it. And especially now, the majority vaccinated members who while not 100% protected will likely not experience severe symptoms. So what exactly do you think Mulgrew should do?

Anonymous said...

9:34 you can sub.the pay right now is aboutv250 a day.this gives you exposure in different schools.there is a huge shortage may very well get lucky and find a better fit.even if you dont want to stay on, the pay for subs is can buy you time to figure out your next move.good luck.
Ps. Keep in mind that right now, many are in survival mode and cautious, thus less friendly.many are scared, many are angry, takes time to establish trust.

Anonymous said...

Not giving a fuck and being spineless are 2 different things. You know what I think is spineless? Threatening to blast a teacher whose mask slipped. A snitch who thinks she’s a social justice warrior is still a snitch. Bashing teachers ain’t exactly warrior behavior.

Anonymous said...

My high school looks like the pre-CoVid days: crowded hallways, crowded cafeteria and crowded classrooms. Many of the classrooms in my school are smaller than the standard high school classrooms. When the school opened, "they" wanted cooperative learning, so the classrooms were purposely made so the students could not spread out. Needless to say, "they" were never high school teachers and had no idea that many high school students in NYC are not small.

Last year's six foot rule and this year's 3 foot recommendation were never an option.

Anonymous said...

The FDA panel on boosters was very enlightening. These are experts engaging in serious discussion and debate. Here’s the link from the FDA’s own YouTube channel.

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 9/17/2021

Anonymous said...

We aren't post-pandemic, still in it. But now many of us are back at work.

Get tested on your own at least once a week - free and easy.

If it suits you, get the vaccine [I did and most staff too]. Without the shots, your risk level is probably [definitely] higher.

Ventilate your room as much as possible.

Try to eat alone and avoid groups that are eating and talking.

Be careful touching your mask if you have been wearing it for a while. Wear fresh clean masks that are well- designed and fit.

Keep your immune system and general health strong.

Washing hands is still a good idea.

Get a flu shot in October, if it suits you [I will] - and a Covid booster, if we are allowed as well [yep].

Try to stay calm, kind, and supportive, we are literally all in this together.

Anonymous said...

9:47 AM

Anonymous said...

Pandemic is over. There's no social distancing. Teachers doing group work. Nothing has changed. The GOP at least told you a year ago that there would be sacrifices. Dems pretended. If you die, you die. Your school may have a nice collection for your family though.

Anon2323 said...

Natural immunity is way more efficient than taking the vaccine. This mandate is insane, hope you all enjoy your coverages next week.

Jonathan said...

It shouldn't get lost in the comments - your point - the UFT used "post-pandemic" to describe today.

I think it is intentional. I've been meaning to take a closer look at how the leadership has handled media and communications since March 2020. There's much to be said.


Anonymous said...

To the new teacher. Things may get better but not by enough for you. You were lied to in college. Teaching is nothing like what they told you. You weren’t prepared for working in the nyc doe. None of us were. Contact James like he advised. Maybe he and others can help you feel better about the job. But if a year or two goes by and you don’t think you have what it takes to navigate this shit system, get out. Don’t torture yourself. This isn’t judgement on your abilities. I’m sure you’d make a fine teacher. I just know that the NYC DOE is a dysfunctional cesspool that has destroyed the sanity, reputation and future of many teachers. Don’t be one of them if you can’t find your groove here. Best of luck to you.

James Eterno said...

From the article you cited from MSN:

The benefits of natural plus vaccine immunity
What DeSantis didn’t mention is that the people who recover and then get vaccinated seem to get higher protection against the virus.

In the Israel study, the effect was modest, but visible.

"Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the delta variant," researchers wrote.

An August CDC study of Kentucky patients who were infected by COVID-19 in 2020 found that by mid-2021, the ones who never got vaccinated were more than twice as likely to get reinfected.

Anonymous said...

Foolish policies and plans [by DOE and others] that ignore reality does not mean the pandemic is over - and it is a world-wide issue, not just a political argument in this nation.

Full hospitals, about the same # of people as died 9/11/2001 dying every day or 2, and lots of other objective evidence, we are not post-pandemic or normal. We are in a new phase though, the trying to get back to work phase.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the UFT leadership is deplorable.

However the real fundamental issue is Mayoral control of the school system
There has been 20 years of criminal mismanagement of the NYC public schools by the mayor.

Fake diplomas ( Maspeth High School is just typical of most public NYC public schools), fake data, toxic school physical environments, major school safety issues, cronyism, bad technology contracts, reckless disregard for public health during the Covid pandemic.

Our students deserve better schools.
Our citizens deserve legitimate management of their public schools.

The egregious failure with NY city public schools is with mayoral control.

De Blasio has failed the citizens of NY city just like Bloomberg before him did.

End Mayoral Control of the Public Schools Now.

Make NY City Public Schools Great Again!

Anonymous said...

Yes, don't give up. It can be way way safer than last Sept. You are vaccinated now (or already had covid)

It is normal to be anxious after all the confusion of the last year.

Take control as much as you can.

You can bring your own $100 from Costco winix HEPA (might help a bit)

Open windows as much as colleagues will allow.

Wear a good surgical or if really concerned a n95 from 3m Halyars duckbill ones look strange but do seal a d allow you a pocket to talk.

Lunch outside while weather is nice helps me reset my brain too.

One week at a time. Get a covid test if you're have flu or RSV symptoms and are nervous. Some NYC hospital sponsored vans are pretty quick. Otherwise $24 at CVS to do yourself or $14 from Sam's club sometimes. Ideal only if symptoms but if makes you relax more skip the door dash and buy binaxnow.

Now those under the mandate that already had covid in spring or fall...I'd get the 1 shot. Might help you this fall might not but lowwr risk than stress from being jobless.

This whole situation does make me way to leave DOE BUT on my timeline not what Mayor or virus pressure me to do.

Anonymous said...

I Was Vaccinated in early April. Thought it was safe to return to teaching in person, but tested Positive this past Friday. More than half my class tested Positive as well. No school closure, no classroom closure, no parents contacted. My students are sill attending their classes in person. Had both my 15 and 17 year old tested (both vaccinated) and now they are Positive. I now have to use my sick days. I do not feel safe sending my kids back to school. I will withdraw them and have them attend classes outside of the DOE. It is a shame our Mayor and Union leader don't care. Testing is 10% every 2 weeks!!!! The Mayor does not want to find too many positive cases. He knows it is spreading like wildfire in school. Social distancing is only "when Possible," therefore never possible. My poor students are crammed in the halls and in their classrooms. We are the forsaken.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Charlotte Danielson could come up with a rubric to rate schools on how effectively they are handling Covid precautions.

waitingforsupport said...

@10:57 march 2020.
You were forsaken then and you are forsaken now. Stay safe!

waitingforsupport said...

Being spineless and not giving a shit can most certainly be the same thing. Lmho, I don't give a f^ck what you think. If you're mask slipped I'd snitch you out first.

Anon2323 said...

James won't admit it, the vaccine narrative is crumbling. 600,000 did not alllll die from covid they labeled gunshot victims, heart attack etc.

@waitingforthesnitch- I like how you help lift up the struggling teachers. Nor you or James are relevant both Monday morning quarterbacks (not teaching anymore) now spewing all your covid facts and in your faulty brains, you believe it. 24th Maricopa going to shock you, cannot wait for the Cyber Ninjas jokes to delegitimize the most comprehensive forensic audit in US history.

James Eterno said...

Anon2323, We live in two different worlds. Your new argument is that they are faking the deaths certificates. Those filled to capacity ICUs across much of the nation must all be fake.

Cut the bullshit. That's enough.

waitingforsupport said...

@anon2323...i don't believe anything that comes out of your mouth. Pre Trump you believed every damn statistic from mainstream media. When your puppet master put his tiny up your a**, you started vomiting his ideas. I just can't figure out why you can't just wiggle off his hand and go back to your normal inconsiderate self? Why did you just start singing about fake news when Kooky Kellyanne introduced the phrase? Prior to Thump and crew, your sorry a** was a tool for the same media and establishment that you currently don't trust. Take your hypocritical a^s and create your own blog. If i were in your school I'd snitch on you every chance you gave me the reason too. Ive never been a follower. When i see something i say something. Jailhouse rules are for criminals so i can see why you have a problem with someone reporting wrongdoing. Now try to stay on topic man.

Anonymous said...

James’s blog now promotes ratting out colleagues. Go unionism! The UFT, where progressives canonize snitching. It’s what communists do. Join the progressive commie caucus of the UFT and you too can become a rat. Spend your summers in TX where you can practice your ratting skills by spying on your neighbors and reporting abortion talk. You UFT progressives would fit right in with the TX right wing rat culture. Don’t rat is only for criminals who follow jail house rules, right? Luckily for rats, abortion is a crime in TX so you law abiding citizens are doing the right thing. Report all abortion talk because abortions are done by criminals in TX.

Anonymous said...

Wow, look at the toxic crybaby @ 6:11am. She posts that she doesnt care about the students and kisses up to the Principal so that she can continue defrauding the State without being questioned so she's afraid of someone snitching on her which is why she's so obsessed with the topic. All in the same breath supporting the ratting out of those getting abortion because its a crime according to Conservatives, while her stealing from the DOE is not. Doesnt teach so she doesnt have to plan for the day and instead is on line at 5am screeching and slobbering all over herself. Boo hoo that someone made a comment about a maskless teacher and like the lunatic that she is had turned it into a week and a half long psychotic rant about rats and snitches and other hallucinogenic nonsense. Step away from the pipe girl.

Anonymous said...

611 Let your aide know its time for a diaper change. You're losing your shit over nothing again. Take your meds dear.

Anonymous said...

Lol @6:11. Oh my. All that because a poster made a comment. Lol. I'd bet money this is the the same to toxic person who ran hysterically around the blog accusing liberals of wanting black and brown people to be fired because they didnt join her fight against mandates.
Her fight being that she gets online and screams hysterically. In person she doesnt take a stand. She says she sits in her Principal's comfy chair rats out her colleagues and tells her Principal what she wants to hear. ROFLMFAO.

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

9:34. There is no teacher in NYC who did not feel
like quitting dozens of times their rookie year. By the time I had completed my 40th year, I only felt like it fleetingly on Labor Day. Hang with it, please.
You seem like an intelligent, sensitive person and as such in very short supply in the DOE universe.
Don’t make life-altering decisions based on a week’s experience. Unfortunately, the insanity you are immersed in will seem normal in very short order.

Anonymous said...

Daily reminder. Progressive UFT members want to get fellow UFT members fired. I’m sticking with Mulgrew if he runs against anyone with the stench of a progressive.

Anonymous said...

Now, now @7:10 I thought you promised you were going to take your anti-psychotic meds before posting again. Progressives don't randomly want to get UFT members fired. They want YOU to be fired because you say you lie, cheat, and steal and don't care about children. What type of person would support you keeping a teaching job?

Anonymous said...

Daily reminder. The progressive wing of the UFT wants to snitch on and fire teachers. Even a psycho not on meds can see that.

Anonymous said...

Seems like 12:17 suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. Too bad, so sad.

Anonymous said...

2:03 Even narcissists notice when UFT progressives rat out a teacher and want her fired for a mask slip.

Anonymous said...

9:36 yes, we noticed that you've been ratting out that teacher for the mask slip for weeks now. Most people forgot about it but for your daily reminders. That's alongside your daily Admin ass kissing and lie-fest because you're too afraid to deal with them in truth that you've decided you'd rather live a lie.