Thursday, September 09, 2021


This was in my Google Newsfeeed today from New York School Talk:

Despite last week’s City Council hearing on the September 13, 2021 return to school plans, where Education Committee Chair Mark Treyger and a cohort of parents advocated for a remote education option, Mayor Bill de Blasio and School Chancellor Meisha Porter insisted that, save for listed medical exceptions*, all students, vaccinated or not, would be required to return to school in person.

Soon after, I began hearing the idea of a parents’ strike, where public school families would keep their children home as a way to demonstrate just how many of them didn’t feel reassured by the safety protocols — and platitudes — they were being offered.

I asked my readers whether they would support such an action. Here’s what they had to say:

Yes, Strike:

CV: I will be part of the parent strike and if there is no remote option, will pull my child from public school.

KA: I can’t bear that we are sending our kids into chaos and closures, with a heightened risk of covid, when we are so close to a vaccine for children. I will definitely support a strike and was already planning to hold my son back for the first week, as the DOE isn’t requiring any baseline testing to weed out vacation covid cases.

JK: I absolutely will support the strike.  I made up my mind to hold off until the last minute and not send my kids to school. After many Zoom meetings with the Chancellor, districts, principals, I feel they all are singing the same tune – a tune that is not sitting well with me for many reasons.  All I hear is “vaccinations and multi-layered approach to safety” – but is that all that it is?  When I asked questions in forums, they were ignored. 

MRC: The lack of remote option is particularly concerning in light of the inadequate testing program — no Pre-Kers, no Kindergarteners, no vaccinated individuals, only 10% of those who opt in (which is not required to attend school) and only every other week. We know this virus — and the Delta variant in particular — spreads to and from children, asymptomatic individuals, and those who are vaccinated. The single-minded drive to get our kids in school, in person, at any cost is going to drive parents to homeschool, private school, and leave NYC altogether.

TK: I am going to notify DOE of our decision to homeschool. At this point it seems to be the only choice to keep both my kids and older members of my family safe (grandparents are immunocompromised and vaccines were not much help for them). 

There's more. 

Judging from the anecdotals I heard from the schools today as educators returned, in many places it is 2019 style education as if the pandemic is over or never happened. Someone sent me pictures of a crowded auditorium. Others told me social distancing wasn't happening and there were hugs as well as masks being worn over chins. 

On the other hand, some schools held meetings over Zoom with teachers not leaving classrooms. My guess is there will be some safety protocols followed in some schools while others ignore them when the kids return on Monday. 

I don't think it is safe in the schools but I don't make these decisions for NYC. 


Anonymous said...

Someone shared that they've shut down three classrooms in her daughter's school because of COVID. And school hasn't even started yet. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Can'y wait to hear more stories. In my school, same thing, like 2019. Admin. is trying to do the best with zoom meetings but NO WAY will any child be given 3 feet social distance space in classrooms! Forget about the cafeteria that will be packed when our kids come in Monday. No meals in classrooms like last year and No super ventilaters in cafeteria yet. In my area, window is nailed shut under broken A.C. by radiator and no exhaust fan or ventilator.

Anonymous said...

Imagine 1m+ students and teachers travelling via mass transit. Do you think anyone is distancing or masking up in the subway?

Anon2323 said...

ALMOST 40,000 JAMES! Just like I said when you did not believe my numbers. That is 50 million UFT will lose, and the union will begin crumbling.

James Eterno said...

It's not 40,000. Most will get the shot. I know people who just didn't get around to it. They were persuaded quickly with the mandate. By next June when the next UFT opt out period comes, nobody knows where the pandemic will be. Hopefully, it will be under control.

Anonymous said...

Seems like too many parents have been on strike for the past 30 years—for neglecting their responsibility for their children’s educational progress. and welfare. Too many parents care more about their children have a safe place in school buildings between the hours of -as early as 7:30am to as late 6pm

waitingforsupport said...

@2:52 pm. Yes. And too many educators have neglected their responsibility to their profession by passing students who would normally not pass. Too mamy educators have buckled under the bully's pressure. Too many educators have given up on the profession for so called "self preservation". Instead of standing up for self and colleagues they have buried their head in the proverbial sand. They want parents to do more for their children and they are correct. However educators need to do more for themselves and the profession by giving true grades and standing up to admin. Let's ALL do better and not just look over in my yard. Your yard is a mess too.

Anonymous said...

2:52 you think parents don't care about their kids? Let me guess you're a Republican who thinks only white parents care about their children.

Anon2323 said...

How do you listen to this keebler elf!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How is it that the sp ed grads who are covered till 21 are coming back to school again?now allowed till 23!
Shit or get off the pot!what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Maybe to get state funding.they might need the numbers with so many leaving the system.

Anonymous said...

Yes and I heard the graduation rate in every high school went up. Where is the supposed learning loss? Maybe we should just keep everything the way it is now.

waitingforsupport said...

Why why why ???
The game players know the answer. Just look in the mirror for the answer.