Tuesday, June 21, 2016


For those interested in the effects of pattern bargaining on unions in this city, take a look at the settlement the Professional Staff Congress just negotiated with the City University of New York. It is basically the Michael Mulgrew 10% over 7 years raises that the UFT set the precedent for back in 2014. The PSC represents the CUNY teachers and although not a municipal union, they are still government employees.

PSC members voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike before a tentative contract was agreed to but I don't think too many people took the threat seriously. To be fair, they did get a three year job security clause for adjuncts as a gain.

There is dissent at PSC. This piece is from CUNY Struggle.

So yes, I am calling for something more radical than what the union leadership is offering. I reject the idea that it’s crazy or unrealistic. What to me is unrealistic is the idea that by accepting a brutally concessionary contract such as this one we are opposing austerity in any meaningful way, which is what the PSC leadership rightfully exhorts us to do but, for reasons I do not understand, will not summon the imagination to address.

As this blog stated last week, the workers we should be studying that we can learn from are the Verizon unions who staged a successful strike this spring. Labor can still win when we are united and not afraid to take real action.


Anonymous said...

Ah, if only colleagues along with the American working public would wake up to their power. The French know how to force their hand and demonstrate for their due.

Pathetic lack of critical thinking skills. Focus on the Kardashians and the little screen ain't gonna bring us a better world

Anonymous said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

Taylor law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Eterno said...

TWU didn't worry about the Taylor law in 2005. Notice how the pattern raises went up in 2006 and 2008 after they showed courage by striking even if at the time it did not look like a big success. Unions need leverage.A real strike threat gives us that.

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Anonymous said...

Well, theycould reject the deal and go on a strike James., but they won't. UFT members could have rejected the contract too, but they voted overwhelmingly for it. I know many here think they are smarter than our members, but I prefer having our members vote on whether they want a contract or not.

Anonymous said...

The PSC deal looks much better than ours because of one big but overlooked detail: their teaching loads will be reduced by one class. Currently, professors in four year colleges teach 7 courses over two semesters and professors in two year colleges and all lecturers teach 9 courses per two semesters...their new contract reduces this by one course per year (or more than 10% of their current teaching time). Imagine how much more we could focus on our students if we taught one less class a year!

James Eterno said...

I prefer a fair vote with both sides fairly represented and debated. UFT debate where Mulgrew filibusters for an hour and then cuts me off after a minute is not exactly fair.

Anonymous said...

To James...TWU members dont carry a college debt for getting Masters Degree's. Therefore being punished two days pay for one day would financially destroy most of our younger members.

Anonymous said...

A fair vote? What can be fairer then having our members read the MOA then voting on it? I believe our members are smart and do not need to have the contract explained to them. You need to put more faith in our members.
In terms of the PSC deal, now it's a better contract? Kinda thought the original post was blaming Mulgrew for the "terrible" contract they were offered? So is it bad or is it good? Someone needs to make up their mind.