Saturday, June 25, 2016


As my end of the term assignment, I have chosen to examine the new PDF version of the 2014 Contract. Two years after it was ratified, this agreement is finally printed on line. A hard copy has still not been mailed to each member as was always done in the past, even in the internet age. I guess that having a contract sent to every member is asking too much from our union as part of our $100+ that we give them in dues each month.

One of the worst sections of the 2014 UFT Contract was the part concerning Absent Teacher Reserves. This section has been added as Article 17B Rule 11A. This provision sets up two classes of ATRs: one that was excessed and the other that survived termination (3020a) hearings. Those in the second class who were fined $2,000 or more or was suspended for at least a month are not even guaranteed job interviews. Any ATR in either class who misses two interviews for whatever reason can be automatically terminated (deemed to have resigned) without any kind of tenure hearing even if they are tenured. In addition, there is a clause that allows management to fire ATRs placed in temporary provisional assignments in expedited one day 3020a hearings. Our last two posts have involved the misuse of this process.

The one positive aspect to this disastrous contractual provision is that it sunsets at the end of this school term. Here is the actual contractual language:

This Rule 11(A) with respect to the absent teacher reserve (referred to above as the “ATR Program”) shall run through the end of the 2015-16 school year. At the end of that term, the parties must agree to extend the ATR Program and absent agreement, the parties shall return to the terms and conditions for ATR assignment as set forth in Rule 11(B).

That means if the UFT does nothing, Rule 11A will no longer exist. It's gone forever. ATRs would revert to the 2011 agreement which is marginally better. Although it includes weekly rotation of ATRS from school-to-school, it does not include the rapid fire disciplinary process. It is embedded in the 2014 Contract as Rule 11B.

Are we reverting to 11B or will 11A be continued? I have no idea as there was nothing at the June Delegate Assembly about ATRs and there is not a word about ATRs in the final Chapter Leader Newsletter of the school year.

Shouldn't the union ask the ATRs how they feel about the 2014 agreement continuing?

Many people are impacted but why bother to ask ATRs whether they want to maintain the current rules or revert to the 2011 agreement? UFT leadership leaves members in the dark.

Typical arrogance from the top.

UPDATED July 3, 2016: A UFT representative has reported that the 2014 agreement has been allowed to sunset.


James Eterno said...

I updated this post from the cellphone and somehow killed the comments. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Did you retire or are you going back to middle college? Good luck Janes and thanks for all the info. You should be running our ineffective Union. Maybe with you in charge we could stop being afraid and go back to teaching. Will never happen but a nice thought!!

James Eterno said...

I'm not retiring but I am year to year at MCHS. I would settle for being VP of the academic high schools since I won more teacher votes than Unity but the game is pretty much rigged.