Sunday, June 12, 2016


For the second straight year, I had the honor of riding on one of the full buses going from Long Island City to Bethpage State Park for field day on Friday. Middle College High School at La Guardia Community College does this to try to bring the adults and students closer and to give us all a fun day out in a suburban park. What a wonderful experience it was.

Great day in the park for MCHS

The majority of our students and staff spent the day playing softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer and many other games. Some just laid out on the grass or walked around. There was plenty of food and soft drinks. Getting to know our kids in this natural setting was very enjoyable.

Even though I am still on the disabled list and could not play softball this year, I sat on the sidelines and thoroughly enjoyed the student vs faculty game. By the way, for the fourth straight time the faculty won although it was a very close 7-6 game.

It has been two years since I left Jamaica High School when it closed. I had worked at Jamaica for twenty-eight years. If anyone would have told me in June of 2014 that two years later I would be working in a school with a supportive administration that really cares about young people as well as the adults who work there for a living, I would have said no way but it has happened. So to Principal Linda Siegmund and everyone in the Middle College family I say thank you


Jonathan said...

With all the crap thrown at us, it is easy to forget moments like these.

Thank you.

Chaz said...

I hope they hire you permanently.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely blessed to have a second time around of being among great colleagues and a true school leader. Enjoy your field trip!