Sunday, June 05, 2016


The state Senate Republicans have upped the stakes in their battle with Mayor Bill de Blasio by calling for a one year extension to the Mayor's control of the city schools but only with oversight from the governor.

This is from the Daily News:

In a shot directly at Mayor de Blasio, the state Senate Republicans on Friday quietly introduced a bill that would extend New York city mayoral control over the schools for just a year while at the same time giving the governor a role in how the city system is run.

The bill by the Senate GOP, which has been warring with de Blasio, would create a new position of New York City education inspector that would be appointed not by the mayor, but the governor, with consent from the Senate.

According to the bill, which is sponsored by Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Education Committee Chairman Carl Marcellino, the education inspector would provide "oversight, guidance, and technical assistance related to the educational and fiscal policies, practices, programs, and decisions of the city district, city board, chancellor and mayor."

If the UFT and NYSUT leadership were smart (they are not except when it comes to preserving their own power), they would call their friends in the state Assembly, who have already passed a three year extension of mayoral control, to tell them to just do nothing and let the law expire at the end of the month and go back to the old Board of Education.

There would then be two mayoral appointees on the Board and one from each of the borough presidents. School boards hiring superintendents was taken away in the 1996 law which cut down on corruption so don't let anyone tell you that we would be going back to a more corrupt system. The current governance structure with its almost complete lack of accountability is very dirty. Having Governor Cuomo involved would not improve anything.


aa said...

An assistant school principal slashed a man who was sitting in a car on a Staten Island street, police sources said Sunday.

Vincent Scotto, 43, was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon after slashing the other man in Great Kills during a dispute at about noon Saturday, police said.

The Department of Education employee reached in the 59-year-old man’s side window and slashed his left arm with a razor blade in front of 150 Greaves Ave., the sources said.

It wasn’t clear what the men were fighting about.

Anonymous said...

Ii is so typical of Cuomo to want "oversight" now that Bloombucks is gone. When Bloombucks was mayor Albany loved that he could run schools in his ed-deform manner. Now that there is a neutral mayor running schools Albany wants to stick it's finger in the pie again.

Bronx ATR said...

Tell us all who to call, I'll call right now. I believe you'd have thousands of teachers call. No Mayor should have control of schools, especially the last two we've had.

James Eterno said...

I agree Bronx ATR. Call your state assembly representative. Tell them to just let it go. If they do nothing and it reverts back to the old system.

Anonymous said...

We already have State control of the schools since Cuomo mandated our evals. He controls spending and personnel. We have to pay rent to charters. So, just let it go so Cuomo can own this mess that he has created. Then, when he loses re-election, we can finally be done with this privatization crap. I mean, really. What's next? A federal take over? . . . Well, with "triangulation'" Hillary as the presumptive nominee, that's actually quite likely.

Arlene said...

Politics have no place in educating our children. Proof is in the pudding. Since Mayoral control was established the New York Public School students continue to decline in achieving educational standards. Educators, Parents, and Community understand the needs of their community schools and must have a greater role in establishing viable paths for success.