Friday, May 05, 2017


This came to us from the Communication Workers of America.

AT&T Mobility
After giving AT&T the required 72-hour notice of contract termination last week, Mobility members have been working without a contract. CWAers are gearing up mobilization actions across the country, making sure that AT&T knows that a strike could come at any time at a date set by CWA President Chris Shelton.

A new report released today by CWA provides an unprecedented window into the company's sprawling web of 38 third-party call centers in eight countries that are driving a race to the bottom for low wages and compromising quality service for millions of AT&T customers.

The report draws on interviews and surveys of hundreds of workers in the U.S. and the global call center workforce, who detailed the harmful impact of AT&T's offshoring on workers and customers. The study also highlights the stories of U.S. communities that have been devastated by call center closures, including Ridgeland, MS; Atwater, CA; and Pittsburgh, PA.

Learn more and read the full report here.

The orange contract covers 21,000 Mobility workers. Negotiations are continuing. Read those bargaining reports here.

150 people gathered in Columbus, OH this week to let AT&T know that we are ready to do what it takes.

This blog supports the AT&T mobility workers 100%. 


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, the new check posted with our huge raise. GUESS WHAT. UNION DUES WENT UP.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking joke! They won't even answer an email.

Anonymous said...

No kidding. 58.31. Thats 1400 for the year.

Anonymous said...

And when we get the retro in october, double payment, so almost $1500 this year.

Anonymous said...

$1500! WOW! Thank you U fucking FT. A victory of major proportions! I'll donate the $1500 a year to get out of those soul killing Monday PDs. Hell I'll up it to $5,000. Kiss my ass, Mulgrew.