Thursday, July 13, 2017


For those who want to plan their union school year, Mike Schirtzer sent us the dates for this year's Delegate Assembly and Executive Board meetings.

For anyone who can't wait until October for the first DA to hear how absolutely wonderful the school opening was in the NYC schools thanks to the UFT but how awful everything else is, there will be a Chapter Leader meeting and two Executive Board meetings in September. 

The ICE-UFT Blog makes some basic predictions well before the school year begins.

There will be nothing negative said by UFT leadership about NYC schools with Mayor Bill de Blasio's reelection coming in November but we will hear how we must give more to COPE or we will lose our pensions in the constitutional convention. 

 I will vote no on the convention and urge collegues to do the same. The refendum will fail and there will not be a convention.

I will not vote for de Blasio and hope there is a reasonable third party alternative. de Blasio will be easily reelected but he will continue to treat us the same contemptible way Mayor Bloomberg did.

The school year will start off well in schools that are well run and will be a complete mess in many other schools but the UFT Mulgrew's happy talk will be almost non-stop except maybe for paperwork and SESIS.

Please check back on the accuracy of the ICR crystal ball.

The DA, Executive Board and chapter leader meeting dates are listed below.

Citywide Chapter Leaders Meeting            

Executive Board 
(Mondays- 6:00 P.M.)

11, 25

16, 30

6, 20

4, 18

January 2018
8, 22

12, 26

19, 26

9, 23

7, 21

4, 18

Delegate Assemblies  
 (Wednesdays - 4:15 P.M.-6:00 P.M.)
October 18
November 8
December 6
 January 17
March 21  
 May 16
June 13


Anonymous said...

Are UFT members able to attend these meetings? Is it open to members? Where are these meetings?

James Eterno said...

All of these meetings are at 52 Broadway in Manhattan. That is UFT HQ.

All UFT members are invited. The food, however, used to be much better at the Exec Bds in the days when I was a member.

For DA's, guests are welcome on the 19th floor. Don't expect to be fed.

Anonymous said...

How about this prediction: DeBlasio rethinks keeping the schools open for Veterans' Day, and the calendar is changed so we are off on Friday, November 10th?

Anonymous said...

How about another ATR teacher buyout? There already has been two of them the last three years. Good prediction about Veteran's Day.

Anonymous said...

Hi James,
I'd like to speak at one of those meetings, as a lowly ATR, how do I go about that?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if a veteran's salary would need to be paid in full by the principal's school budget? Good predictions, but not likely. Other government sites are closed on the Friday before Veteran's Day. The calendar has not been changed so plan on working that Friday.

James Eterno said...

You gotta be kidding on Veterans Day. We have more of a chance of Mulgrew listening to us than that changing.

Speaking at the Executive Board meetings is easy. Call Howie Schoor's office at 212 777-7500 a few days prior to the meeting and you will get speaking time at the next Executive Board.

Howie was generally fair this year when new people came, he gave them time. The whole open mic for members before the meeting is ten minutes total but Schoor let people have time when multiple members came for the open mic.

Any UFT member may speak once a term at the Executive Board.

Anonymous said...

SO, deadline passed, how many took severance?

Anonymous said...

You think they will tell unless it is a really high number?

Anonymous said...

If you want to know anything, past, present or future ask me. I'll only answer 3. Make them meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Why does the UFT not support us?

Anonymous said...

It does not support us because we do not respect ourselves and do not hold them accountable. They do not consider themselves educators any longer - some of them never were and as such have a deep misunderstanding of a typical teachers day. Worse, they don't see the need to attempt that understanding. The dues pour in regardless of their action or inaction. If you're not held accountable, people will do as little as possible. That is multiplied with a bureaucracy. Picket Mulgrew's house if you want to see a change.

Anonymous said...

We do respect ourselves, but the UFT does not have accountability across the board. It does not want to have an outright war with the city/DOE. It is "working" with the city and DOE while we get screwed up the you know what. The UFT picks and chooses it's battles and the officials enjoy their perks indeed. I could work through anything, but the harassment and targetting of staff has to stop. Salaries, age, time in the DOE are all taken into consideration when someone is targetted. These fools think they are not going to age?

Anonymous said...

As a whole we absolutely do not respect ourselves. What battle has the UFT decided to fight? Even out contractual rights are not being upheld - no fight nessesary for that. Nothing will stop until individual say enough is enough and stop waiting for someone else to say, "I've had enough and I'm not taking it anymore!" Go down to one of those executive board meetings and let them hear you scream it. I'm going and all like minded, fed up slaves should do the same.

Anonymous said...

Real courage from an anonymous comment on a blog. We are so scared we can't even identify ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Go down to one of those meetings and I'll introduce myself. I'm going to the last one in October. I don't give a fuck if you know my name.
Tony McNamara

Bronx ATR said...

Tony, my man - I'll meet you and try to bring a few more of the ATR slaves I know. You're buying the Guinness. The WSJ said we're all drunks and perverts. I'll call you. 5:28 come along.

James Eterno said...

I'd be happy to meet you Tony. Bronx ATR I think I know already.

Bronx ATR said...

I heard you speak once at a Greek Church and was very impressed, but never had the pleasure of meeting you. I'll try to get a few ATRs together - by October 30th we should have an idea what's happening in reference to ATR. Maybe if we all start to show up the UFT may get a better picture of the conditions some of us are facing.

James Eterno said...

Blogger James Eterno said...
We've also emailed back and forth. The idea of ATRS showing up en masse anywhere is not something UFT leadership would welcome. It is a great idea.