Friday, July 28, 2017


After posting a link to their study on the how well US cities are run where NYC finished third from the bottom, WalletHub's press person sent me directly their newly released study on the Most and Least Educated Cities in America.

Maybe I am just printing this because my ego got a boost that this company's press person thinks the ICEUFTblog is legitimate press, worthy of sending new material to for review. She emailed me links to this latest study.

A little respect does go somewhere. It's more than I get from some of those in leadership of the union that this blog mostly covers of which I am a member and sat on the Executive Board for a decade. Regardless of my self aggrandizing motives, the study is worth at least taking a quick glance at.

Their methodology is a bit questionable just like the last study on how well cities are run. In the education study, a city qualifies as educated if people with degrees flock to that city which will happen automatically if jobs in a particular metropolitan area require college degrees.

New York City is lumped in with Newark, New Jersey and Jersey City in the study. That's kind of strange.

Where did New York City and Northern New Jersey finish on the list of top 150 educated cities?

We were 36th. Better than last week's study which put NYC at 148 out of 150.

The winning city for brains is Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the bottom of the list is McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas.

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