Monday, July 24, 2017


A new study by Wallet Hub finds New York City ranks 148 out of 150 U.S. cities in terms of how well the city is run. Are we really the third worst run city in the country? I'm not sure I buy their methodology but it is worth a look.

On education, Wallet Hub ranks NYC 107. That is not that good.

From SI Live's article on the study:

"New York ranked as the third worst-run city in America. It has the third highest budget per capita, at almost $14 million, but it's not necessarily spent efficiently, especially when it comes to financial stability and education," said Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub analyst.

She noted the city is also saddled with debt, and has a high drop out rate.

"New York has the fourth highest long-term debt per capita at $17,308, and the sixth lowest high school graduation rate at 69.6 percent," said Gonzalez. 

We have the sixth lowest high school graduation rate of cities in the country? That is hard to believe.

Does every city just push the kids through high school by grade inflating?

In terms of the economy, Wallet Hub makes a big deal out of long term debt which might not be that huge a problem considering the very low interest rates we have been borrowing under for most of the last decade. Comptroller Scott Stringer reported in May that the NYC economy is healthy as the city outperforms the nation as a whole.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

We are the best city in the world. There are many problems, though, and they are cumulative and shouldn't be blamed on any one person. Our infrastructure is crumbling - bridges, trains, roads, public buildings, tunnels, airports, hospitals, schools, and water mains. Homelessness is increasing, as well as increasing income disparity. There are fewer opportunities for the young and educated or uneducated. There seems to be more segregation and racial strife in some come communities - but great multicultural integration in others. We need long term planning from the federal, state and city governments to thwart these ongoing and on growing problems.

John G said...

Our school budget is $26 BILLION dollars and the state pays much of our school transportation bill (via the MTA). Our grad rate is closer to 75% and the city itself is in a surplus big enough to plug MTAs troubles tomorrow.
Almost everybody is working. Our police aren't shooting people 41 times the city is safe. What I want to know is, wth is wallethub and what is it they call a study?
Staten Island City. Has a nice ring to out.

Anonymous said...

My kids graduated college last year and their friends. None of them are working, unless you count Starbucks. They're all living at home. I won't let my kids go into teaching, The city is not safe, the stats are hidden, The grad rate may be 75% but the kids can't pass an admission test for most colleges. I saw a guy slashed across the face with a box cutter on the subway about four months ago. If you have a daughter or a wife don't let them take the subway. There's guys grinding themselves on young women on the packed subways. These assholes actually ejacule in their pants and I saw a young woman break the asshole's nose on the 4 train. That was a good day. It took me two hours to get home the other night. Many law abiding people are carrying guns. Have you seen the amount of homeless camped out in the parks? If you're working, not taking public transportation and making decent money its easy to believe otherwise. I'm 11:04 and I do believe NYC is the best city in the world but I see it as it is, but still love it. I haven't started carrying a gun, yet.

American Radio Design said...

Running the City of New York is, perhaps, one of the most difficult jobs in the World. The City is running a surplus budget. It offers most of its diverse citizens great opportunity that is often not available in other regions of the country. The fine arts, culture, museums, and regular events cannot be matched ANYWHERE in the rest of the world. It has the best trained police and fire departments that money can buy. It is a relatively safe city based on the population numbers and diverse culture. It is amazing how, generally, we all live together so well.
If I could afford to live anywhere in the world I would live within walking distance of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the best museums in the world. The criteria used in the study mentioned in this blog needs to be reassessed.

Anonymous said...

I would rank NYC tops in the Arts but that is it. The rest sucks. And if it were not for Wall st we would be like Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Agree 9:14. Unless you're bucked out to afford lots of extras, the everyday for working people in this town currently sucks. I'm speaking about basic everyday stuff-post office, food shopping, driving, public transportation (tanking), expenses (high), infrastructure, etc.