Friday, July 21, 2017


July 28 is the new deadline date for Absent Teacher Reserves to take the buyout. Below is Amy Arundell's message taken from Gene Mann's The Organizer.

Either not enough ATRs are taking the deal to please the Department of Education or people are still making inquiries and didn't know the window was closing so quickly. Deciding to retire is an important decision that in this case has to be made quickly.

Since some DOE and UFT officials love to read the blogs, I can report that one of the reasons I am going to continue working this year is to make sure I make up the money I could have had if I didn't get appointed to a regular position in January and was still an ATR/provisional teacher who could have taken the buyout.

Don't expect the press to let up on the ATR issue. It looks like some of the principals are giong to rebel against any and every check on the virtually almost absolute power they have had over their schools since the UFT ceded so much ground to administration in 2005.

Amy's message:

      The deadline for the Severance Program for ATRs has an extended period through July 28. 
      Eligible ATRs who volunteer to resign or retire by the deadline and who are eligible for the severance package may choose either:

  • $50,000 in a lump-sum, non-pensionable payment or
  • $35,000 in a lump-sum, non-pensionable payment and six months of continued health coverage through Febreuary 28, 2018.
See a fact sheet with more information about the ATR severance program » (
If you are eligible and interested in participating, download the ATR Voluntary Severance Agreement and General Release form »(
        Once you complete the form, you must have it notarized before bringing it, in person, to the Human Resources Connect Walk-in Center, Room 102, 65 Court St., Brooklyn, by 5 p.m. Friday, July 28.

We strongly suggest you speak with a UFT pension specialist or contact the Teachers' Retirement System before finalizing your decision. If you have questions, please contact your UFT borough office. 


Amy Arundell
UFT Director of Personnel


Anonymous said...

How about 50k plus the retro plus some type of annual sum? Still better than paying me $120k the next 20 years plus my medical...

James Eterno said...

You plan on staying another 20 years to spite them? Are you young or near retirement age?

Anonymous said...

Late 30s. Point is, buyout could be a million times better and they would still save millions on me alone by not paying my medical, paying me a smaller pension and not paying me 100k plus and rising for the next 20 years if i left today.

James Eterno said...

Agree. You have to make the buyout worth it for people to want to leave.

Anonymous said...

I mean, if they gave me 200k to leave today, in less than 2 years they would make that all up in salary and medical costs, and then you would also lock me into a tiny pension, instead of a 6 figure pension. Long term, that a huge winner for the city.

Anonymous said...

I love my profession. I am staying. I am not wealthy and need my profession to live adequately. I grew up attending NYC public schools and nobody is getting me out. Education has become a circus. Get rid of the clowns and stop the unnecessary harassment. Of course principals are going to rebel. They don't want veteran staff with 20+ years. This is going to be interesting and hope it does not bring about negative results for ATRs since ATRs are in the middle of this war.

Anonymous said...

Yes 11:32AM and what ammunition will the UFT give ATRs?

Anonymous said...

Can't you feel the 'love' from the UFT and DOE?
This is how they value experienced teachers.

Anonymous said...

The UFT should have thought this through to strategically have its members -ATRs- not get harassed by principals because veteran ATRs are not wanted by principals. Principals have their administrators and any other staff do the harassment for them as well. It is appaulling how educators in leadership positions treat other educators. Since the sentiment of not wanting veteran ATRs and staff exists, placement without mutual consent will place ATRs in a very dangerous position. What is the union going to do about this? Has Mr. Mulgrew publicly defended ATRs after the media badgered ATRs? To be called a pervert, etc. is so disgusting. Does the media know what a pervert is to write something like that? Absolutely disgusting.

Unknown said...

Any idea if the severance will be reinstated in 2018-19 school year? Just found out I have been excessed and I am considering leaving if this is an option after one year of being an ATR.

James Eterno said...

No idea.