Sunday, March 07, 2021


This is from the United Teachers of Los Angeles:

LOS ANGELES — UTLA members have voted overwhelmingly to resist a premature and unsafe physical return to school sites. Over five days of voting March 1 through 5 conducted by Integrity Voting Systems, 24,580 ballots were cast, with 91% Yes ballots (22,480) and 9% No (2,100).

When was the UFT member vote on the NYC building reopening plan?  The answer of course is never.

For those interested in the UTLA demands, here are some specifics from Deadline:

The union is demanding that all teachers and school staff be vaccinated before they return to in-person instruction. It also does not want campuses to reopen until Los Angeles County moves out of the “purple” tier. Union officials argue that while the countywide transmission rate has dropped below the 25 per 100,000 residents threshold, many neighborhoods the LAUSD serves are lower-income, and have rates that are three times as high as more affluent communities.

What is the NYC rate per 100,000?

According to The City, COVID is not exactly under control here. What about those new variants?


Anonymous said...

No vote on re-opening schools means no dues when opt out period re-opens.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the all information and data related to these variants are conflicting on a daily basis. Some reports say they can be more deadly while others say that the vaccines should be okay for protection. The bottom line appears to be that scientists just don’t know what they don’t know—but they do believe this pandemic is not over despite these promising vaccines. So why rush back. Be smart and have a little more patience. Give some more time especially with opening of schools in the crowded urban areas.
P.S.—Any word if and when the Eva Markowitz Charters plan to reopen?

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep posting this as if we will do something? The mayor will tell us to return, already has, uft will give up and tell us there is a checklist and we should email them if it's violated, and we will all go in and pay dues like sheep.

James Eterno said...

I am forever hopeful 11:48.

Anonymous said...

High schools opening the week before spring break. Other schools already open. We must travel on buses and trains and be with other staff members in the buildings even if zero students attend. What else?

Anonymous said...

Curious, what are the area's of union that require member radification?
Is it limited to renewing contract?
Is it legal to make certain decisions without membership vote?
How is it our union is able to make so many decisions on our behalf without membership input?

nerd said...

Whens the last time our entire union membership was allowed to vote on anything?

Anonymous said...

if it is not safe for Eva's schools to re-open, how is it safe for UFT schools to re-open.
Is this just transactional politics?

Anonymous said...

James...LOL...Keep being hopeful. What will it take...?

unknown said...

Bet you have no problem going to "unsafe" grocery stores and "unsafe" restaurants. Why are schools "unsafe"? Btw 99% of variants of any virus are benign. There have been variants this whole time. Do you think that the virus only decided to mutate 6 weeks ago? The only way we have trouble is if a mutation happens that allows covid to enter cells in a new way other than via spike proteins. Get vaccinated and let's get back to work.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem traveling from staten island to mahattan to have 0 live students.

TeachNY said...

Does anyone else think that that 91% number is pathetic and embarrassing? It’s really time to go back to work. Most schools are open. I’m sick of seeing teachers refuse to go back to work. If people are scared I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with taking a leave. The banks are working with people in case that puts you in danger of foreclosure.

Anonymous said...

A bank vs a school. Are you serious? What school do you work in teachny?

Anonymous said...

7:19 (unknown)—99% of variants are benign and there have been variants this whole time? From what research did you get that ‘unknown’ data? Stop spreading such disinformation.

Anonymous said...

Answer this and then tell me we have a union and i should pay dues...When is our vote?

Anonymous said...

Dues? With all the fed money we can surely get money OWED to us from last spring break, right?

unknown said...

856... its science not misinformation... when viruses replicate errors are often made... this is a mutation and causes variants. Variation of a virus is often inconsequential.
This is why you dont read about them every day. In order for this virus to mutate in a way that's dangerous, the mutation would have to give it some advantage in gaining access to our cells (as this is where the vaccine is helping us to block the virus.) I think people generally hear variant and think something totally different than what it is. To suggest that covid never mutated from last March until this January is absurd. And to think that all of the sudden, 5 dangerous against vaccine variants have just popped up is equally absurd.

Shelley said...

“As through this world I travel/ I see lots of funny men/ Some’ll rob you with a 6-gun/ Some with a fountain pen.”

I'm sure this song makes TeachNY cringe. Yeah, the banks are open.

In a kind of random walk, sped up by Fin-Tech we are, stochasticly stumbling from crisis to crisis. The last financial crisis cost the American tax payer 10 Trillion dollars. That's just the clean up cost. The cost in lost wages, lost homes, lost lives, these can also be attributed to the crisis, one with many causes but all of them rooted in crimes and misconduct by US banks. The crisis spread from the US banks, a contagion, to banks in Europe and Asia and the rest of the world. The damage to the financial health of nations is still in need of repair.

The good news is that we did learn from the last financial crisis and we have moved aggressively in the Virus Crisis to protect lives, livelihoods, property and wealth, and we've done a great job of protecting banks and businesses. The banks have been made strong in the US. The Fed has used extraordinary tools to shore up businesses, buying business and bank debt and pumping liquidity into an economy that has been put in a coma, first a depression, now a recession that will be protracted in spite of all we've done to prevent it.

The banks are working because they have been supported most. They have taken priority in this crisis because we feared, more than the virus, a financial crisis.

Only a person who doesn't know or understand what I have sketched out here or an idiot or a Troll would make the kind of statement you made here TeachNY.

Even with a vaccine you could carry the virus home and infect a family member, who will, the numbers make clear, in all likelihood recover. But what if that family member doesn't recover. Or if she suffers long haulers virus disease and her life is made miserable, the prospects of her children dimmed, her house lost to lost wages?

Only 4% of office workers want to return to the office. Most people in banking do not deal with customers. The people who do met with customers face to face now are at the lowest level in banking. Those are the people back to work.

We are closing in on this virus. We will live with it for years, perhaps forever, but now is not the time to listen to banks. Now is the time to listen to your teachers.