Sunday, March 07, 2021


Below are the full statements put out today from New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie.

Governor Cuomo deserves due process but in the midst of a pandemic, we cannot afford the huge distraction of him defending himself on multiple fronts. We agree with Stewart-Cousins that Cuomo must resign now. 

We don't carry any weight, unfortunately, but the leaders of the UFT, the AFT and NYSUT do. It is time for Michael Mulgrew, Andy Pallotta and Randi Weingarten to step up and back Stewart-Cousins.

The Senate Majority Leader's statement in full:

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie's statement:


Anonymous said...

Shame on you Democrats.

Shame on you for treating #MeToo like a partisan game.

Shame on you for trashing accusers of Democrats.

Shame on you for sounding exactly like Trump's apologists.

Shame on you for claiming "what about Trump?" excuses Biden and Cuomo.

Shame on you.

Bronx ATR said...

Cuomo will not resign. He will hang on until his last breath. The only people that resign are those that feel shame and recognize their failings. That’s not Cuomo. He needs to be impeached, arrested and convicted for the nursing home deaths. The sexual harassment charges are throughly upsetting and he should be held accountable, but don’t let it obscure the entirety of his misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo hasn’t really been a friend to teachers that actually began with Obama and the Race To The Top nonsense.
. But if Cuomo doesn’t want to resign despite all these distractions —maybe they can place him in the rubber room at some State Legislative building in Albany till all investigations are completed.
But he is entitled to due process. Al Franken was accused of doing less—and Gillibrand was the leader in the call for Frankel’s resignation—immediately—without due process. She has been basically much less vocal with Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

But cuomo.

The President of the United States has bombed Syria, wants war with Iran, denied citizens a $15 minimum wage, is credibly accused of assault, creeped on so many little girls & likes to sniff women’s hair. But that’s cool... he’s a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Shame on who? Democrats are saying he should resign... Don't think any Republicans said Trump should resign

Anonymous said...

I mean, I guess it was a better response than Killing an Iranian general.. Right? Congress doesn't want 15 dollar minimum wage-the president does. Guess how much the Republicans want to raise minimum wage to?

Anonymous said...

You’re 100% correct 8:41, but you forgot one big one concerning Biden that can viewed at will - Biden’s failure to support Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas’ hearings. She was the first woman that brought sexual harassment into the modern lexicon and she was vilified as Biden sat there with his thumb up his ass - in that regard nothing has changed - he won’t condemn Cuomo. And it’s not cool - just because many are registered Democrats doesn’t mean all, or even most, agree with what’s going on with the increasingly putrid Democratic Party or want to join the equally repulsive Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

As a teacher, if a student accused you look at her “inappropriately” , then your career is over.
Cuomo has done much worse. Yet, he’s still at the helm! Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

When choosing between 2 disgusting parties I’ll take the party that isn’t encouraging COVID infected illegal immigrants to cross into our country.

Anonymous said...

Only antifa loving politicians like Tish James Ron Kim, and Cousins could get me to support Andrew Cuomo. I’m not joining any cause initiated by antifa lovers. I’m taking Cuomo over them... and I hate that guy.

Anonymous said...

I think Cuomo's actions are basically not surprising but I don't think he should resign. He has the right to due process. If everyone facing accusations was forced to resign then accusing someone would become a political loophole to get them out of office. Trumps accusers came right before the election, Biden's accuser was right before the election, Brett Kavanaugh was right before the Senate vote. I am not trying to discredit victims but sometimes the timing is suspect. And when there is false accusations it creates a new victim who in this cancel culture society could see his career destroyred whether innocent or not.

And stop with the comparisons from 20-30 years ago. Those actions aren't right now and they weren't right then but society viewed things differently and certain types of actions were considered acceptable. Us knowing better now can't change that history and we have to stop trying to. At the same time, political parties can't pick and choose when to enforce these standards.

To that extent, Cuomo's nursing home scandal is something to remove him for since that is based on his decisions as governor and that is what those wanting him to be removed should focus on.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As someone who has here been "moderated" sooo many times for years for some inscrutable reasons (sure--bloggers can to whatever they want), but I'm reminded that:
“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

Anonymous said...

728 is correct. If all it takes to get someone to resign is an accusation, then I nearby accuse every member of congress of touching me. Be careful commenters who use their name, maybe I’ll accuse you next. Due process protects ALL of us, not just the guilty.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I guess we lost, as usual. Schools open for high school staff next week.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo said he wouldn't resign at least until a full investigation was done. So now he is going to waste more state money having a full on scale investigation. He really cares about the state.

TJL said...

Also agree mostly with 7:28. However I don't think Cuomo should be impeached over the nursing homes, that is what the election is for.

Politics aside I also don't see what we have to gain by joining this witch hunt.

James Eterno said...

This is not a witch hunt. There is plenty of corruption here with Cuomo.

James Eterno said...

From City and State:

Here is the list of political notables who have called for Cuomo to resign or called for his impeachment since Feb. 24, when Boylan published a detailed account of her experiences with the governor in a Medium post.

Nicole Malliotakis, R (Feb. 24)

Elise Stefanik, R (Feb. 24)

Claudia Tenney, R (Feb. 24)

Lee Zeldin, R (Feb. 27)

Kathleen Rice, D (March 1)

State Senate
Alessandra Biaggi, D (Feb. 27)

Robert Ortt, R (Feb. 28)

Jim Tedisco, R (Feb. 28)

John Liu, D (March 1)

Jessica Ramos, D (March 1)

Gustavo Rivera, D (March 1)

Jabari Brisport, D (March 2)

Julia Salazar, D (March 2)

James Skoufis, D (March 3)

Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D (March 7)

Liz Krueger, D (March 7)

Robert Jackson, D (March 7)

Michael Gianaris, D (March 7)

Samra Brouk, D (March 7)

Brad Hoylman, D (March 7)

Rachel May, D (March 7)

Mike Lawler, R (Feb. 24)

Yuh-Line Niou, D (Feb. 27)

Harvey Epstein, D (Feb. 28)

Ron Kim, D (Feb. 28)

Nathalia Fernandez , D (March 1)

Jessica Gonzรกlez-Rojas, D (March 1)

Dan Quart, D (March 2)

Emily Gallagher, D (March 2)

Zohran Mamdani, D (March 2)

Marcela Mitaynes, D (March 2)

Victor Pichardo, D (March 2)

Phara Souffrant Forrest, D (March 2)

Tom Abinanti, D (March 3)

William Barclay, R (March 7)

Pat Burke, D (March 7)

Sarah Clark, D (March 7)

Billy Jones, D (March 7)

Carrie Woerner, R (March 7)

Mike Reilly, R (March 7)

Sexual Harassment Working Group (Feb. 27)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (March 1)

Working Families Party (March 2)

New York State Young Democrats (March 2)

New York City mayoral candidate Dianne Morales (Feb. 27)

New York City mayoral candidate Carlos Menchaca (Feb. 27)

New York City mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia (March 1)

New York City mayoral candidate Maya Wiley (March 3)

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, R (Feb. 27)

New York City comptroller candidate Brad Lander (March 1)

Manhattan Borough president candidate Ben Kallos (March 1)

Brooklyn Borough president candidate Antonio Reynoso (March 1)

Anonymous said...

Agree with 10:03—There is a federal investigation with Cuomo’s alleged corruption over nursing home data—which could lead to the prosecution of players close to Cuomo—perhaps even Cuomo. Remember, in 2013–Cuomo went unscathed by US Attorney Preet Bhara’s federal investigation with Cuomo’s disbanding of the Moreland Commission—that investigated state government corruption.-that may have implicated Cuomo. Bhara recently suggested that Cuomo got his aides to clam up—and he hopes that this time there is complete cooperation—and the same goes for the NY State AG investigation with the sexual harassment allegations.

Anonymous said...

James, any comment?

Biden to sign executive orders on 'gender equality' while not calling for Cuomo's resignation

Anonymous said...

I am 7:28. I believe the cause to investigate Cuomo is the covering up of vital statistics that may have helped or saved lives during the pandemic. I actually don't believe anyone in office from Trump to Cuomo ever intentionally made a decision that may have lead to someone's death. They simply dealt with the limited facts of a novel virus that we had little info on as well as the misinformation coming from China. Remember, a year ago were told not to wear masks and that the virus wouldn't last long in the air. We were unprepared as a nation but that is not negligence. That is leadership failure. That change happens at the ballot box.
The covering up of statistics however is different and should be investigated.

James Eterno said...

Covering up statistics, getting that liability shield for those nursing home executives who were Cuomo donors, creating a bullying hostile work environment and sexual harassment are all alleged. Are you folks trying to tell me Cuomo can govern effectively while fighting off all of these allegations?

James Eterno said...

From the Working Families Party:


The news keeps dropping with Governor Cuomo’s abuse of power and misconduct. Over the weekend, two more women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against the Governor, and over fifty state lawmakers have now called on him to resign — including New York Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

This is a huge deal. Here’s why it matters:

Leading Democrats, including his longtime allies, are breaking with Governor Cuomo because it is evident that he does not have the best interests of New Yorkers at heart — and that he can no longer effectively lead this state. It is significant that top Democrats are insisting that the Governor must go. However, as the Governor continues to reject the growing calls for his resignation, the Assembly should also explore and embrace its constitutional duty and begin impeachment proceedings to remove him from office immediately.

Holding Governor Cuomo accountable for his actions is critical, and he must leave office so that the work of this state can get done. Join NYWFP, top elected leaders, candidates, and thousands of New Yorkers like you and me in calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign or face impeachment:

Tell Governor Cuomo to resign

New Yorkers are struggling through an ongoing public health and economic crisis, and there is an absence of ethical and transparent executive leadership in Albany.

Now more than ever, it is time for state legislators to step forward and lead. Leadership right now means calling on the Governor to resign if he cannot lead this state forward, and beginning impeachment proceedings if he refuses to depart.

Together, we can build a New York that supports the many, not the few.

In solidarity,


Anonymous said...

Cuomo 2018: "My personal opinion is that… it is impossible for Eric Schneiderman to continue to serve as Attorney General, and for the good of the office he should resign."

Cuomo 2021: "the premise of resigning because of allegations is actually undemocratic."

Anonymous said...

If Cuomo resigns before Good Friday—and he doesn’t have a resurrection on Easter Sunday—that gives time for the spotlight to be on Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochel from upstate NY. over the next 18 months. I read that she’s a moderate Democrat who acts independently—sort of a Munchin type—I’m not that familiar with her position on labor unions. But all candidates make promises to unions that they don’t honor.

Just hope she had nothing to do with Cuomo’s nursing home data—and it would shocking if there are any sexual harassment/toxic work place allegations made against her—although you never know.

In the meantime,—Hochel might be the lesser of the 2 evils if she runs against a more moderate/conservative Republican in 2022. There is no way DeBlasio or any other liberal/ progressive Democratic candidate could win— and there could be a huge damaging split in the Democratic Party any way.

Anonymous said...

James. Cuomo effectiveness is irrelevant. He’s either entitled to due process or not. Should a child murderer go free because csi contaminated the evidence? Yes to that too. Our legal system has standards even for people we despise and for people who are as guilty as sin. Agree with 7:28/11:50. As far as fellow scumbag politicians demanding his resignation, I don’t care what they think because they’re no less a scumbag than Cuomo. They just haven’t gotten caught yet.

Anon2323 said...

Must be an upside-down universe, James preach on ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Could not agree more. @7:28 what the hell you talking about, he had covid patients go back to nursing homes, the most vulnerable when there was a ship size of 4 football fields available. Make your lame ass argument to the thousands of families whose mother father, grandmother, grandfather etc died because of negligence.

TJL whatever drugs you taking please stop!! Witch hunt?? There is evidence o plenty.

WE not even talking about 6-7 women accusing him of inappropriate behavior. Same people who cancel DR Seuss and Mr Potato head but WAP by Cardi B is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Anon2323. 728 agrees Cuomo should go down for nursing homes. The nursing home numbers shenanigans can be proven. Accusations that are he said, she said cannot be proven and no one should be forced to resign based on unsubstantiated accusations of sexual harassment. Not even scum like Cuomo.

Bronx ATR said...

If he’s impeached on sexual harassment charges he may very well get off, twice - so to speak. Impeachment has to be for nursing home deaths. The politicians pushing for impeachment on sexual harassment charges must realize this, as does Cuomo. It’s a ploy.

Anonymous said...

Agree Bronx ATR . Just like politicians made a big deal of stripping Cuomo’s emergency powers that were about to expire anyway. Nursing home is the most serious thing to get him on.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how you can get promoted in school district 24? It's been going on for years. Ask all the Principals.

Bronx ATR said...

Thank you. I really think all teachers should contact our NYS representatives and demand Cuomo be impeached for the nursing home fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Shame om any Republican who even dares to mention Cuomo and metoo after supporting that rapist. STFU.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo kissing a woman on the hand and asking embarrassing questions leads to calls for his removal while murdering people in nursing homes takes second place.