Saturday, March 06, 2021


This is from the NY Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been talking to his inner circle and union allies about running for governor, and sources say he is growing increasingly confident he can win.

“I fell out of my chair laughing — he is honestly thinking about it,” said a former senior adviser. “Because of all this Cuomo s–t, he is feeling bold.”

Hizzoner played coy all week when asked if he was eyeing his embattled rival’s job. “The future will take care of itself,” he said, grinning, when a reporter posed the question on Thursday.

The public comments are not only intended to rile Gov. Cuomo — but behind closed doors, de Blasio is openly talking with advisers about running against him in a 2022 Democratic primary, multiple insiders said. De Blasio is term-limited and leaves office at the end of this year, while Cuomo can seek re-election to a fourth term in November 2022.

I wonder if Michael Mulgrew received a call yet to gauge his possible support? My reaction was like the former advisor to fall out of my chair laughing. This is almost as crazy as the mayor's bid to be president?

Any comments here?


unknown said...


Anonymous said...

No, he is just delusional, period.

Bronx ATR said...

I’m hoping and praying Cuomo is removed. If he isn’t the debates between them should be very entertaining. DeBlasio’s good intentions have paved away to Cuomo lair. Cuomo is the devil and if his only opponent is deBlasio, I will seriously move out of the state, rather than vote for either one.

Anonymous said...

Mayor De Blasio running for governor would probably make it possible for Cuomo to win a fourth term. Cuomo looks good running against De Blasio.

Anonymous said...

Even with all the current allegations and investigations—only 21% of NYS registered Democrats want Cuomo to resign.
Just wondering what DeBlasio’s approval ratings are? And also DeBlasio better make sure that his people are not fudging data when it comes to actual Covid numbers —especially when it comes to the NYC schools.

Anonymous said...

They are both garbage and show little respect for teachers. Let them both go retire to Florida and compete to be their condo's president. That's about what they are fit to lead.
DeBlasio is dillusional.

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio lives in a bubble. He is clueless about everything....he honestly has no idea that most NYers see him as a buffoon.

Anonymous said...

He would do the same as Biden. Biden stole $1.9 Trillion from workers and producers and gave it to illegals and welfare deadbeats.

Anonymous said...

How many sex abuse allegations will it take to get Cuomo impeached and removed?
Is this not another horrific failure of our legal system and government?

How many more people must lose their lives because of the ineptitude and greed of Andrew Cuomo?

This is not simply the story of the imperious Andrew Cuomo.
This is all about the failure of our legal system, our government and our society.

The voters that still support Andrew Cuomo are amoral, cruel and ignorant. They are the deplorables supporting the ultra-deplorable.

Anonymous said...

IMPEACH CUOMO NOW! I click/sign ten petitions a day on some very ethical issues and I haven’t seen a petition to impeach Cuomo. I searched the two sites that send me petitions every day and there are two petitions to impeach him buried. One uses inflammatory language against liberals. Will Cuomo be saved because he’s tied to the Liberal Democrat movement? If he is, what does that say about liberal Democrats? Ethical behavior should not be a partisan issue. And why hasn’t the UFT issued a statement? DeBlasio, at least spoke out - even if it may be self-serving. Don’t forget DeBlasio only got re-elected because of his outspoken stance against Trump, after he was elected to incredulity and shock of NYC’s populace. If Cuomo remains in office, many people may vote for deBlasio for governor out of pure hatred for Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio is so DeLusional.

Anonymous said...

Still over 6%. Open high schools. Pay dues. All very sensible.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Today’s #COVID19 indicators:

• 203 new hospitalizations
• 3,183 new confirmed and probable cases
• 6.39% positivity rate (7-day avg.)

Each day we’re one day closer to the end of this fight. Don’t give up now.

Anonymous said...

So there’s a good chance that the next NY Governor will probably be a woman—just to put an end to sexual harassment -(although you never know). If Cuomo resigns—then the spotlight goes to the Lt. Governor—Karen Hochel.

Anonymous said...

The deplorable liberals support the ultra-deplorable Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo has cajones even though he is a jibone.

Anonymous said...

Although we know what you mean, cajones are drawers. The word your mean is cojones.