Friday, March 26, 2021


I read an opinion piece at Gotham Gazette and think this scientist has a real plan to get coronavirus completely under control. Can the UFT consider making Dr Yaneer Bar-Yam one of our scientce advisors? His op-ed is copied in full below. 

We also have German Chancellor Angela Merkel concerned about the B117 British variant impacting younger people. From Reuters:

"The British mutant, and this is the difference with the spring, is proven to be more dangerous in children and young people so we need to put the protection of schools more front and centre than with the original virus," she told lawmakers.

CNN has a comprehensive article that RBE sent our way showing we are not out of the pandemic yet.

Some highlights:

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said on the "Today" show Thursday that the US is "still seeing about 1,000 deaths a day," which she noted was way too many.

As for the number of daily infections, Walensky said, "What worries me is the steady flow of 50,000, 60,000 -- and we continue to see that even today."

Further down:

While there is optimism about inoculations nationwide, with the Biden administration setting a goal for 200 million doses to be distributed in the coming weeks, there is an additional concern that because the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are given in two delayed doses. It means that in the best-case scenarios more time is needed before a return to normalcy can be achieved.

"In order for us to get to herd immunity even at this rate, it's still probably going to take about five months, assuming we can convince fully 70% of the population to take the shot," CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner told CNN's Erin Burnett on Thursday.

The Bar-Yam piece:

Is Cuomo Letting Scandals Get the Best of his Pandemic Judgement? What the Governor Must Do to End Covid Pandemic in New York

Governor Cuomo seems to be letting his political scandals get the best of his judgement. Last Thursday, he announced sports stadiums and outdoor concerts can resume on a limited basis in April, even as New York State books more than 6,700 new cases each day. That is 6,000 more cases per day than we were registering at our lowest point last summer. Combined with his decision to increase indoor dining capacity, the governor’s move simply invites the virus and all its variants to infect more New Yorkers before the vaccine reaches enough people. 

Despite all the talk of optimism, the situation remains serious and concerning. With new more-contagious variants spreading, the risk of another wave of infections exponentially rises each time we allow more people to gather. Even if people are vaccinated and tested at the door of stadiums and concerts, the virus can still spread, especially if new variants emerge that are less detectable or resistant to the vaccine. Our likely long-term endgame in that scenario – the one we need to avoid – is an endemic virus that mutates chased by vaccines that statistically reduce but do not eliminate the pandemic. 

Governor Cuomo’s decisions, taken together with disastrous moves by Governors Desantis in Florida and Abbott in Texas, underscore why the United States always seems to be one step behind COVID-19 - cycling through a Groundhog Day-like pattern of opening, closing, and reopening again. Lawmakers impose restrictions when hospitalizations and infections rise. They lift those restrictions when metrics fall. Then - having allowed another crisis to mount - they’re forced to put those same restrictions back in place. This is unacceptable, and it doesn’t have to be this way. 

By contrast, places like Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Atlantic Canada have all returned to a sense of normalcy, mostly because they began taking aggressive steps before infections and hospitalizations got so far out of control.

Australia, for instance, has confined outbreaks by restricting inter-state travel among its eight states. In some cases, such as Melbourne in September and Sydney in December, travel restrictions were imposed within a city. This has at times been difficult for the 25 million Australians. But today, as the United States infection rate remains stubbornly high, Australia’s daily new case count is miniscule, averaging less than 11 new cases in the last week.

For the U.S. to change course for the better, we need to reset and choose to resemble Australia’s approach. That means doubling down on actions that stop community spread for a short period of time, providing space for vaccines to take hold and then re-opening in a targeted fashion. 

The concept is simple: endure five weeks of stay-at-home orders now to save lives and put us in a position to reopen our economy as soon as possible. It means allowing only minimal essential services and mandating transmission prevention protocols like delivery, curbside pickup, mask wearing, air purification, and disinfection. It also means rigorous travel restrictions and 14-day traveler quarantines to prevent COVID-19 from crossing borders. The smaller the area, the faster the process of getting to zero. Testing, vaccinations, and mask-wearing remain critical, but they should not be the sole emphasis.

After one month of these measures, some areas will have eliminated community transmission. Those can be labeled green zones and begin reopening their economies. All other areas are labeled red. Travel between red and green zones should be limited. Week after week, more green zones will emerge, and travel can begin across a green zone travel network. Our model predicts that after six weeks, participating states could end community transmission of COVID-19.  

I know there is a political desire to start making people feel good about gathering in large numbers again. But neither politics nor wishful thinking should drive our pandemic decisions. It is this mentality that has dug us into a hell of our own creation. The only way we beat the virus is by using vaccinating and simultaneously imposing stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions to end transmission and stop variants from emerging. This is the fastest route back to normal. If New York does it, the rest of the world will follow.

Dr. Yaneer Bar-Yam is the founding president of the New England Complex Systems Institute, where he is an expert on pandemics and other complex systems. He is spearheading the effort of over 3,000 volunteers working to stop the outbreak at On Twitter at @yaneerbaryam.


Anonymous said...

yeah but we got fauci the long time swamp doctore from dc

Anonymous said...

The UFT agrees with whatever the ny democrat power structure wants. Last I heard they want schools open. Convince them and you convince the UFT.

Anonymous said...

I think there’s a real possibility that this virus is going to get worse. The variants are troubling to say the least. I have always believed that this virus is an escaped man made weapon. (That’s not to say I’m anti-Chinese or want to cast blame on the Chinese people. I love Chinese art and history but what their government is doing is diabolical and evil.) I believe this virus escaped their lab. This will eventually may out. What will the world do then? More pertinent is the fact that this virus has been engineered for continued devastation. As such people should prepare for some devastating surprises. Telling people what they want to hear and putting guys like that POS Gates opinions in the media is beyond dangerous. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. My buddy got the vaccine last week and he caught the virus this week. He’s a well known doctor and agrees with me, as do many of his colleaguesMy intention is not to scare anyone - but stay out of the schools, until there is definitive proof it’s safe. When you have the UFT’s headquarters closed and they’re telling you to go back to school something is profoundly wrong.

Anonymous said...

1200. The Chinese government is not doing anything to us that is diabolical or evil. Please do not push this false narrative, as our media is doing enough of that already. The evil is here at home, we need to clean house and not cast shade everywhere else. The Chinese government is busy taking care of their own. Just look at the historic poverty alleviation there, and check the depression here.

TJL said...

At least this Dr. Bar-Yam is transparent. 5 weeks minimum of house arrest without due process with indefinite extension to your sentence depending on what color zone he says you're in. Slavery is freedom, just like 1984.

He also openly endorses the elimination delusion, and denies that the pandemic has been over for a long time and that we're already dealing with a seasonal endemic virus he says he wants to avoid.

David Suker said...

Fauci disagrees with you.

Anonymous said...

Whats Going On With The coronavirus, You Know The Virus That Originated In China Has Definitely Not Run Its Course. We Should Be Preparing Ourselves For Many More Variants And Waves. Just Hope Our President Who Seems To Have Some Type Of Cognitive Challenges Is Up For It. We Need Our President To Be On The Ball/ If Not Should Be Removed From Office. This Is Not The Time For Someone With Possible Dementia Or Any Leader To Be Lacking In The Cognitive Skills This And Many Other Crisis Need.

Anonymous said...

12:00, your Dr. Buddy, well known doc, should know that you don't get covid-19 from the vax.

You could get covid-19 after the vax starts doing it's work. You could get covid-19 waiting on the line for your shot.

Also, doesn't everyone know the vax, most any vax doesn't guarantee you won't get a disease, but it prevents death ☠️.

Anonymous said...

1:12. first discovered by Chinese scientists. No one knows the origin, not that it matters since we share a planet. But your false claim positions blame on a single nation, creates a demonizing attitude towards them, and avoids confronting the failures at home. China discovered it before anyone else figured it out, and dealt with it effectively and efficiently. Meanwhile the US is an absolute wreck. Sucks to suck i guess.

James Eterno said...

1:12, It was me who edited your comment. Camille and I agree with the Pschology Today article linked below and many others so we will not allow racist terms. If you don't like my change, I will take off your comment and this reply.
I don't want to debate this. Please stay on topic.

Anonymous said...

David, Fauci also purposely lied and said that masks were unnecessary in order to make sure they weren’t hoarded. I take everything he says with a grain of salt. Occam‘s razor is almost correct.

12:27, The Chinese government is horrible, diabolical and dangerous. Just because the people aren’t starving physically doesn’t mean it is beneficent - just like depression doesn’t prove that we are somehow worse than China. Saying so does not mean that I in anyway think that of the Chinese people. The Chinese people are good people and they are suffering. They are suffering there and here. I will refuse to stay quiet just because the ignoramuses out there can’t tell the difference between the Chinese government and its people. It feels like we are spending inordinate amounts of time and effort trying to tiptoe around lowlifes that can’t discern racist remarks from criticism. Any kind of religion, that China doesn’t directly control, is outlawed and it’s adherents are imprisoned and then used for organ harvesting. Hong Kong is currently being intellectually and economically bulldozed and its people fleeing en masse. The Chinese people are being watched every moment of the day, listened to and filmed. The tank guy from Tenemin Square is six feet under along with most of those college students from 1989. Democracy, morality and ethics are not in the Chinese government vocabulary. It is diabolical.

Anonymous said...

1:36, I never said that my doctor friend said anything like that and no not everybody realizes that the vaccine will not stop you from catching the virus. Not even the majority of people out there think that. I’m in a restaurant right now and no one has masks on. If you say something you’re likely to get cursed out, with the explanation that the person not wearing the mask has got the vaccine and therefore they are safe and you are safe.

Anonymous said...

Is this racist?

Again. In 2010 Joe Biden spoke at the funeral of Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, who used the filibuster in an attempt to block the 1954 Civil Rights Act. Byrd was a KKK member.

Anonymous said...

UFT does not give two shits about hiring some doctor. We are all heading back into schools asap. Drink beers and have fun over the break!

waitingforsupport said...

@2:25 pm...
Wow. Did you research all of this? "Democracy morality and ethics are not in the Chinese government ('s) vocabulary. It is diabolical". I can think of another country who also needs atonement. Glass houses shouldn't have stones. Just saying

David Suker said...

2:25 I agree with you. I think the virus escaped from the lab in Wuhan. I also think that most Americans are sleeping on the real threat that is posed by the Chinese government.. We can’t have an honest discussion of the long term consequences of China’s rise because you’ll be called names if you don’t agree with the woke mob. Good thing wokeness want around during the Cold War.

Anonymous said...

Who would have ever have imagined that people in our country would be carrying water for china. Crazy World Crazier Radical Liberals . China Is The Biggest Threat To Peace, Prosperity And Freedom. Mark My Words
When They Take Over The World Many Of You , Including Myself Will Be Enslaved
When the Thought Of America Is Gone Forever Where Will Be People Go For Freedom?
We Are Digging Our Own Graves. God Help Us All. Forgive Them Father For They Know Not What TheY Do.
Remember This, Great Civilizations Collapse From Within

Liberals Have Killed God And Replaced God With Government, Celebrity Self Righteousness And Wokeness
Hope This Make It Past The Thought Police. Kept My Post On Topic.People Who Have Responded Today have Been Talking About China. You Know Where The Virus Started. God Bless

Hope Our President, Presidents And Political Leaders Ae Up To The Challenge. Having A President Who Might Have Cognitive Challenges May Be Just The Ticket China Needs To Take Over The World. Please Say A Prayer.

Anon2323 said...

@12:27 you are wrong, it came from wuhan.

Exactly what China wanted, they gained 8 years in catching us for global power, destroyed our country and parts of the world and what has happened to china? what happened to all the protests from hong kong seemed to end abruptly?

David Suker- sorry keebler elf has been wrong on everything, of course since he has been involved he will say that.

@2:56 dont forget robert byrd was also a pedophile and a mentor to clinton.

Anonymous said...

Communist China is America’s enemy. Our president has personal economic ties to CCP via his drug addict son. Reason enough to want Biden out of the White House.