Wednesday, March 10, 2021


 From the NY Post citing the Albany Times Union:

The sexual harassment scandal engulfing Gov. Andrew Cuomo escalated Wednesday with the emergence of allegations that he reached under a female aide’s blouse and groped her while they were alone in a room inside the Executive Mansion in Albany.

The incident allegedly unfolded after the much-younger woman was summoned to help the 63-year-old governor fix a problem with his cellphone, the Albany Times Union reported.

The woman told him to stop, the newspaper said.

The accusations are the most serious yet made against Cuomo, who’s previously been hit with claims of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior by five other women, four of whom were his aides at the time.

The latest accuser said the incident took place late last year after Cuomo shut the door to a room on the second floor of the governor’s heavily guarded, official residence, the Times Union said.

More details from the Times Union article:

The woman's story was revealed within the governor's Executive Chamber on March 3, as staff members watched his first news conference in the week since Lindsey Boylan published an online essay detailing her own allegations against Cuomo. In the news conference, the governor denied ever touching any women "inappropriately."

Hearing those remarks, the female aide became emotional. At least one female supervisor came to her assistance and asked why she was upset. The female aide subsequently told the supervisor about what she said had been inappropriate encounters with Cuomo, the source said.

The Cuomo defense:

In response to the Times Union's questions about the allegations, Cuomo on Wednesday evening issued a statement to the newspaper: "As I said yesterday, I have never done anything like this. The details of this report are gut-wrenching. I am not going to speak to the specifics of this or any other allegation given the ongoing review, but I am confident in the result of the attorney general’s report.”

That's six accusers now. Add in the horrific nursing home scandal and I don't see how Cuomo survives or why anyone would want him to. 

Some reaction to the groping allegation:

Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) — who last month called for Cuomo’s impeachment for the cover-up of the death toll of nursing home residents from COVID-19 — said, “I am without words. This is now sexual assault.”

Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Nioh (D-Manhattan) tweeted, “I feel sick.”

Update, March 11

BREAKING: @CarlHeastie, leader of @NYSA_Majority, confirms: 

"I am authorizing the Assembly Judiciary Committee to begin an impeachment investigation, led by Chair Charles D. Lavine, to examine allegations of misconduct against Governor Cuomo."


Anonymous said...

There should be zero tolerance for Cuomo's sexual harassment.

The nursing home data fraud is even more disturbing.
Cuomo is a transactional politician and the nursing home deaths are a result of Cuomo's transactions with the nursing home operators. 15,000 people died as a result.

In the private sector, Cuomo would have been fired for his incompetence and his sexual harassment. In the NYC education system, an educator he would have been fired or put into the rubber room. The voters did not vote for Cuomo's mismanagement. They were deceived.

However with our corrupt political system and legal system in NY state, Cuomo is shielded from accountability.

I do not think he should be allowed to continue as governor while he is
being investigated. These double standards for politicians are outrageous, reckless and dangerous for society.

Anonymous said...

"Sexual harassment? Good for thee but not for me". -Gov, Cuomo

Anonymous said...

Cuomo survives murdering people faster than groping.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt political system and double standards!

Anonymous said...

Biden was accused of rape. Why is his accuser not credible but Cuomo accusers are? The media controls the bandwagon. They are making it easy for Cuomo accusers to jump on board but bashed Biden accuser ensuring no other women would try to jump on board. No one should resign based on unsubstantiated allegations. Should we ask for the resignation of all teachers being investigated by osi, sci, or their administration? I despise Cuomo. The nursing home investigation should conclude and if proven, he should be impeached and removed. I’m female btw.

Anonymous said...

How does Mulgrew survive?
Why did we wait 12 years, still waiting, for retro with no interest?
Why did we get forced to work during days off and then get told we won't get paid for it?
Why is trs, uft, doe closed, why is porter remote at the mayor's news conference, yet we are told it is safe?
WHy do the idiots keep paying dues?
Now you know how cuomo survives.

Anonymous said...

investigation then when proven, fired. please don't ask for people to lose jobs before proven guilty, it's exactly what we as teachers font want to happen.

Bronx ATR said...

He may very well survive this as it’s her word against his. (He would not survive it if all elected NY representatives issued a statement of no confidence in his leadership. Gillibrand are you listening? They won’t do it because they are afraid of him.) As such the focus should be the nursing home deaths. That he can not escape.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Liberals. Everything Is About Sex, Gender An Ethnicity. They Can't Or Refuse To Solve The Real/Important Problems Facing Our Once Great Nation. Hate Cuomo But We All Know Whats Really Going On With Him. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with 7:43 and stated so as 7:28 in a previous blog. While I tend to believe something happened he must be given the chance to defend himself and let the facts present themselves. For all of these years not a word about sexual harrassment/misconduct and now suddenly 6 people in a few weeks. Not saying it didn't happen but sometimes people finally feel brave enough to speak out when one does but also sometimes some see an opportunity. If in the same position we would want the same courtesy.

And 7:43 is absolutely correct in that the media controls what is out there and what isn't as do the politicians. Shame on Sen. Gillibrand for saying it would be wrong for her to comment and that women are being singled out. No Senator. You are being asked because you spoke out on those other occasions. It looks hypocritical.

Our media and politicians have gotten too black and white. No gray area while most of us here like 7:43 see that something probably happened with Cuomo but he must be given his due process. It's the right answer for everyone and the media should follow the same ideals.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo is entitled to due process, which includes proper investigations—just like Al Franken was supposed to have received before Congress. But people like Gillibrand wanted him to resign and go bye-bye—as soon as possible.

Just waiting for the next accuser —another former Cuomo staffer to come forward before the camera holding an infant—claiming the child is Cuomo’s love child and it was conceived in the Governor’s office. When does it end?

Anonymous said...

The politicians in this country really are pitiful. Just imagine how great this country would be had we have good honest politicians who actually work for the people....

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio is calling for the resignation of Cuomo on a daily basis, which is no surprise. However, just waiting for an audit of the NYC Covid data or school attendance figures or crime stats or the count of homeless people —which might show numbers that has also been altered by members of his own staff. You never know. DeBlasio is out of here anyway—come Dec.31

Anonymous said...

136. Yes. You are correct. But right now we have a prez letting COVID infected illegal immigrants cross over when we could have had a president who continued to not let them in. So if we citizens can’t agree on voting priorities, on voting on strictly policies we think are urgent we will never agree on much else and we will never put the right person in office. Biden voters have sent these COVID infected poor souls into our country. They all should own it. Open the border? Open all the schools too.

Anonymous said...

This is why Cuomo survives. They all do. Same as Mulgrew.
Five Far-Left Promises Joe Biden Has Kept in His 1st 50 Days:

1. Canceling Keystone XL
2. Ending border controls
3. Rejoining WHO
4. Rejoining Paris Climate Agreement
5. Ending deportation

Not one of these actually helps *Americans.*

Anonymous said...

At least randi who makes 600k got what she wanted.

Day 50 of the Biden Administration:

Border in crisis
Gas prices rising
Unemployment stagnant
Opioid deaths skyrocketing
Syria carpet bombed
Schools & churches remain closed
More kids in "cages" than ever before
2 trillion more in spending, 10% for covid...

And Biden won't hold a press conference to answer for ANY of it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if the ERI bill will further stall.

Anonymous said...

Sounds safe if returning to work...

MTA union prez says he's afraid to let his kids ride the subway

Anonymous said...

The political system is broken. The politicians broke the social contract.
The multitude of corrupt politicians with sovereign immunity is one of the symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo needs to go RIGHT NOW. I see some people on this feed really know very little saying so far they are just accusations. First a judge found his administration guilty of withholding the nursing home numbers and his top aid confirmed this AND in his wonderful apology he said he didn't know he was making women uncomfortable. UMMMM SORRY that doesn't make a difference. Imagine a teacher started touching (which he admits he always has done) a student and then asks about their private life if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Can they also claim they didnt kow that was wrong. Thats more than enough to remove a teacher but I guess him being the King he gets a different standard.

Anonymous said...

Staff off payroll for refusing covid test.

Anonymous said...

This line from Biden is the stuff of tyrants: "We will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do once fully vaccinated." What's the point then if you can't have your life back post-shot?

This is why leaders survive.

Anonymous said...

Ya know what i learned? Randi is as despicable as Mulgrew. What a left wing hack.

Bronx ATR said...

Someone asked me today what should be done with Cuomo right now. If he isn’t found guilty, Governor Cuomo should be made an ATR Governor. Rotate him to a different state each month, to do menial tasks for each state’s respective governor, until his term is up or until he’s convicted. Have an ATR supervisor drop by to check up on him constantly, (Bill deBlasio would be perfect for the position), and keep him away from all young female interns.

Anon2323 said...

This is such a dystopia. He killed seniors in nursing homes and knowingly hid numbers 🤬🤬. He has 6-7 accusers which are second fiddle to his main problem, how can he stay? Why isn't the ridiculous Emmy stripped? Why are people not going after him for writing a fake book and it's completely fraudulent.

Is pussy Mulgrew and the UFT going to back Diblasio when he tries and steals and destroys us to hell as governor? Sooooo many cnn msdnc etc sheep who really thought Cuomo was doing amazing who really believed his bullshit, wake up!! South Parq vaccination special was amazing, so glad they called out Hanks.

Anonymous said...

9:49: That's the smartest thing I've heard in a while.

Anonymous said...

435. No one is defending Cuomo here. Some of us are defending due process. Believing every woman who makes an accusation is stupid. How’s about we believe every female administrator who says a teacher’s lesson was ineffective? Stupid. No way around it. I’m not on board with the leftists who want accusations to be the standard used for ruining people’s lives or the political hacks who only demand resignations when it suits their political needs, or hacks like Schumer who won’t demand a resignation because it doesn’t suit their political needs. The nursing homes is the most serious situation that needs a full transparent investigation. The sexual harassment media frenzy is just cover for that. Im a woman who sees the #metoo movement as laughable because the corrupt media kings decide who gets metoo-ed. Im not abandoning American due process because I hate Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to politics, there is something bigger out there that most of us just don't know. There are people, rich people, media and social media people pulling strings. These puppeteers have dirt on everyone and are willing to throw it out there in order to keep their power. If the dirt doesn't do the job, they are rich and powerful enough to make up lies and push that agenda. All for money and power. This is nothing new. The use of social media, that is new and most powerful.

The puppet-masters, do not want Cuomo running for President, so they are exposing his corrupt self and corrupt leadership. Cuomo has been corrupt all along but these puppet-masters didn't care because they were too busy going after Trump. "They" praised Cuomo while Trump was president as part of their attack on Trump, now "they" dump Cuomo to make sure they can keep their puppets in the White House.

These puppet-masters decide/control who is popular; usually through the media and social media because Americans, in general, don't think very much on their own. The puppet-masters realized after Trump surprisingly won the election in 2016, they needed to ramp things up. And, they did.

Anyone who cannot be manipulated, bought, directed, frightened, controlled, influenced, managed, etc. will always face the wrath of whoever is pulling the strings. I do believe Bernie lost because even he was is super liberal, was too independent for the puppet-masters. Every non-marionette knows that the only reason Biden is President is because he was put there by the puppet-masters because is willing to serve them and so is Vice-President Harris.

Anyone who does not see how obvious this all is doesn't want to see it. As long as Americans are willing to be the marionettes, the puppeteers will keep pulling the strings.

Anonymous said...

621. Preach! It’s why I supported Tulsi Gabbard and voted for Trump twice. I will vote for the person the puppet masters despise.

Anonymous said...

I'm not defending Cuomo either but it always bugs me these women always wait so long to make their accusations. If they were really strong, they would have come out sooner. They have to wait for one brave one and then it's a cascade effect.