Tuesday, August 17, 2021


There is an excellent piece in Salon by the Chief-Leader's Bob Hennelly explaining how the CDC didn't listen to union warnings when they took off the mask mandate in May. Hennelly starts right off attacking the Biden administration on COVID and then gets to the details.

From the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic during the Trump administration, our national response has been fractured. Tragically, that dysfunctional response has continued under President Biden, who pledged during his campaign to defeat the virus by making decisions guided by sound public health science and not an economic calculus that was the hallmark of the Trump tenure.

In May, with Biden in for four months, the CDC executed a Bushesque "Mission Accomplished" move in the war on COVID. The nation's premiere health agency inexplicably lifted the universal mask mandate for vaccinated Americans in public indoor settings, even as tens of millions of Americans were not vaccinated and living in counties where below 40 percent of the eligible population had their shots.

The unions that represent nurses and healthcare personnel, as well as essential workers in the food processing and distribution sectors, went ballistic fearing for the safety of its members. But because the corporate news media avoids labor stories you most likely missed it.

The unions warned that the CDC was relying on an honor system which would put their members at risk and would set the stage for the proliferation of an even more contagious variant that would hit hardest the communities of color with the lowest level of vaccine acceptance.

Both things happened and the results, though still unfolding, have been catastrophic.

In their drive to "return to normal" and "get the economy back on track," our national policy makers opened the door wider to the ultra-contagious delta variant. As the variant started to get traction, President Biden described our pandemic as a "pandemic of the unvaccinated," which ignored the possibility that Delta could set the stage for yet another variant that could be more effective at undermining the efficacy of the existing vaccines.

Nurses sound the alarm

In a May 17 tweet, the New York State Nurses Association, which represents 40,000 Registered Nurses, issued a warning: "The rushed CDC mask guidance is a rollback on patients' & workers' protections across the country. The path to stop the virus is more than the vaccine alone. This guidance will push communities to remove their masks sooner than recommended—risking lives."

Key among their concerns: In the neighborhoods of color hardest hit by the coronavirus, where a large portion of the essential workforce resides, the rate of vaccination is well below the 50-percent threshold found in whiter, more affluent areas.

Charlene Obernauer, the executive director of the New York Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, said her group had heard from unions representing grocery-store workers that were pressing their employers to stick with the mask mandate.

"We would support the unions that are calling for the mask mandate to stay in place," Obernauer said during a phone interview. "There is still a disparity in terms of the rates of vaccination between white communities and communities of color."

"We are calling on all those businesses who employ Local 338 members to continue to encourage mask-wearing in their stores and following safe practices in their establishments," texted Nikki Kateman, the political and communications director of Local 338 Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union in New York. "Out of respect to the health, safety and sacrifices of our members, we strongly encourage everyone to mask up at places like the grocery store and pharmacy.

The unions were totally right. There are many more details that I encourage everyone to read and here is Hennelly's conclusion:

As we approach the last half of the second year of this scourge, nearly 650,000 Americans have died. Another 37 million have been infected with COVID-19; in a nation with 330 million people, the number of infected is more than 10 percent of the population. The pandemic is likely to leave several million Americans dealing with long term health issues.

Maintaining the universal mask mandate would have meant less virus transmission, reduced the chance of spawning new variants and shown essential workers the protection they and their families deserved.

I really hope that printing this criticism of the Biden administration puts to bed the notion that I am on "team blue" and am a cheerleader for Biden on COVID or other issues just because he is a Democrat. Please, let's dispense with the Democrat v Republican comments. Jonathan Halabi described the COVID political situation quite well in a comment earlier today:

Jonathan said...

Florida's anti-safety measures compare poorly to New York's half-measures.

But we are still seeing half-measures in New York.

Which means that there are two groups - the nut jobs who think COVID is just like the flu, and that being required to wear a mask is an assault on freedom - and the Democratic politicians who want to take some measures, but not too many, and who want to open things, including schools, as quickly as they can while conveniently cherrypicking data - two groups who are imperiling our safety.

The New York Times and I-stay-at-home-You-go-to-school reporter Eliza Shapiro fall in that second category. Some of the anonymous posters here fall in the first. Yuck.


Anonymous said...

Once I had my vaccine in March, the mask was an insult. I wasn't a danger, and at the time I was told I was safe from others. At that time, relaxing mask mandates made sense. The situation has changed and masking may be required again. I'm willing to comply. But your argument that we all needed to be masked all the time is wrong. PS how about those fools driving by themselves, alone in car with mask on? Can't we be flexible?

Anonymous said...

Let's try again (hoping to avoid the censor):
"My body...my choice"?

Anonymous said...

The Covid public health is not over—despite the rosy painted Biden message back in April. Fauci always said that with the vaccinations —it meant the Calvary was coming and by the fall most Americans would be able to go back their routines—but with several caveats—especially with indoor face masks involving indoor masks for most public places.Unfortunately, close to 50% of Americans didn’t want to rescued by the Calvary—especially in red states.

However, ,the only good news is that the Delta surge has slowed in California according to an article in today’s LA Times. The infection rate increase was just 7% this week compared to 30% last week. On the other hand, that is not the case in states like Florida and Texas—where the surge continues—as their Governors are living in an alternate world when it comes it public health safety and mitigation.

With the Biden administration, the CDC and Fauci all expected to recommend a booster shot for all those 12 years and over starting next month—so will that booster also be mandated—and how about a shot in the arms of the under 12 crowd—as rates of pediatric infections continue to rise? Will there be a chaotic rollout with the booster appointments Will people have to spend hours on their computers to schedule—or will they be simply notified via email, text or even regular mail—— as to where to report—location, date, time etc?

As far as the city unions warnings —why is DC 37 is telling its members—no vaccine mandates -despite the fact many members work in hospital and school settings—and apparently Mulgrew will go along with whatever DeBlasio dishes out when it comes to school reopening on September.13.

Finally, the NYC Moskowitz Charters reopened a few weeks ago where all staff and students over 12 were mandated for vaccines. Has there been any public data with respect to infection rates—especially with youngsters under age 12?

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Democrats to go out of their way to bash one another. You'll need to look high and low, far and wide to see a Republican bashing Trump but we never disappoint and then we wonder why they are holding most State Houses and running roughshod over this country.

James Eterno said...

We are not afraid to call out the Dems many of who are overly influenced by a corporate donor wing.

Anonymous said...

Under normal circumstances I would agree, but we are in a situation where Trump might run again, and I still remember when he said he would let NY rot. Also California. When he tried, or actually did, withhold COVID funds. So no, I don't think it's SAFE for anyone to do anything to put any Democrat at risk. That's just how I see it.

Anonymous said...

Just curious to see how the NYC indoor restaurants, gyms etc.—are working out with the checking of vaccinations cards of their patrons.
No vaccine proof—no soup for you—and the rest of the meal too.

Anonymous said...

224 i support bodily autonomy. i support public safety measures. nuance is important, lines can and will blur. of course, i understand the tongue in cheek use of the term, as all you're doing is co-opting the old pro-choice language. luckily, carrying a fetus isn't a highly contagious virus and it does pertain to a single body. a contagious virus on the other hand pertains to all of our bodies.

Anonymous said...

325 liz cheney, the McCains, Romney, all the republicans that frequent CNN.. i didnt go high or low, far or wide.

Anonymous said...


With respect, I don't think the "my body, my choice" motto is necessarily applicable for a highly contagious virus, just as the measles vaccine is required for NYC students with rare exemptions. I could compare the concept to alcohol consumption. An adult has the right to get drunk, his body-his choice, but not to drive while intoxicated. If a person's actions endanger the safety of other citizens, then the person's rights are called into question.
Freedom has limitations.

Anonymous said...

224 you're mistaken. A law against driving while intoxicated , or even public drunkenness, is not the same as a law mandating inoculation. You most certainly do have a right to choose what goes in your body.

Anonymous said...

Not 224, meant to address 535

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response.
Forgive the analogy of DWI, but I refer back to my comparison of the measles vaccine for schools. I know many people would respond with the current lack of FDA approval, but even with that, only 30% of unvaccinated people said they would then get it.
At what point is it mandated?

Do we at least agree that mask mandates are acceptable?

Anonymous said...

My gym did not check. They said they had received no guidance and weren't in any hurry since there's no enforcement until mid Sept.

James Eterno said...

The argument about mandatory vaccines was settled in 1905 by the Supreme Court in Jacobson v Massachusetts. It is constitutional to protect the public health.


"The Court held that the law was a legitimate exercise of the state's police power to protect the public health and safety of its citizens. Local boards of health determined when mandatory vaccinations were needed, thus making the requirement neither nor arbitrarily imposed.

Emergency Use Authorization was covered by the legal community too:


"Consensus in the legal community has been that employers may require at-will employees to be vaccinated, subject to accommodations that may be required for medical or religious reasons," said Kevin Troutman, an attorney with Fisher Phillips in Houston, and Richard Meneghello, an attorney with Fisher Phillips in Portland, Ore.

"No decision is 'risk proof,' but we do not believe EUA status diminishes an employer's authority to require a vaccine," they said in a joint statement.

Educat said...

Sorry if I sound a bit jaded but the same dumb asses in government that are telling everyone to wear a mask and get vaccinated "for our safety " are the same dopes that thought it a great idea to go into nation-building in Afghanistan, "for our safety"
And if you know history you know that the American Indians we're told to move onto reservation land "for their own safety"
I've been around long enough to know that any power you give to governments is never relinquished, and that trading freedom for security is always a bad deal

James Eterno said...

Before the PLO started hijacking planes, you got onto planes without going through metal detectors. We gave up our freedom to go through metal detectors and get frisked so we can be safe on planes. I think most would agree it was a reasonable limit on freedom.

Anonymous said...

When will the lesson be learned? Vaccinations are vital and should be mandated in the name a of public health crisis—unless there are some rare circumstance or exception.
The 63 year old vaccinated Governor of Texas has tested positive for Delta and so far feels okay. Just can’t imagine what would have happened if he didn’t get the vaccine. Latest stats indicate that 50% of all Delta infections are located in 5 southern coast states from Texas to Florida—where the rate of vaccines are the lowest in the country.

Anonymous said...

5:05 Ok - fine. Actually there are TONS of Republicans and Conservatives who are totally opposed to Trump and formed all types of groups. The list is long and distinguished. He is a danger to this country and to Democracy so I still maintain that under the circumstances we have to be careful to not add to the fuel to the fire and risk letting him get back in office.

Educat said...

The more the government makes a demand, the less inclined are certain individuals(myself included)to comply. Many of us, who have observed over a lifetime the ineptitude, and outright lying of governments to its people, are distrustful and full of contempt for theses so called "leaders".
The vaccine should be a matter of personal choice. My doctor has told me that since I had Covid, I have natural immunity and to get the vaccine exposes me to unnecessary risk. I will listen to my doctor and my own instincts over some bureaucrat in a lab coat who is in the pocket of big Pharma.

Anonymous said...

I notice no answer on giving up your 4th Amendment right against a search without a warrant before getting on a plane.

Medical exemptions to covid shots are included as ok.

Next third rate freedom loving bullshit case, please.

Anonymous said...

You will never convince those in favor of liberty over safety that you’re right. Force will not work. The only people who will enforce the vax cards are the establishments in white liberal vaxed neighborhoods. Deblasio’s plan is another farce that makes liberals feel better but ignored by the rest.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. What the fuck are you afraid of if you have your jab? Anyone pro-mandate is pro- medical segregation. I never thought NYC would have its own version of the Nuremberg Laws. Good luck enforcing it. Looking forward to mass civil disobedience especially sit-ins.

Anonymous said...

Still no answer on ll of you surrendering your 4th Amendment rights every time you get on a plane. Tucker hasn't brought that one up either.

Anonymous said...

901.. Nuremberg Laws were based on Jim Crow laws, and NYC lawyers helped to draft them. Of course, I do see a large difference between ethnicity/religion, and being vaccinated in shared spaces during a medical crisis. This won't hold. And people will not be jailed, and killed.

Anonymous said...

1040.. I hope you are right about the mandates not holding. But did you see this ?

“Rep. Ritchie Torres pushes vaccine mandate for Americans boarding all flights“

“Torres (D-N.Y) said Thursday that he was embarking on a push to require that eligible Americans get immunized against COVID-19 for domestic and international air travel, introducing a bill that would cement the rule into law and penning a letter to the Transportation Security Administration pleading for such a policy.”

First, they said get your shot for freedom. Now it’s shots every 8 months. Is freedom now a subscription based service predicated on being subjected to medical experimentation?

Doug said...

@ Educrat: excellent historical examples. Remember Micheal Chertoff? After being head of Homeland Security, he tried to keep up the fear narrative on conservative media to sell his body scanners. I bet there are numerous Chertoffesque figures profiting from COVID hysteria.

@James. You are absolutely right. This is more than just Democrats vs. Republicans. The analysis has to go deeper than corporate parties politics.

You forgot to mention Jacobson never had to get vaccinated. He had to pay a $5 fine, which he objected to as well. A far more relevant case would be John Doe vs. Rumsfeld, where the Defense Dept. couldn’t mandate an experimental anthrax vaccine on troops.

“ Court says military must get consent for anthrax vaccinations - John Doe #1 v. Rumsfeld, --- F.Supp.2d ----, 2003 WL 22994225 (D.D.C. Dec 22, 2003)” https://biotech.law.lsu.edu/cases/vaccines/Doe_v_Rumsfeld_I.htm

In regards to masks, I’m sort of agnostic on the issue. Any of us can engage in medical study duels and throw competing studies at each other. I’d rather examine the mask issue from a symbolic perspective . What do they represent? For many, it is a sacred cloth, a necessary accessory to show your faith in the state religion of COVID hysteria. For others who have been victimized by the psychological warfare employed by gov. and media, it is a security blanket and a symbol of fear as virtue signaling. For dissidents, it’s a muzzle and a symbol of oppression. Since you introduced me to the term scariant and I value reciprocity, I will share a term with you. When these masks are found littering our landscape, you can call them sheep droppings.

Even Leana Wen, former president of Planned Parenthood and now CNN’s chief COVID Inquisitor, has acknowledged the futility of cloth masks.
“We do know what it takes to get our children back in school safely. We also know that it requires layers. And so when we remove a layer — for example, we remove the layer of distancing because we can’t get kids back in school in person, full time if we still keep six feet distancing — then indoor masking becomes even more important,” she said. “Type of mask also matters. Ideally KN95 or N95 if the toddler is able to tolerate that, if not at least a three-ply surgical mask. Cloth masks are not enough,” she added.

Please be aware this is the same petty tyrant who said not to reopen to soon because it will disincentivize people from getting their symptom retardant shots. They are almost done offering carrots. Now here come their sticks. Yet some of you here still cheer this on.

Anonymous said...

Well said 1245. Thanks for sharing facts and your opinion.

James Eterno said...

Sorry. Doug the anthrax comparison does not hold up as it is not a virus transmitted from person to person.


"Can anthrax be spread person to person? Inhalation (lung) anthrax is not spread from person to person. Even if you develop symptoms of inhalation anthrax, you are not contagious to other persons.

The current Supreme Court has ruled on mandated covid vaccine to get into college.

The US Supreme Court has denied review of Indiana University's
COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees and students, leaving in place the rulings of lower courts in favor of the university's requirements. We've gathered articles on the news from SHRM Online and other media outlets.

TJL said...

Bush did accomplish the mission (although I didn't think we should be there in the first place), the problem was the goalposts were changed and we engaged in "nation building" which is not the military's job, wasted our resources, and likely won't work (see Afghanistan).

Similarly there was nothing wrong with Biden declaring independence from the virus. Just like when Trump said "don't let the virus dominate your life". It's an endemic disease that will be here forever and the distancing, masks, vaccine passports and all the other b.s. is over for anyone the moment anyone says enough of this crap, I'm going to live my life.

When Biden said that, after the CDC no longer recommending masks for vaccinated people, almost anyone in serious danger (except for under 12's who have some unique situation) who wanted it got the vaccine. It works for what it is supposed to do. Now you have people changing the goalposts again because they either expect there to be no one with coronavirus, which is an absurd expectation or they expected there to not be an increase in "cases" or even hospitalizations and deaths particularly with all the pent up demand for travel and large gatherings.

Anonymous said...

Hey look. Now the Atlantic is arguing for banning the unvaccinated from flying. What a coincidence ! Manufacturing consent isn’t just for war mongering any more. Don’t they know the vaccine does not stop the spread ?


Doug said...

James, I think the issue in regards to John Doe vs. Rumsfeld was not the transmissibility of anthrax but rather the fact that our troops could not be forced into being test subjects for an experimental anthrax vaccine without their consent. Remember, governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Not technocrats and tyrants.

We also have the Nuremberg Code which states that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion;

Have we not learned from history?

Anonymous said...

Walked into a business. Ignored their mask sign. Spent 30 minutes inside. No one said a word. Some of you want rules but nobody has the fortitude to enforce. It’s a big country. Stop thinking everyone has the mentality of a nyc leftist. You’ll be less upset when we don’t comply with your rules.

Unless Amy Coney Barrett or some other justice is going to try to hold me down and jab me, I don’t care what the Supreme Court has to say about the vaccine either. I CHOSE the vaccine. I am not signing up for any vaccine passport. And until the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants are force jabbed, I’m not entertaining democrat histrionics.

Anonymous said...

Nicely spoken as a communist. Move to China you'll fit right in

Educat said...

The same dumb asses that want you to wear a mask and get vaccinated, are the same dopes that are allowing thousands to cross this border illegally and then bussing them into communities all over the United States. It has been reported by NBC that 18% have tested positive for covid. So it naturally follows that any intelligent and sane person would question a government that is this stupid.

James Eterno said...

Viruses are different. State has an interest in protecting public health. Anthrax case doesn't hold. IU case much more relevant.

Doug said...

Yes. Unfortunately, you are probably right about the Indiana U case. I was surprised that Judge Barrett didn’t even allow the other members to review the case. Hopefully, there will be more lawsuits and civil disobedience.

If the state has an interest in protecting public health, why do they ignore natural immunity from prior infection? Look at the Cleveland Clinic study

Anonymous said...

@6:33 In other words you walk into someone else's business and just start shit just to agitate. You sound so angry and yet you talk about Democrat histrionics. Don't sign up for the passport when it's finally required, and don't be surprised when you lose your job.

James Eterno said...

Mandatory vaccines are settled law. Justice Amy Coney Barrett easily decided. Case law is clear.

I noticed none of you answered on how you surrender your fourth amendment rights each time you get on an airplane. They frisk you without a warrant and those xray machines they force you to go through give out radiation which can put your health at risk. Don't you have freedom to fly? Why should the government be permitted to search you without a warrant just because you are in an airport?

Someone else mentioned on Twitter that you give all your information and a picture on a government data base in order to be licenced to drive. Don't you have freedom to drive? What next: mandatory seatbelts? I am old enough to remember the dumb arguments where people said they have the freedom to put themselves through a windshield if they choose not to wear a seat belt. Some said they wrinkle clothes. How many lives were saved because of this government mandate?

Some of the arguments against mandated vaccines are silly and take a very pubescent notion of what freedom is.

James Eterno said...

It is strong worker support for vaccine mandates according to a Gallup poll:


majority of American workers now supports vaccine mandates, according to a new poll.

"The Gallup survey published this week found 52 percent of employees questioned said they are in favor of vaccine requirements, with 38 percent opposed and 10 percent expressing no opinion."

14 points is way outside the margin for error.

Anonymous said...

8:28. Why are you so angry is gaslighting. I’m not losing my job. Sorry you can’t pity me. I’m recently retired and will privately tutor in the fall. Doing it on the cheap for some parents who don’t want their kids masked all day. I walked into a business to do business. Had the owner/manager forced the issue, I would have left without incident. You leftists label noncompliance as anger to distract. We will not comply. That’s the message.

TJL said...

I never agreed with the Patriot Act or the creation of the TSA. Both under Bush (W). I haven't flown in about 15 years, though cost has more to do with it than the hassle of security; I just got back from another trip driving to Disney - which, by the way, utilizes machines too instead of searching your bags now. One big difference is we can choose to avoid businesses with mask mandates if it bothers us (again notably Disney reinstituted its indoor mandate, at least as far as I'm concerned it wasn't so bad), but when government mandates it (as NY has done again) there goes the power of the purse.

By the way I also disagree with mandatory seatbelts even though I wear them and mandatory motorcycle helmets, which are not required in PA, even though I can't even fathom not wearing one myself. The same goes for drug laws and prostitution. Both aren't good for your health and can cause problems for others. The government shouldn't be in the businesses of forcing people to do what it thinks is for their own good. Leading the horse to water is one thing but whips and spurs are another.

Doug said...

James, as you like to say, please stay on topic. We are talking about forcing people into medical experimentation for a virus that is not as deadly as you like to think. A “vaccine” that does not stop the spread and only retards symptoms. Don’t you care about adverse reactions that people are having? You also continue to ignore natural immunity.

I like seatbelts and unfortunately I have to deal with TSA gropers. Completely unrelated issues.

Then you cite polls to justify your opinion. Seems pretty desperate. Do you feel better that other people have an irrational fear of the unvaccinated?

Why would my coworkers give a shit if I wasn’t “vaccinated” and they were ? As I keep repeating, what are you afraid of? Why do you want to force people into unnecessary medical experimentation. It’s a choice. Look at the Nuremberg Code.

Anonymous said...

Questions for the Pro- Mandaters

1. Does the shot prevent infection? No
2. Does it stop the spread? No
3. What is the survival rate for people under 50? 99%
4. So why does everyone need this? Crickets***


James Eterno said...

TJL, It is a balancing act between the public welfare and individual rights. That's what we debate in a democratic system.

Iam glad the government regulates food, drugs and products to keep them safe.

For the record, metal detectors to get on airplanes goes back to Yasir Arafat and the PLO hijacking days around 1970. How do you feel about them in NYC schools? I too oppose the Patriot Act as a government overreach.

James Eterno said...

Doug, 620 000 COVID deaths in this country is a tragedy and national disgrace. We can do much better. Only a matter of time before vaccines are fully approved by FDA. You will have a new excuse then. I am trying to win the public over as are you. Good luck.

James Eterno said...

. Vaccines reduce infection rate significantly. This is from the CDC:

"COVID-19 vaccines are effective at protecting you from COVID-19, especially severe illness and death. COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of people spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. If you are fully vaccinated, you can resume activities that you did before the pandemic. Learn more about what you can do when you have been fully vaccinated.

2. See 1.

3. There are over 620,000 dead from COVID-19 in the US. That is a national tragedy and national disgrace.

4. See 1.
I am happy my family and I have been vaccinated.

Go to another blog, please.

Anonymous said...

I care whether people are unvaccinated because it is because of them that the virus continues to spread. And yes, we know that the vaccinated can become infected also and that's the entire point. The unvaccinated are more likely than not to survive it, but it keeps us in masks, it keeps this entire fiasco going. NOBODY cares whether you guys vaccinate, just stay out of the schools. I don't have school age children but if I did I would be raising hell about a remote option when you have a lot of adults who want to exercise their choice not to vaccinate, and you have a variant that does effect children.

Anonymous said...

@9:00 gaslighting? Bullshit. I responded to this "Walked into a business. Ignored their mask sign. Spent 30 minutes inside. No one said a word. Some of you want rules but nobody has the fortitude to enforce. It’s a big country. Stop thinking everyone has the mentality of a nyc leftist. You’ll be less upset when we don’t comply with your rules.

Unless Amy Coney Barrett or some other justice is going to try to hold me down and jab me, I don’t care what the Supreme Court has to say about the vaccine either. I CHOSE the vaccine. I am not signing up for any vaccine passport. And until the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants are force jabbed, I’m not entertaining democrat histrionics."

Perhaps it wasn't anger and just more of a long whine.

Anonymous said...

@6:59 - neighborhood establishments may not enforce it, but CNN, as well as a couple of medical establishments and workplaces have already enforced it, and if it becomes mandated in the DOE then we will see teachers also facing repercussions. I think I would be more concerned about that than whether I can get into the local bar or burger place.

Anonymous said...

Forcing a vaccine that has no long term studies is not the same as being frisked at the airport. Airport frisking since 2001. That 20 year “study” has proven no one harmed in the process. No possible blood clots or heart inflammation from airport security measures. Can’t say the same for new vaccines. Talk to me in 20 years about forcing the COVID vaccine.

Your side never explains why you’re afraid of the unvaccinated when the vaccinated can also spread virus but being vaccinated yourself means you have a 99% chance of handing the virus.

James Eterno said...


mRNA vaccines. The vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech use messenger RNA, or mRNA, to deliver a message to your immune system with instructions on how to fight the coronavirus infection.

Researchers have been studying and working with mRNA vaccines for decades. mRNA vaccines have been studied before for influenza, Zika and rabies. Beyond vaccines, cancer research has used mRNA to trigger the immune system to target specific cancer cells.

Anonymous said...

When doe mandatws, many people will likely leave.they didnt give the eei cuz they didnt want a shortage.that was only for eligible retirees.imagine if these other groups also choose to leave. Can they handle the exodus?
Mrna vaccines were long researched, yes. I read that they provided initial immunity, yes!but when animals were later exposed to wild type viruses, they got sicker.there arrva few key words floating around and i do not want to misquote, so i will check back.they were unable to solve this problem.thats why the vaccibes never made it.are we supposed to believe they magically solved it on cue?they had patents before public knowledge of the pandemic.i am awaiting the development of the nasal vaccine.if deemed safe, i will willingly take it.but not this one.maybe they will let us hold out for these safer alternatives before mandating.they are aggressive.they rang my phone.i did not answer.too many red flags in the whole scene to trust at this time.instead of addressing concerns, they try to threaten.bad move imho.they act loke the gestapo.interesting that you could take out booze from a restaurant, but mom and pop business forced to shutter.these people at the top roll in dough.they do not work for a living.they do not care about us.at a store i visit, you cannot go in.there is heavy plastic at the doorway.you explain what you need to the wife.the husband who has cancer stays safelt in the store to bring the supplies to the door.she said if they have to close, the business won't survive.

Anonymous said...

mRNA COVID vaccines have not been studied for 20 year. mRNA technology is not the COVID mRNA vaccine. New virus. New vaccine.

Anonymous said...

J and J isn't MRNA.

Anonymous said...

I considered j and j.higher risk of clots than mrna.different risks.
Mrna technology studied and failed

Anonymous said...

Spreading Covid is risky. Are you capable of riskbenrfit analysis?

Anonymous said...

No, but i listen to scientists and doctors who have no skin in the game.they wete tesearchets and doctors and other insiders who are not gaining.at great personal sacrifice, they speak out.they have a special place in heaven omho for their courage and conviction.they could easily remain silent, but they care.unlike fuckshi and bill gates who still greeds for more money...and thebother players.cdc...Crock of Dumb Clucks.
And the ignoramuses who believe it all without doing their due diligence hw.you all get what u deserve.

Anonymous said...

How risky is it with a 99.5% survival for most?no, i dobt want it.yes im afraid cuz i never had a flu(no fly shot).but i am more afraid of clots, strokes, autoimmune, etc.whereas i can madkup and act prudently and avoid covid.i dont need to go to concerts and ballgames.keep in mind that the vaccine companies insisted on zero liabolity as a condition.gee, i wonder why they insisted if they were confident that it was safe.

Anonymous said...

Look at the nyc stats almost 2000 cases a day, zero or very few deaths.why risk the shot?

Anonymous said...

But the reason so few deaths is that vulnerable people got the Vax. More to fear than death. Long covid is bad.

Anonymous said...

If this is tbe andemic of unvaxxed, why are they not dying??

Anonymous said...

Death is a lagging indicator.